030-333 - ACSM Exercise Specialist Exam

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Example Questions

What should the manager's involvement be in developing fitness programs? Incident reports are important, because What is an appropriate initial weight loss goal for an obese individual desiring weight reduction? A physician's clearance A 62-year-old, obese factory worker complains of pain in his right shoulder on arm abduction; on evaluation, decreased ROM and strength are noted. You also notice that he is beginning to use accessory muscles to substitute movements and to compensate. These symptoms may indicate The exercise leader or health/fitness instructor should modify exercise sessions for participants with hypertension by Why would a fitness instructor have an interest in tort laws? A target HR equivalent to 85% of HRR for a 25year-old male with a resting HR of 75 bpm would be equal to What condition can cause ST-segment elevation? In the ECG strip shown below, what disorder is indicated? The BMI is calculated using which of the following formulas? Which of the following waist circumference measurements indicates abdominal obesity? Differentiation between supraventricular and ventricular rhythm is made on the basis of the Controlling pool water temperature (83-88°F), avoiding jarring and weight- bearing activities, and avoiding movement in swollen, inflamed joints are special considerations for exercise in At what running speed would you set a level treadmill at to elicit an Vo2 of 40 mL . kg-1 . min-1? Which of the following medications have been shown to be most effective in preventing or reversing exercise-induced asthma? A 143-pound woman regularly exercises on a treadmill at a speed of 5.5 mph and a 2% elevation. What is her caloric expenditure? Transitional care exercise and rehabilitation programs are NOT appropriate for Which of the following is a method of strength and power training that involves an eccentric loading of muscles and tendons followed immediately by an explosive concentric contraction? The rules and regulations of a facility are commonly referred to as The same 55-kilogram woman (from question 12) also trains on a Monark arm ergometer at 60 rpm against a resistance of 1.5 kiloponds. What is her absolute Yo2? In the ECG strip shown below, which arrhythmia is indicated? In a budget for a clinical exercise rehabilitation program, all of the following are examples of variable expenses EXCEPT Normal values for fasting blood sugar are What is the relative oxygen cost of bench stepping at a rate of 24 steps per minute up a l0-inch stepping box? The individual weighs 140 pounds. When the body consumes more calories than it uses, the condition is called Using the original Borg scale, it is recommended that the exercise intensity elicit an RPE within the range of All of the following are helpful suggestions for an athlete trying to gain weight EXCEPT Which of the following is one cause of a wide QRS complex? The appropriate exercise HR for an individual on -blocking medication would generally be According to the AACVPR, elements of successful adult education include all of the following EXCEPT An ideal weight-loss program should set a goal of _ pounds per week, with an energy intake of not less than _ kcal/day. Athletes who exercise in the heat and humidity have a special need for fluid replacement. Current guidelines suggest that athletes should All of the following are special considerations inprescribing exercise for the client with arthritis EXCEPT The recommended cardiorespiratory exercise training goal for apparently healthy individuals should be Which of the following statements regarding cooldown is FALSE? Program description, resource availability, and client interest are examples of Why would a fitness facility be interested in public relations? The safety of resistance exercise is dependent on all of the following except Which of the following is NOT an appropriate treatment activity for inpatient rehabilitation of a client on the second day after coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery? Which of the following foods would be in the group recommended to comprise most of the daily energy intake according to the Food Guide Pyramid? Abnormally tall and peaked T waves suggest which of the following? Right-axis deviation may be caused by Which of the following is an example of participant interaction as part of the supportive role of a manager? Which the following statements regarding intensity of resistance training is FALSE? Which of the following issues would you include in discharge education instructions for a client with congestive heart failure to avoid potential emergency situations related to this condition at home? Which eating disorder is marked by an overwhelming fear of becoming fat, a distorted body image, and extreme restrictive eating? Tall, positive T waves may be caused to all of the following EXCEPT Budgets are designed to Subendocardial ischemia usually produces