000-667 - IBM Test 667, Architectural Design of SOA Solutions

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Example Questions

An Architect is developing the security architecture for an organization where there are currently two security registries - RACF for CICS applications and LDAP for Web applications. The CICS applications are currently being accessed internally via MQ with user credentials in the MQ header. As part of an SOA initiative, the legacy applications are being exposed to partners via Web services on WebSphere Application Server using JCA to access the CICS applications. At which point in the architecture is the credential mapping performed? A mobile phone company uses SOA to create internal applications for its call centers, partners, and customers. The organization is beginning to establish SOA governance and has enlisted the services of an SOA Solution Designer. As part of an audit of their current environment, it is found that they are achieving very low reuse of services and data entities. Further investigation reveals that duplicate services and data entities have been created. In which phase of the SOA Governance and Management Method should this problem be initially addressed and which action should be taken? What is the next step while architecting an SOA solution after documenting the business processes? An SOA Designer for a bank is identifying candidate services for realization. They have determined that the central office and the regional office share the same process, "Open Account", which includes three steps "Account Data Collection", "Account Verification", and "Account Activation". There is an existing customer CICS application for "Account Information Input", "Account Setup", and "Account Inquiry" functionality and an existing SAP system for General Ledger which includes a "Create Account" function. Which are most likely candidates as services in this scenario? A new business process is being written that will call a number of new or existing Web services. As part of the SOA quality management process, each of the Web services must have functional and regression tests executed. Which product is the most appropriate for this task? A company wants to integrate a number of existing best-of-breed applications by implementing service facades and an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). The initial scenario involves the transfer of order information between a number of these backend services depending on business rules. An SOA Designer is asked to capture the functional requirements. What is the most appropriate starting point? A photo printing business has a central headquarters and approximately 5000 store fronts. Their latest project involves a website where customers can print their photos at the store location of their choice. The plan is to use a service hosted at each store front and route requests to the correct store. Which patterns should be considered when designing this solution? A customer wants to create a View Statement Service. Data is stored in VSAM files on System z and the files can be large. The data is archived quarterly, so retrieval time can be significant. Furthermore, the legal view format can change over time. How should the SOA Foundation be utilized to implement the View Statement Service? When dealing with the security implications of providing a service to a different business unit or organization, what is the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Gateway used to accomplish? A company has been experiencing a substantially higher load on their online ordering system over the holidays. The assigned Solution Architect has recommended the use of selectors in routing the incoming requests based on market factors. Which important design consideration is being addressed when evaluating the business process aspect of an SOA solution? In a legacy transformation project an Architect decides to drive CICS transactions using MQ messages generated by WebSphere Message Broker using a 3270 bridge. What is the advantage of this architecture? Which statement about SOA service design is true? A photo printing business has a central headquarters and approximately 5000 store fronts. The latest project involves a website where customers can print their photos at the store location of their choice. The plan is to use a service hosted at each store front and route requests to the correct store. Which patterns should be considered when designing this solution? The IT organization within a large enterprise is convinced that adopting SOA would significantly improve their response time to business requests for new functionality. Which statement about SOA governance is most likely to be true? Service enabling a mainframe application can be non-invasive or invasive. Which scenario is a justification for invasive service enablement? A team is evaluating the maturity of a customer's solution architecture relative to the IBM SOA Foundation. It is discovered that the customer has invested heavily in an internally-developed Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and that their ESB has functionality expected to be found in other SOA Foundation services, especially Process Services, Business Services, and Information Services. Which recommendation should be made? The agents of a financial clearing house use several applications that reside in CICS, an application server and a customer management system developed in-house. These applications all provide their own interaction services using different protocols and UIs. Which pattern is the most appropriate for an SOA implementation? An SOA Solution Designer's recommendation for a financial institution is to use a separate gateway and Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) component. The decision considered a number of factors including the organizations current IT environment, staff skills, and non-functional requirements. However, the client has investigated using a more powerful single SOA appliance as a gateway and ESB to save money. Which action should be taken? While defining the non-functional requirements for a company, an SOA Architect wants to make use of existing patterns. Which specification should be chosen to address service performance? An organization is adding composite services to the environment. The services are running across different environments and operating systems. When considering secure access, what is one of the additional challenges that must be considered? Why is it necessary to enforce policies and monitor services within SOA Services Management? A large bank has a paper-based process for transferring funds between regional centers that takes days to complete. They want to use SOA to automate this process. As an SOA Designer, what is a likely reason to also include Partner Services? A large machine manufacturing company is using WebSphere Message Broker as an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) providing routing and transformation functions. Manufacturing data is available from MQ enabled CICS transactions. Customer information is available via existing Web services on WebSphere Process Server (WPS) accessing UDB via JDBC. They are developing a new service to track the status of a customer's specific machine through production. The SOA Designer has decided to first create a Manufacturing Information service on WPS using JMS to access the CICS transactions. What is the rationale for this approach? A manufacturing company can receive many customer orders at once. When an order is received, the OrderProcessing business process allocates a unique order number, updates the Customer service and invokes the Credit service. The process does not continue until the Credit service notifies it that the customer's details are valid, and this can take some time. Since multiple instances of the OrderProcessing process can exist at runtime, how can a specific instance be selected when the Credit service is ready to send notification? A company wishes to create a service from a legacy application that uses a simple but proprietary data format over a TCP/IP connection. What is an advantage of creating an adapter or wrapper to enable this application as a service? A retail company is faced with the challenge of quickly introducing new products involving components from multiple lines-of-business. How might adopting SOA help this company meet this challenge? Which issue must be addressed when abstract service definitions are mapped to IT components and are deployed into a runtime environment? A retail bank executive wants the IT department to re-implement current bank teller applications as an SOA. The executive wants to be in production in one year and asks an SOA Designer to instruct IT on how to accomplish this. What should the SOA Designer recommend to the executive? A new business process is being written that will call a number of new or existing Web services. As part of the SOA quality management process, which activity is the most appropriate? An SOA Designer is collecting requirements for a global banking company's SOA project and discovers that various countries have different security encryption and privacy requirements. How should the SOA Designer handle this situation? A mobile phone company is losing money on the process for deactivating a phone when it is reported stolen or lost due to lag time between notification and deactivation. In the current SOA solution, call center staff disable the phone via a portlet that invokes a deactivation service which calls a mainframe application. The mainframe application notifies the telecom provider to deactivate the phone. What is a likely cause of the issue and which aspect of the solution makes the problem worse? A government department is expecting a higher load on their online loan system because of an upcoming deadline. The assigned Solution Architect plans to use mediation logic to identify and route crucial loan applications to the correct department. Which key business process design factor is being addressed using this SOA solution? Once a business process has been choreographed and deployed, there is an ongoing requirement to monitor the performance of this process. In the solution there is a need to use KPI metrics which are based on services and not their underlying components. Which is suitable as a service KPI? An organization is releasing functionality updates to portlets and new services on a daily cycle. However, code deployment is taking three days. This delay is leading to reliability and availability issues with the production environment. Apart from exploring the possibility of introducing a less aggressive release cycle, how can these issues be addressed? An organization in the utilities sector has used WebSphere MQ for several years. Over time, the staff has developed expertise in WebSphere MQ and they are most comfortable solving problems using messaging-based technology. They plan to take advantage of SOA but are concerned about the risk of moving to new technology. Which technical solution should be suggested for this client? An IT organization within a large global enterprise is convinced that adopting SOA would significantly improve their alignment to business requests for new functionality but they have questions regarding SOA governance. Which statement about SOA governance is true? A service owner has developed a new version of an address validation service at a travel company. How is the service registry and repository used to govern the new version release? A government agency has decided to use code generation to generate the portions of the services, Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), and consumer code that is consistent for each service. Which statement is true about this decision? The IBM SOA Foundation includes services that support business innovation and optimization. What should be found in an SOA deployment compliant with the SOA Foundation? A large corporation would like to utilize an SOA Reference Architecture for its various solutions. The need is for a flexible layered SOA model that can be used in a variety of application-related situations. The SOA Architect is assigned to find such a model. The Architect decides that the SOA solution stack fits the need and explains the selection to the Chief Architect. Which statement supports the selection of the SOA solution stack? The SOA reference architecture identifies core services including Interaction, Process, Information, Partner, Access, and Infrastructure. What is one valid reason for excluding one or more of these services in an SOA? A company has an existing message-based middleware solution that allows exchanging business information among several applications using a topic-based publish-subscribe integration pattern. As part of its SOA strategy, the company is now embarking on service-enabling the applications and wants to employ the publish-subscribe pattern using Web services technology. Which Web services specification best addresses this need? The IT organization for a government information office follows ITIL best practices. They use WebSphere Service Registry and Repository (WSRR) to manage the lifecycle of a service in their SOA. A mandate has been passed for the IT organization to manage and control the service environment, including relationships and configuration. Where should this new information be stored? A company is implementing a new Web service to provide the ability to access customer details as part of a number of high-volume business processes within an SOA environment. During the deploy phase of the SOA lifecycle, which key quality assurance activity should occur? A municipal utility company, with a well-managed IT environment, created a Customer Query Service as a general purpose customer lookup service to provide one or more customer records associated with a variety of search criteria. The service is now used by both the call center and self-service Web application supporting power outage management. In the past, each application used different technologies to retrieve the information. Which additional management is required when introducing this service? An SOA project consists of services deployed in a heterogeneous distributed environment that includes an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). When adding a requirement for routing management, how should it be implemented? A telecom company has a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that requires Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) to respond to customer inquiries within 10 minutes. Often the CSR has to access nine independent legacy applications to respond to customers' inquiries. CSRs are consistently exceeding the 10 minute SLA. What is the quickest way to satisfy the SLA using an interaction and collaboration scenario based on an SOA approach? A company is implementing a new Web service within an SOA. The service will provide the ability to access customer details as part of a number of high-volume business processes. Which key quality assurance activity will need to take place as part of the Deploy phase of the SOA lifecycle? A bank has extended their corporate investment banking division to include individual consumer investment accounts. For a variety of reasons there was not a tight coupling of the bank's retail banking division to the new individual investment accounts. Therefore each division has different schemas for consumers and accounts. As part of an SOA initiative around customer insight, the bank now wants to cross-sell accounts across these two divisions. Which approach should the SOA Designer use to provide a single, unified and trusted view of customer data across these divisions? A company has multiple services with each having a different requirement for availability and response time. Which environment should the Architect recommend?