000-955 - High Volume Storage Fundamentals V2

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Example Questions

A customer has a RAID 5 array with five 1 TB drives and a 2 TB drive as a hot spare. In the case of a drive failure, to what capacity would the spare drive be formatted? A customer has two DS3524 systems located in different sites. The sites have a dedicated Ethernet connection between them. They would like to use Enhanced Remote Mirroring. What protocol would be used to connect these systems? Which resource should be used to evaluate the TCO of a proposed IBM solution competing against HP? In a DS3000 environment, which software product supports single mailbox recovery in Microsoft Exchange? A large financial firm has offices in Houston, Denmark, Tokyo, Sydney and Paris. They have a need for a single tape solution for centralized backup of 72 TB without compression. Which storage solution would best meet their needs? On a DS3524, which feature would allow RAID levels to be changed without loss of access to the host? Which of the following is a compelling value proposition of the DS3500 for a customer who is planning to provide SAN storage in the future? The customer has a need to replicate data between their two sites which are 10 kilometers apart. Which cable type is best used for long distance data transmission? What drive technology uses no spinning platters or moving heads? The customer desires to move data that has not been accessed in six months or longer to a lower tier of storage. What terminology correctly describes this movement of data? Developers have requested 2 TB of storage from the storage administrator. The storage administrator has assigned the developers 200 GB of physical storage, but to the developers it appears as if they have 2 TB of storage. What is this technology called? A customer wants to connect two Fibre Channel switches together resulting in one larger switch. How can this be accomplished? The customer has several storage and server islands. What technology would allow them to consolidate and manage their environment? The Tivoli product that will allow application aware snapshots is: Which RAID level provides the best performance at the lowest price? Which Tivoli product was designed to support IBM entry-level storage disk products ? When designing an entry level storage solution that connects to IBM or non-IBM servers, what IBM tool is used to determine supported configurations? Which back-end cabling scheme gives the DS3500 higher availability in the event of a tray failure over an EMC VNX or HDS AMS2000 solution? Using Storage Manager on a DS3512, what methods are available to a storage administrator when allocating hot spare drives? Which IBM tool will allow the technical specialist to determine if the customer's existing SAN and server infrastructure is supported with the proposed storage solution? A customer is having performance problems on the DS3500. What can be added to improve performance? What RAID level provides performance with dual parity protection? A customer would like to attach an Ethernet storage system to a corporate server. Which protocol would be used? Which of the following cable combinations are valid on a DS3524 system? What is one advantage of the DS3500 over Dell EqualLogic? What are the different types of Technical Delivery Assessment? The customer is configuring a new SAN, and they have 1U rack space available for the new switches. Which entry level switch will allow their existing servers to access storage in the SAN? The customer has 25 application servers currently connected via direct attached storage. The customer has a large IP infrastructure, and they need the ability to share storage between servers at a block level. Which storage protocol would best fit this environment? Which RAID level has the highest read performance with 300 GB 15000 rpm drives? What native physical capacity does an IBM Ultrium LTO-5 Data Cartridge Model provide? The target market for selling Tivoli Storage Productivity Center for Disk Midrange Edition V4.1 includes customers who own or plan to purchase which of the following devices? A Business Partner is responding to an RFP. Which resource would be the most beneficial in helping to design a response against the competition? Which of the following is used to document a TDA review? Where would a Business Partner find the sales kit for the DS3500? Which of the following is a value proposition the DS3524 provides for a tiered storage methodology? What is the valid drive interface type for a DS3524? A company wants to store 20 TBs of archive data on 1 TB nearline SAS drives. Which RAID level will provide the highest level of protection and lowest RAID overhead for storing archive data? What is the definition of differential backup? A customer can provide this tape technology either "at rest" or "inline". What is this technology? On a DS3500, which tool is used to determine projected growth of data? Which product can provide thin provisioned volumes? Which of the following are the valid host connectivity options for the DS3524? The customer has an application that requires a large number of 4 KB Read IOPS. Which of the following is the recommended drive type? The customer needs to archive a large amount of data and is not concerned about performance. They are looking for a solution that protects them against a double disk failure. Which RAID level should be recommended to this customer? A customer is concerned with their ability to survive outages and provide business continuance. Which two of the following would help to determine a Service Level Agreement (SLA)? (Select two) A customer has not traditionally purchased IBM storage solutions in the past. They have become interested in several IBM technology solution platforms. What IBM resource is best prepared to help the customer differentiate IBM from the competition? After designing a solution on both an IBM server and non-IBM server, the System Storage Interoperation Center output did not offer a supported solution. What further action can be taken? Which of the following is the best resource to verify solution compatibility in a SAN? Which tool requires the following information to verify a supported configuration? Product Family Product Model Product Version Protocol A customer wants to back up their data to a TS2240. What connectivity is supported with this configuration?