000-957 - IBM XIV Storage System Technical Solutions V3

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Example Questions

How many times faster are the Fibre Channel adapters in an XIV system Gen3 Model 114 than the XIV system Model A14? In a competitive situation what tool uses iostat output to model a workload? How does the XIV System's UPS improve component reliability? The XIV Storage System utilizes multipath device drivers to avoid which common SAN issue? What is the standard warranty period for an XIV system Gen3 2812-114? Which feature is standard on the XIV Storage System, but requires the purchase of an additional software license on the Hitachi USP-V? How does the XIV system react in the event of full site power failure? How many more iSCSI ports does a 10 module XIV system Gen3 Model 114 have than a 10 module XIV system Model A14? On an XIV system, the consumed capacity for the purposes of calculating entitlement in a Capacity-on-Demand system is the sum of: Which of the following is a TRUE statement about XIV snapshots? The performance of the XIV System is achieved by which attribute? How does the XIV Storage System handle partitions? The customer is considering a 6 module XIV system Model A14. Their 400 servers will be multi-path enabled with connections to two interface modules. What change must be made to support this requirement? The partition table spreads the partitions across which physical or logical components? The customer is considering a 6 module XIV system Model A14. Their 400 servers will be multi- path enabled with connections to two interface modules. What change must be made to support this requirement? Which two statements are true when planning for a mixed concurrent access from the same host to the same volumes through FC and iSCSI? (Select two) Due to the height, weight and power requirements of the XIV System, which IBM representative can be used to ensure facility requirements are adequate for the XIV System? Under which condition does the XIV System outperform competitive subsystems? What is the minimum requirement to connect an existing IBM i server to an XIV system? Which sophisticated method distributes data on all drives in an XIV system? What is required for an XIV system to participate in VMware Site Recovery Manager Environments? Use of the recommended XIV System multipath driver provides which benefit to the customer? When scripting a snapshot of a 5 TB database, how much time should be allocated for the creation of a mountable copy for streaming out to tape? A customer, George Adams, of Stimnex, has an XIV system installed at 7001 Lake Circle, and a second XIV system installed at4685 International Parkway, and would like to mirror the two systems. The two locations are approximately 15 kilometers (10 miles) apart. Which mirroring scheme would be the best solution for this customer? Identify two ways reserved physical disk capacity is used on the XIV system? (Select two) A mirrored volume in a database is not allowing writes to it. The system administrator verifies there is available space in the pool. What on the XIV System could be preventing the volume from receiving writes? Across the IBM storage portfolio, which function is a key benefit provided by the XIV System? The customer has an XIV system Model A14 with 2 TB drives and 9 modules. What is the minimum number of storage pools required to take advantage of this system's available capacity? Which of the following can a storage administrator use to manage an XIV system? A customer has 40 hosts, each with a 1 TB data volume. All hosts are less than 20% utilized. As part of an XIV consolidation, all host data volumes will be copied using a standard file copy tool. In order to ensure data integrity, how much hard capacity should be allocated on the XIV system? What is the benefit of the IBM XIV Storage Management Console for the VMware vCenter plug-in? Which bus type is used by XIV system Gen3 modules to facilitate faster communication with disk drives? How many UPS failures can an XIV system tolerate and still remain operational? Which XIV software capability allows administrators to over-provision allocated storage in a storage pool? What characteristic differentiates a grid storage system from a traditional storage system? What is the benefit of using off-the-shelf components in an XIV system? Which feature of the XIV Storage System reduces the time to market for new technologies within the storage array and is not available in EMC Clariion series data arrays? Which of the following statements is TRUE about volumes on an XIV system? What Microsoft VSS component is provided by the XIV software? In an XIV differential snapshot, how many copies of the 1 MB partition will exist if the source and the two snapshots are consistent, but one snapshot has changed? How does the XIV Storage subsystem deal with the practice of storage tiers? What is changed in the XIV System when physical capacity is added? A customer has a special project that utilizes existing production data to run tests using new software. The storage administrator creates a snapshot for the test. What would be the best type of snapshot to use? Which of the following is a pre-requisite for the XIV host attach kit on Windows 2003? What are two key ways the XIV Storage System provides value? (Select two) The customer has a writable snapshot and needs to recover from it. What task must be performed before the restore? Which XIV System feature helps to decrease total cost of ownership by simplification of the configuration process? On an XIV system, what is the maximum number of modules and/or drives the Global Spare capacity can be used to recover? A customer's existing cache centric storage subsystem is experiencing high cache hit ratios providing excellent performance. The customer expresses a concern about the XIV System's cache contention. What is the correct response regarding potential cache bottlenecks? What is the primary purpose of assigning Application Administrators to an XIV User Group?