050-730 - Certified Novell Identity Manager Administrator

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Example Questions

In which order should you create and start an Active Directory driver? What is a purpose of the DAL (Directory Abstraction Layer)? Given the XML Document below: <nds dtdversion="3.5" ndsversion="8.x"> <source> <product version=" ">DirXML</product> <contact>Novell, Inc.</contact> </source> <input> <add class-name="User" qualified-src-dn="O=DA\OU=USERS\CN=E123456" src-dn="\DA- TREE\DA\USERS\E123456" src-entry-id="34042" from-merge="true"> <add-attr attr-name="Facsimile Telephone Number"> <value type="structured"> <component name="faxNumber">801-555-1212</component> <component name="faxBitCount">0</component> <component name="faxParameters"/> </value> </add-attr> <add-attr attr-name="Full Name"> <value type="string">Frank Jones</value> </add-attr> <add-attr attr-name="Given Name"> <value type="string">Frank</value> </add-attr> <add-attr attr-name="Internet EMail Address"> <value type="string">[email protected]</value> </add-attr> <add-attr attr-name="Surname"> <value type="string">Jones</value> </add-attr> </add> </input> </nds> Within the Policy Builder Rule Conditions, what value will the XPATH Statement "@from- merge='true'" return? In which of the following is the directory abstraction layer editor plug-in available? At runtime, which performs all of the User Application's LDAP queries against the Identity Vault? Which report cannot be deleted and should not be run by itself? Which are some best practices for using version control with Designer? (Choose 2.) If you map the eDirectory attribute of Login Expiration Time to the Active Directory attribute of accountExpires, when does the account in Active Directory expire? In an Active Directory environment, which tools enable you to view and manage the associations between drivers and objects? (Choose 2.) Which statement is true when creating your own Entitlements? Which statement is true? The Integration activity automatically creates an action model for working with a Web service based on which document format? Which view enables you to view the filters that allow the data to flow between all of the systems and the Identity Vaults as well as view how passwords flow through the different systems? Which statements about filters are true? (Choose 2.) Which statement is true regarding the Novell Identity Manager Role Mapping Administrator? When using Designer, what you can import at the Driver level? Identity Manager uses a MetaDirectory Engine to process Identity Vault data and events. What component assures changes in the Identity Vault are not lost if a connected system goes offline? When you install Active Directory drivers, you must choose an authentication method. Authentication identifies the driver shim to Active Directory and, potentially, to the local machine. Which statements are true regarding the Negotiate authentication method? (Choose 2.) Which statement is true regarding packages? The Roles Based Provisioning Module includes a read-only Role Approval workflow. Which option does this Role Approval workflow support? (Choose 2.) When using the Role Mapping Administrator to create a new role, you will need to select a level for the role. Which level defines lower-level privileges? What eDirectory entities can Password Policies be assigned to? (Choose 3.) Which are advantages of using NDS password to synchronize passwords between two Identity Vaults? (Choose 2.) Which System Role allows members to create, remove, or modify SoD constraints? Which statements about the Integrated Installer are true? (Choose 2.) Which Identity Manager component allows your organization to assure that user access to resources does not break any corporate or government regulations? The Roles hierarchy supports three levels. Which represents the highest role level? Which statement is true regarding the output that DSTrace generates? The Requests & Approvals tab in the Identity Manager user application includes a group of actions called My Settings. The My Settings actions give you the ability to view your proxy and delegate assignments. What is the difference between a proxy and a delegate? To which can you add Named Passwords? (Choose 2.) When adding a control to a form that is being created, Designer adds a control-named Field to the bottom line of the form. Where is the name that is entered into this field used? (Choose 3.) Which user type works with the User Application's Identity Self-Service, Work Dashboard, and Roles and Resource tabs and has no administrative permissions? When is the package catalog created? Which allows you to change Universal Password in eDirectory? (Choose 2.) Which Policy Sets are applied only during an add event? When using Designer, which view do you use to import driver sets, drivers, and channels from the file system? Which entitlement agent is ideal for simple automation? Which is used to define Directory Abstraction Layer definitions? If there is a name conflict between different variable sources in an XPATH statement, what is the order of precedence? Using iManager, what do you need to select to allow you to see the Filter icons so that you can edit filters? Which XPATH operator is used to select all descendent nodes at any depth below the current stated node? Using regular expressions, which matches `a' or `b'? In the Standard SoD Constraint Exception Approval Workflow Activity, which Activity Name determines whether the approval is a quorum condition? Which statement is true regarding role relationships? What role does NMAS play in synchronizing passwords in an Identity Manager solution? Which is most commonly used to access ECMAScript? Which allows you to securely store multiple passwords for a driver? Which correctly shows the precedence of Global Configuration Values (GCVs)? Which statement about entitlements is true? What is the naming convention for a Global Configuration Value (GCV)?