000-842 - Rational Functional Tester for Java

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Example Questions

The tester resets their test environment and sets the playback environment. What is the tester ready to do? How do you stop recording? Given the following code snippet: OK().waitForExistence(); Assuming that no changes have been made to the Functional Tester default playback settings, which two statements will cause Functional Tester to wait for 60 seconds for the OK button to appear? (Choose two.) You cannot access help file from Rational Functional Tester. You receive an error or the page loads slowly. How can this be fixed? What should the tester open to view Test Objects, Main Data Area and Recognition Data? What is the minimum weight that can be assigned to a recognition property? In which situation is it best to use the Browser Enablement Diagnostic tool? Given the following: ProcessTestObject pid = startApp("ClassicsJavaA"); What are two valid methods one can call with a ProcessTestObject? (Choose two.) Where do you set the option for switching to Test Debug perspective when debugging? What must you do to view a comparator of a failed verification point from an RFT text log? What should the tester do to open the comparator in an HTML log after the test has been played back? While recording a script, the recording monitor _____. You must _____ a script with a datapool before substituting literal values in the script with references to datapool variables. What is the best practice when changing object maps that are already assigned to Functional Test projects? What are the default values for retry interval and maximum retry time? What is the effect the Clear State on Close setting in the Object Map interface when you exit the object map? Given an existing TestManager Rational Test project, what are the steps to log results to TestManager? Which three actions are possible with RFT? (Choose three.) How do you add line numbers within the script editors view? The two phases of playing back a script are script development and _____. Which three methods write to the RFT log? (Choose three.) Which statement is true about Functional Tester scripts and datapools? Which three statements are true about HelperSuper classes? (Choose three.) How do you start the application under test? A script needs to perform an action on an object. One of the recognition properties of the object is the .url property. The URL is dynamic. At recording time, the URL was http://www-3.ibm.com. However, it can vary every time the script is played back. In particular, the portion of the .url property that is subject to change is the digits that appears after the dash. Which regular expression will match the value of the .url property regardless of the numer of digits between the - and the .? Note: The regular expression should NOT match the .url property if no digits appear after the dash (as in www-.ibm.com). Which Java method advances the datapool cursor to the next row in the datapool? Given the following: A script named BuyCD has been created. A Helper Superclass named HelperSuper1 has been created. A Helper Superclass named HelperSuper2 has been created. Which of the following are valid Functional Tester script class inheritance hierarchies? (Choose two.) Note: inherits from is expressed by the symbol ? Which branches under Preferences contain specific settings to enable the ClearCase integration? Not including TestManager or custom logging, how can you organize RFT test results? What can be tested when recording a verification point? Which objects can be tested with a State verification point? Given the following code snippet in which Customers() represents an HTML table from which data needs to be extracted: Customers().getTestData("contents"); What data type is returned by getTestData("contents")? How do you perform image verification in a test? What must you do before editing the datapool using an external application? What will the following CallScript do? CallScript (myScript, null, DP_ALL) What is an appropriate use of the command Test Object > Highlight when working with verification points? Which regular expression offers a successful way to ensure the order number is a 1 to 3-digit number in the following format? Your order number is 125. When is the best time to use data-driven testing? What is one way to insert data-driven commands into the test script? Which statement is true about an RFT test datapool? What can you use to select an object as a verification point? When you enable web browsers, what is the best way to select the Linux or UNIX web browser? Which feature is NOT offered by the Object Map interface? If a test fails because the tester has updated the test data, what should the tester do to prevent continued failures? Functional Tester allows you to import an external datapool from which of the following ? (Choose three.) Out of the box, what are the different options for logging RFT tests? Given the following manual verification point: vpManual ("manual1", "The rain in Spain", "The Rain in Spain").performTest(); What are the results? What should the tester view to discover the current script action being executed? Which statement is true about the "Time Delayed" method when you are creating verification points in your scripts? How many default Java environments can you have within one configuration of Rational Functional Tester?