000-968 - High-End Disk for Open Systems V2

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Example Questions

A UNIX customer has a Symmetrix DMX that has crashed three times in the past six months, causing data loss. The customer is shopping for an enterprise storage solution to provide point-in- time copy functionality without a fixed relationship to its primaries. Which IBM solution best meets this customer's requirements? A customer has no available floor space for expansion and room for only one disk enclosure pair in their DS8700. Four disk enclosure pairs are required to meet the current I/O needs of a data warehousing application. They are only utilizing 10% of their total capacity. Another application workload needs to be added to the system but requires two disk enclosure pairs. The customer is considering SSD and Easy Tier. Which of the following is the primary function of Easy Tier? A customer asks for the thermal load (BTU/hr) to determine whether their existing cooling system will support the IBM System Storage DS8000. Where can the sales representative find this information? A customer has an IBM System Storage DS8100 with 128 DDMs and needs to add additional capacity. What must be verified by the Business Partner during the visit to the computer room? A customer requires an infrastructure to support disaster recovery of critical applications between two remote data centers. One data center is in Tokyo and one is in Beijing. The customer's Recovery Point Objective (RPO) requires a six-hour window for a bandwidth of 100 MB/s and a new storage system for a total of 4 TB of data. They estimate 100 MB of new data produced hourly. What data synchronization method would be recommended to meet the requirements? An international company has a heterogeneous IBM storage environment with two IBM DS8700 systems in a Metro Mirror relationship. They also have a virtualized environment with two SVC clusters in a Global Mirror relationship. The storage administrator complains about the monitoring of copy services. Which solution should the IBM storage specialist propose for this pain point?