050-696 - Foundations of Novell Open Enterprise Server for NetWare

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Example Questions

Which is a typeless eDirectory name? You're configuring location-based printing with iPrint on your OES NetWare server. You've scanned floor plans of your organization's office suite into JPG files. You now need to upload these images to your server. Which directory should you copy them to? Which CPUs are supported by OES NetWare? (Choose 2.) Which are components of a Novell iPrint system? (Choose 2.) Which command can be used to require a user to authenticate as an eDirectory user before allowing them to enter commands at the server console? An authenticated user has requested an eDirectory service. As a part of the verification process, the Novell Client sends a request for access to the service. What happens next? What does the eDirectory schema use to define the types of objects that are allowed to exist within a container object? You've just created an A record in your organization's DNS server for your iPrint server. The iprint.myorg.com DNS record resolves to your iPrint server's IP address, which is Your Print Manager's name is PRMAN. You need to load your Print Manager software on the server with domain name support enabled. Which server console command will do this? Which eDirectory component represents logical or physical network resources? You need to access iManager on an OES NetWare server that has been assigned an IP address of Which URL should you use? Your company has three regional offices. Each office has its own network administrator. Each administrator's user object has been assigned the Supervisor right to their respective Organizational Unit objects; allowing them to perform all administrative tasks in the container. Today, you accidentally deleted the administrator's user object (named LMorgan) for the Salt Lake City office. To fix the problem, you've decided to simply re-create the object, using the same name, in the same context where it was before. Will LMorgan still have the Supervisor right to her Organizational Unit object? You're planning to install OES NetWare on an older server which has a Pentium II 266 MHz CPU, 512 MB of RAM, a 10 GB hard disk drive, and a single PCI network board. Will the installation be successful? Which OES service is not available on the NetWare platform? Which are features of an iPrint controlled access printer? (Choose 2.) You're implementing a network for your company from scratch. You've just completed installing the CAT-5 wiring, RJ-45 jacks, and Fast Ethernet switches that will service your network. During the installation of OES NetWare, the only system connected to the network is the server you are performing the installation on. As you have decided to use the IPX protocol on your network, what frame type will be bound, by default, to your server's network board by the installation program? Which OES NetWare service can be used to synchronize the information stored in your eDirectory tree with a Microsoft Active Directory domain? Which types of scripts can be used to manage an OES NetWare server from the server console? (Choose 2.) How many tree root objects can exist within a single eDirectory tree? You're moving the ksanders user object from the SLC. DA container to the TYO.DA container in your eDirectory tree. You're concerned that ksanders may forget that her object has been moved and will try to log in to the tree using her old user context. What type of object can you create in the SLC. DA container that will allow her to continue logging in as ksanders.SLC. DA even though her user object now resides in TYO.DA? Which operating systems are supported by OES services? (Choose 2.) Which OES NetWare module increases performance for multiprocessor systems and provides support for some hardware configurations from specific vendors? You've configured an iPrint printer on your DA2 server, which has an IP address of Your users now need to connect to the server through a web browser and install the printer using the default printer list generated by iPrint. Which URL should they use in their browser window to do this? Which term refers to an object's position in the eDirectory tree? Which utility can be used to access and run OES NetWare installation files stored on another NetWare server in the network to perform an across-the-wire installation? Which of the following are advantages of using Novell OES? (Choose 2.) Which firewall technology translates private IP addresses into registered IP addresses, reducing the total number of registered IP addresses required on your network? Your company's business procedures require the use of triplicate forms. To accommodate this, you have purchased a dot-matrix printer to deploy in your network. The printer will be connected directly to one of your server's LPT ports using an IEEE 1284 parallel cable. You use iPrint to provide print services to your end users. This printer doesn't have an embedded printer agent. Can it be used with iPrint? Which firewall intercepts information running through a gateway and accepts only packets that are generated by a specific protocol such as FTP or SMTP?