000-M196 - Social Software and Unified Communications Sales Mastery Test v1

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Example Questions

What is the new feature in Lotus Connections 2.5 that enables users to keep the network of people they are connected to up to date on their activities? According to a recent McKinsey study, almost 70% of companies are seeing Enterprise 2.0 value citing _______________ to advance business outcome as a principle reason for organizations adopting Enterprise 2.0 type technology? On what open source project is Lotus Symphony based making Lotus Symphony a freely accessible suite for document processing, which many companies are choosing to use? _________________ is the organizing point for content management for teams, providing multiple access points, content store connectors, and use-case scenarios such as templates and work flows. What "out of the box" Lotus Quickr feature can be used, reused, and customized by businesses? What is an advantage of integrating Lotus Connections 2.5 into a business portal? What can a user do from the Bookmarks service? Which Lotus product provides rich collaborative content and team collaboration that are integrated with the entire IBM portfolio? What two features are common to all Sametime offerings? What does it mean to "extend" Lotus Connections? One facet of the unified communications and collaboration strategy involves the ecosystem and extension model. How does the model apply to Lotus Sametime? Lotus Sametime integration with Microsoft’s Office Suite enables users to: On the Lotus Connections Home page, where can a user see the recent activity in their network? Which new feature of the Profiles page shows status updates, enables people to go into a profile and leave comments, and sends update notifications whenever something new is posted? What are three of the new services in Lotus Connections 2.5? Which Sametime product enables heterogeneous environments with multiple, different PBXs to connect to Sametime? On the business content continuum, what kind of documentation is common at the level of team collaboration? CEBPs and UC² embed communications and collaboration directly into organizational business processes to improve the quality of the processes and to: Lotus Quickr lets team members_____________ anywhere and anytime. When a customer upgrades to Lotus Sametime Standard, what are some of the collaboration functions that the customer will receive? Which of the following describes IBM’s social strategy? Which Lotus Connections 2.5 service allows users to organize, work, plan next steps, and access professional networks quickly? The Lotus Collaboration technology set enables a company to: What social software tool can be used as a way to get subject matter experts’ advice on a question without sending a widespread e-mail? The Lotus Quickr task pane, which displays a hierarchical view of document libraries, is available in which connector? Using collaboration software like Lotus Connections helps organizations work smarter by: What is one of the first things that a person is likely to do when joining a social network? Tight integration between Lotus Connections and Lotus Quickr enables users to grow a Lotus Connections activity into a Lotus Quickr _________. The Lotus Connections mobile user experience: The new Lotus Connections wiki feature has: What feature of the Lotus Quickr content libraries will send a notification when a library document has been modified? Which of the following is NOT true of the Files feature? Users need to control the content they create, get the information they need, and be able to share these with people in their networks. What feature does Lotus Quickr offer to support these efforts? The Communities service enables users to ______________ services such as Activities, Files, and Blogs into a common space. Which social networking components can be added to a community? Which software-as-service initiative has a click-to-cloud feature that enables users to have activities on premises and in the cloud? Which Lotus Connections service that can be used from within the Lotus Notes client allows you to organize and share different types of information such as emails, documents, and Sametime chats? Which Lotus Connections service enables users to identify other users’ areas of expertise? The community manager can customize the look of a community by doing which of the following? What platform enables Lotus Sametime to be embedded into Lotus Notes? The value of Lotus Quickr templates is that they can be used out of the box, or Business Partners can ___________ or create templates for their customers What wiki feature enables users to monitor changes to a collaborative document? Lotus Connections is social software for business that empowers businesses to be more innovative and helps them execute more quickly because they can use dynamic networks of ______________, ______________, and ________________. IBM’s Unified Communications and Collaboration Strategy, which makes it easy for people to find, reach, and collaborate with others through a unified user experience, is built on four pillars: software platform, integration services, Business Partners, and __________. With whom has Lotus Connections partnered to provide capabilities in human resources management? Which Lotus Connections 2.5 service enables individuals, groups, and communities to coauthor content What capability in a Lotus Notes connector saves a lot of storage space?