000-719 - InfoSphere Warehouse V9.5

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Example Questions

If you roll-in daily and roll-out monthly, which approach reduces the number of table partitions and eases the DBA administrative tasks? What is the reason for creating a subprocess? A new data mart or star schema has been physically designed in a data modeling tool by someone in the team, and the SQW developer wants to use that model to design some data flows. Which data modeling tool is supported by the Data Model Import Wizard of Design Studio? A cube model has been created but one of the dimensions does not have a hierarchy defined. After right-clicking on the dimension and selecting "Add Hierarchy", which two steps are required to complete the definition of the new hierarchy? (Choose two.) When InfoSphere Warehouse is implemented in a three node configuration, which two servers can contain Cubing Services components? (Choose two.) You manage a store and want to increase the sales of some high profit items. One way to do this is by placing these items close to other products that are often purchased with the high profit items. You have a year's history of all sales, including all the items that were purchased in each sale. To determine optimal product placement for the high profit items, which mining method should be used to analyze your data? As a system administrator, you have defined a cube server, specifying that all cubes are to start automatically, and added a cube to that server. You created a script to start the cube server from the command line. Wanting to make sure that your users have good performance, you want the members of your cube to be cached prior to the first user's access of the cube. What will allow you to accomplish this? Which type of information extraction for text analytics is defined using Java regular expressions? An XML file that contains cube model and cube metadata is imported into the Design Studio which is connected to the cubing services repository. Which statement is true regarding adding the cube to a cube server? Which statement is true about Rational Data Architect (RDA) integration with the Design Studio for data modeling? When connecting an Output Port of a Table Source to the Names Port of a Sequences Operator, what are two valid methods of mapping columns? (Choose two.) In a three node configuration, which two servers can contain InfoSphere Warehouse Intelligent Miner components? (Choose two.) A high-quality physical database design is one that meets which two goals? (Choose two.) You are implementing a DB2 Workload Manager (WLM) schema to limit the number of load utilities that can execute concurrently. Which WLM object would be used to accomplish this? Relational database and a database model that is often a star or snowflake schema are characteristics of which engine storage structure? Using InfoSphere Warehouse a physical data model provides the metadata for database objects that are useful for which task? An administrator has created a database connection to the Production transactional relational database. A data mart is desired that extracts data from that database. Taking time and ease into account, how should the database physical model for the input tables be created? During which installation and configuration process can user groups be mapped to each role? Which two statements are true about a hierarchies, levels, and dimensions? (Choose two.) When debugging a data flow, how do you set a break point in the execution plan graph (EPG)? OLAP metadata for a star schema has been defined in the Design Studio and exported as an XML document. Which step(s) are required to deploy the cube to a cube server? Which two InfoSphere Warehouse components are included in the logical group for the Application Server? (Choose two.) The Design Studio is connected to the cubing services repository. Which steps must be completed to deploy a cube and allow it to be accessed by cubing services? Several operators are defined and linked together in DataFlow1. Another set of operators make up DataFlow2. A control flow is defined and both DataFlow1 and DataFlow2 are used. You require that DataFlow1 dynamically change the variable values used in DataFlow2. How can you fulfill this requirement? A bank wants to create a target marketing campaign for a particular type of loan by building the demographic profile for customers with this loan type and then selectively targeting the customers with similar profiles that currently do not have this type of loan. Which data mining method should be used to achieve this objective? A customer wants to evaluate deep data compression in an AIX development environment. Which edition of InfoSphere Warehouse should they buy? You can use the Admin Console to add, remove, start, stop, or restart cubes. For which other purpose can the Admin Console be used? In a control flow, the Start operator has an on-failure port. When are any operators linked to that port executed? What does a Data Design Project within Design Studio contain? In which two modes can you create mining flows? (Choose two.) When using the Design Studio to define hierarchies for a cube model, you specify the hierarchy type and deployment method. If you were to specify a hierarchy type of "balanced" and a deployment of "standard", what would that imply? What is a benefit of using warehouse based analytics? A cube has been deployed to cubing services. Due to an increase in the workload accessing the cube, response time has increased. What would allow you to apply additional resources (memory, CPU) to decrease the response time? Which tool should be used to design a mining flow? Certain operators cannot be placed directly into a parallel container. Some of these operators are iterators, variable comparisons, and parallel containers. Which technique could you use to overcome this restriction? Which two functions can the SQW tool perform for a data flow? (Choose two.) When using InfoSphere Warehouse, in which two occasions is it appropriate to run the InfoSphere Warehouse configuration tool? (Choose two.) For recovery purposes, it is desired to keep the output of several data flow operators after the execution has ended. This can be done in two different ways. Which two types of operators and properties would you use to keep the output? (Choose two.) Customer Relationship Management (CRM) requires business insights that enable firms to offer specific, personalized services, and products to their customers. Which mining method is used for customer segmentation CRM applications? What is the Design Studio used for as part of Cubing Services? You work for an automobile manufacturing company and have been asked to use data mining to determine which part is most likely to fail after a certain amount of time on a particular vehicle model. You have gathered repair history. Which mining method should be used? A logical data model was created in a design tool. It is needed as a reference for a data warehouse project. How can the logical model be used within Design Studio to create a database model? You want an employee to be able to create, deploy, and schedule applications in the InfoSphere Warehouse. At a minimum, which roles should be assigned to the employee? Using InfoSphere Warehouse Design Studio, what are two ways to create a physical data model? (Choose two.) Every night, an InfoSphere Warehouse application updates data in a star schema in the data warehouse. The update process is taking longer than expected and so management decides to begin the update process at an earlier time each day. Which function of the Admin Console will accomplish this task? Process profiles must be used under which situation in SQL Warehouse run-time environment? A customer is having performance issues with a query against a cube they built using Cube Services. Examination of EXPLAIN output determines that the query did not use the MQTs (summary tables). Which situation would cause the Optimizer to bypass the MQTs? Which two tools should an InfoSphere Warehouse developer use to perform SQL Warehousing design tasks? (Choose two.) A warehouse application contains a process that in turn contains an activity that references a variable with a final phase of EXECUTION_INSTANCE. When going through the schedule wizard, which object is actually scheduled? Using InfoSphere Warehouse Design Studio, which two are required before you can work on a physical data model? (Choose two.)