050-720 - Certified Linux Administrator 11

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Example Questions

You need to find the files in the /etc directory that contain the word DocumentRoot. In a terminal window, which command will help you find it? Which RAID level is described by the following sentence? This level improves the performance of your data access; however, it does not provide redundancy. In the bash shell, which command can be used to create a MY_NAME variable containing the value Joe? In a terminal window, which command shows you the groups you are a member of? In which file is the name resolution configured? Which command displays the value stored in the $MYVAR variable? In a terminal window, which command displays the name of the directory you are currently in? How do you start a YaST module (for instance, the sw_single module used to install software) directly from the command line? (Choose 2.) You want to install the ethereal RPM package that is available on the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 installation media. Which command installs the ethereal package, and resolves dependencies as needed? Which range of User IDs is used for normal (unprivileged) users on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10? You have a text file that contains empty lines. Using grep and regular expressions, which command displays the file without the empty lines? You want to use the ip command to set a new address for your network device eth0. It is a standard class C network. The broadcast address and network route should be set accordingly. Which command is correct? You want to redirect both output and error messages of the find command to the find-output file. Which command accomplishes this task? You have set the following permissions on a test directory: rwxrwxrwx. Which statement about files in the test directory is correct? You want to copy the mytext file from your computer to the /tmp/ directory on the remote computer da20. digitalairlines.com. Which command would you use to accomplish this? When you connect to an ssh server with your ssh client, the public key of the server is compared to the keys stored in a file on the client computer. Which file is this? Which command can be used to view the inode assigned to a filename? What is the minimum number of partitions required by a SLES 10 system? What is the difference between the /dev/st0 and /dev/nst0 devices? Which command can you use to check an ext2/ext3 file system for a correct superblock, faulty data blocks, or faulty allocation of data blocks? You want to find out which jobs are currently queued in the laser print queue on your CUPS print server. Which command displays the information you need? As root, you entered the runlevel command. What does the following output indicate? N5 From command mode in vi, what do you have to do to enter text? In a terminal window, which command can you enter to change to your home directory (/home/geeko)? (Choose 2.) You created a script (/root/bin/backup.sh) that backs up your files when executed. Using cron, you want to execute this script once every Saturday at 3:00 pm. Which line would you have to enter after invoking crontab - e in a terminal window? You have a test directory with the following permissions: rwx------ You want to change the permissions to the following values: r-xr-xr-x. Which command accomplishes this? What action does the jobs command perform? To preserve the command history even when the shell is closed, the history is written to a file in the user's home directory. Which file holds the history information of the bash shell? You would like to run command1 and then command2, whether or not command1 completed successfully. Which command accomplishes this task? Suppose you change from your current runlevel 5 to the new runlevel 3. Which statement is correct? Which statement regarding symbolic links is true? (Choose 2.) You want to delete all data on the second hard drive (/dev/hdb). Which command accomplishes this? What is the key characteristic of the root account? When SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 starts, some boot messages scroll by on the screen quickly. What is the name of the file in /var/log/ where these messages are stored? Which command shows you the default shell of a user? You want to copy the master boot record, the partition table, and the 2 magic bytes at the beginning of /dev/had to a file so you can restore it later. Which command accomplishes this? You want to view the last 20 lines of the /var/log/messages file and any new lines that are subsequently added by syslog to this file. Which command would you use? As system administrator root, you use the lpoptions command to change printer options, such as the page size. To which file are these options saved? Where can you set global shell environment variables for all users independent of their shell? Which statement about the /sbin/ldconfig command is correct? You would like to run command2 only if command1 did not complete successfully. Which command accomplishes this task? You have a /tmp/data directory containing the files .file, file1, and file2. You want to copy the file1 and file2 files only to the /data-old directory that already exists. In a terminal window, which command acomplishes this? You want to know which files are contained in the hugin-0.6.1-2.2.i586.rpm RPM package, which has not yet been installed. Which command will give you this information? Which file contains the configuration information of the print queues available on your CUPS server? Which is the main configuration file for logrotate? You entered your quota information in /etc/fstab. What do you have to do next? How do you create a file called destination containing the same ACLs currently set for the file called source? You want to install the xyz-software-1.2.3-5.i586.rpm package, but only if a previous version is already installed. Which command will do this? Which command can you use to generate an MD5-encrypted password for GRUB? Which group name is stored in /etc/passwd?

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