000-956 - IBM Storwize V7000 Technical Solutions V1

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Example Questions

For the Storwize V7000, what is the formal process used to request support for an operating system that is currently not on the support list? Which tool is recommended to check the compatibility of host, storage, switches, and multipathing drivers? The customer has a Storwize V7000 and wants to use a copy of the production data for development and does not want to impact the production volume once the copy has been created. What function would the technical specialist recommend to this customer? Which hardware features is a differentiating advantage of the Storwize V7000 over the EMC CX4? A customer has corrupted data on their Storwize V7000 that has now propagated to their remote site. What feature of the Storwize V7000 could help restore the system? A customer needs a single application to help manage its server and network infrastructure, and provide basic storage information. Which tool would enable this capability? A customer is setting up a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). Which of the following features of the Storwize V7000 would be recommended to avoid performance impact during peak activity periods? What would the technical specialist recommend if the customer needed snapshots of their DB2 database for their Storwize V7000? All of the following are valid FlashCopy Source:Target relationships EXCEPT: Which product would allow a customer to virtualize their existing storage infrastructure? An online retailer recently purchased a new Storwize V7000 with 20 TB of internal disk to be their primary storage. While the system met their overall performance requirements, they are now struggling to keep up with the shifting transactional workload spikes brought on by the demand for new and popular products. Which of the following proposals would directly address this issue and still be cost effective? A customer has a SAN environment with a Cisco MDS 9148. What resource would the technical specialist use to verify compatibility with the Storwize V7000? A customer wants to create a FlashCopy volume for backup to tape. Which of the following background copy rates should be used? A customer has an existing environment including HP EVA, EMC CLARiiON, and EMC VMAX with sufficient capacity for all user and application data. Some of their applications are very active and tend to have a high cache miss rate. They are interested in converting their data center to a fully virtualized infrastructure while maintaining their investment in the existing storage with as little disruption as possible. Based on their current install base, which two of the following IBM storage products would fit their requirements? (Choose two) What competitive product is comparable to Easy Tier? A customer is interested in an IBM Storwize V7000 with 2 tiers of 30 TB usable with 2 TB nearline SAS drives, and 10 TB usable with 300 GB 10000 rpm SAS drives. The customer also wants to utilize eight SSD drives in the high performance storage pool. What is the recommended first step to create the system configuration? What is the maximum distance for a Metro Mirror relationship in the Storwize V7000? How much space is required to install a Storwize V7000 enclosure in a rack? When configuring Fibre Channel host connectivity on the Storwize V7000, which operating system requires additional configuration steps? A customer has an IBM Storwize V7000 control enclosure that is already displaying very high CPU utilization. Which Storwize V7000 solution would be recommended to allow the customer to add additional workloads without impacting the existing environment? In a Remote Mirror partnership, what is the recommended volume configuration for the auxiliary Storwize V7000? What is required to allow CLI access to the Storwize V7000? Which software can be installed on a SAN Volume Controller or Storwize V7000 and will identify known issues which may result in an installation error? A customer currently has a thin provisioned volume and has determined that their application needs to have a thick provisioned volume. Which of the following functions would permit a change from thin to thick without impact to the application? When connecting the Storwize V7000 to legacy storage using external virtualization, which of the following connection choices are acceptable? In the Storwize V7000, what is the total combined number of snapshots, clones and backups that can be created from a single volume using FlashCopy? What is the maximum number of expansion enclosures that can be attached to Port 2 of the node canister for the Storwize V7000? A customer wants to automate the configuration of the advanced copy services for their Storwize V7000. Which of the following would give them this ability? A customer has a requirement for approximately 50 TB storage. The customer does not have the staff to spend time on array configuration and performance tuning. They are also very concerned about potential performance impacts during drive rebuilds. Which system should the storage specialist recommend? How many 1 Gb iSCSI connections can be assigned to one control enclosure on the Storwize V7000? A customer is looking to contain costs on their business continuity infrastructure. Their primary site Storwize V7000 using 146 GB 15000 rpm SAS drives. In their secondary site they have a Storwize V7000 with no internal disks, and external virtualization on an aging CLARiiON with 1 TB SATA drives. Why should the customer be warned to avoid this technique? Which of the following statements is TRUE regarding external virtualized storage? Easy Tier and solid-state drives are a good choice for all of the following workloads EXCEPT: All of the following application environments can benefit from transactionaly consistent snapshots created with Tivoli Storage FlashCopy Manager EXCEPT: A customer has an LPAR running i5/OS at V5R4 and is interested in the Storwize V7O0O as a nearline storage solution. Which of the following statements would be a supported proposal in order for the customer to be able to map to the new Storwize V7000? A customer would like to virtualize an existing DS5300 system with EXP5060 drawers. What is the maximum number of MDisks from the DS5300 that can be imported into a single Storwize V7000 storage pool? On the Storwize V7000, which of the following is a difference between the control enclosure and expansion enclosure? A customer has performance issues with a pool in the Storwize V7000 but wants to know the benefits of purchasing solid-state drives (SSDs) before using it with Easy Tier. What can a technical specialist do? A customer has complex replication requirements and needs to manage replicas that are stored at multiple sites on multiple mirrored Storwize V7000 systems. What tool should be suggested to ease the management workload? In a Metro Mirror or Global Mirror configuration, a single volume can be mirrored to how many remote Storwize V7000 systems? Of the following options, what is the best method for increasing the availability of a volume while also increasing performance? A bandwidth study is needed by a customer. Which IBM resource would conduct an expert level analysis? If a customer virtualizes a XIV system behind an IBM Storwize V7000, into how many pools should the Storwize V7000 be split? What tool will allow a user to determine whether or not the CPU utilization of the Storwize V7000 is trending upward? What would be an advantage to have a customer virtualize their existing storage behind the Storwize V7000? A customer has a requirement that a LUN must be protected from a RAID array failure, and must be tuned for high performance. Which of the following Storwize V7000 features will meet these concerns? If a customer is using volumes on the IBM Storwize V7000 to provide storage for a file server, which product would allow the customer to analyze the file systems? A customer has a requirement for their Storwize V7000 to create transactionally consistent snapshots of their SAP database. What would the technical specialist recommend? A customer wants to analyze historical performance data for their IBM Storwize V7000 environment. Which product would provide the necessary data? What does an image mode volume provide?