050-80-CASECURID01 - RSA SecurID Certified Administrator 8.0 Exam

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Example Questions

Dynamic Seed Provisioning allows secure distribution of: If a Super Admin administrator can view a certain set of user records in the Authentication Manager database but a Help Desk administrator can NOT view the same records, An RSA Authentication Manager is licensed for 500 users. The license must be upgraded if you want to If Windows Password Integration is enabled and a Fixed Passcode is assigned to a user, it is important that the Fixed Passcode have the same number of characters as the user's Windows password. RSA Authentication Manager audit log records: An RSA Authentication Manager deployment must have at least one Authentication Agent record in the database in order to An RSA SecurID tokencode is unique for each successful authentication because Which of the following can cause the error message "Node Secret Mismatch?" (Choose two) A User Group can include which of the following as members? The RSA Authentication Manager Report options can assist you in If a user forgets his/her PIN and still has possession of his/her token, an Administrator should verify the identity of the user and then Settings for the Lockout Policy affect which of the following? When using the "Resynchronize Token" function, after an administrator enters two consecutive tokencodes, the token clock time is displayed. The term "Silent Collection" refers to gathering information about a user's access and authentication patterns. What are two elements are involved in Risk-Based Authentication? (Choose two) An On-Demand authentication involves: The "Quick Search" function that allows access to a user's account, token and recent activity is a feature of In the case where a Microsoft Windows Authentication Agent is configured for Offline Authentication, if a user requests an Emergency Access Tokencode from the Help Desk, what must the user remember? If multiple users request On-demand Tokencodes but are not receiving them, what would be an appropriate action to take? If all users are denied access when they attempt to authenticate to an RSA Authentication Manager instance, the problem might be that When adding a new Authentication Agent record to the RSA Authentication Manager database, an attempt is made to resolve the hostname of the Agent Host with its IP Address. If the attempt fails, What can cause the error message "Cannot Communicate with RSA Authentication Manager" to be displayed on the RSA Authentication Agent when the Agent is used for the first time? If an administrator creates a new administrative user, Offline Authentication capability allows: If the option "Automatically delete replaced tokens" is selected, the token records will be deleted when If a user is seeking help after receiving an `Access Denied' message, which Security Console function would help locate the activity? Three consecutive log entries for one user contain the message "Authentication Method Failed". When the user contacts the Help Desk, what administrative action would NOT be appropriate? Which one of the following statements concerning an RSA Authentication Manager Identity Source is true? A user is trying to authenticate to establish a VPN connection but receives an "Access Denied" message. The most recent authentication log entry for the user shows the message: "PIN Rejected". What should the next action be? When assigning a user a Temporary Fixed Tokencode to replace a lost token, what is the default value for the expiration period of that Tokencode? If the RSA Authentication Manager places a token into Next Tokencode Mode, and the user waits for three minutes (three tokencode increments) to enter his/her next tokencode, what will be the expected result? An RSA Authentication Manager Enterprise license will allow which of the following to be added to a Primary instance? Using the `Generate Configuration File' function of the Security Console helps to establish When is the user PIN established? Which of the following services is NOT an option to users through the Self-Service Console? When a user authenticates with a token for the first time, what does the user enter when prompted for a PASSCODE? Can multiple Identity Sources be established from the same LDAP directory? A user complains that they have received seven `Access Denied' messages in a row when attempting to authenticate. What would be an appropriate action to take? A feature of the RADIUS protocol is A user has an RSA SecurID Key Fob. The Key Fob Change Interval is 60 seconds and has been used successfully in the past. If the RSA Authentication Manager is now out of synch with the token by 2 minutes, what will happen when the user tries to authenticate? Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) is a critical component of which type of authentication method? A user who is enabled for Risk-Based Authentication will likely be associated with what other authentication method? An Authentication Manager user can exist in only one Security Domain at any one time. The Authentication Activity Monitor is helpful in which of the following cases? Token expiration dates; If a user has both a Fixed Passcode and an RSA SecurID token assigned, What action will allow an Authentication Agent to register automatically with RSA Authentication Manager? A "Secured by RSA Security Implementation Guide" document would assist you in Allowing only certain users to authenticate on a given Authentication Agent ("Restricted" Agent) is accomplished with The Operations Console allows administrators to modify attributes defined in RADIUS dictionary files.