000-611 - DB2 10.1 DBA for Linux, UNIX, and Windows

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Example Questions

What authorization is needed to execute the CREATE MASK statement? You have just converted an existing database to an automatic storage database. What can you use to move data from an existing DMS table space to an automatic storage table space, while the data remains online and available for access? Which statement describes adaptive row compression? Which statement about adaptive compression is true? What is an informational constraint? Which statement is correct for a user who holds SECADM authority? Which two conditions must be met before Automatic Dictionary Creation (ADC) can be used to generate a compression dictionary for a table? (Choose two.) Which statement about updating index statistics with the RUNSTATS command is true? Which statement about BEFORE triggers is FALSE? Which XML format provides a faster way to transmit and receive XML data between Java pureXML applications and a DB2 server? Which statements will enable automatic storage in storage group SG_HOT for a given database managed table space MY_TS and remove all existing non-automatic storage containers from the table space? What unit of measurement is used to represent the cumulative total cost of a node in a Visual Explain access plan diagram? You want to modify an existing view so that any rows that are inserted or updated with the view will not violate the SELECT statement that was used to create the view. What should you do? Which of the following table types is NOT supported by the load utility? Which statement about the ADMIN_MOVE_TABLE procedure is true? Which authority is required to revoke SECADM authority? Which statement about range-clustered tables is true? Which statement regarding snapshot administrative views and snapshot monitor table functions is true? Which statement is correct when describing trusted contexts? What does the FLUSH PACKAGE CACHE statement do? In IBM Data Studio, where can you schedule script-based jobs? Given a system-period temporal table POLICY_INFO with its associated history table HIST_POLICY_INFO, which statement is true? Where are column mask definitions stored? Which tool can be used to mimic statistics for tables by gathering statistics from a production database and placing them into a test database? Which statement is true about Insert Time Clustering (ITC) tables? Which statement about Binary XML is FALSE? Which two server authentication methods are supported by transparent Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)? (Choose two.) Which authorities can be audited with the AUDIT statement? If a single node database is actively being used by applications when a power failure occurs, what method is used to bring the database back to a consistent state once power has been restored? How is the time that an agent waits for log records to be flushed to disk calculated? What can be used to provide input to the Design Advisor? Which statement regarding SECADM authority is true? If the current value for self-tuning memory is: Self Tuning Memory (SELF_TUNING_MEM) = ON (Inactive) Which statement is true? A DB2 for AIX server has two instances named DEV and PROD. Each instance contains a database named ACCOUNTS and a database named PAYROLL. What can be done to prevent a DB2 Discovery operation from seeing the DEV instance and its databases? What is the MAX_LOG database configuration parameter used for? Which statement is true regarding client-server database connectivity? What are two types of DB2 Discovery requests that a client can make? (Choose two.) An existing non-automatic storage database named MYDB has been successfully converted to an automatic storage database. What must be done to convert any existing DMS table spaces to automatic storage table spaces? Which statement about insert time clustering tables (ITC) is true? Which command will define the alternate diagnostic data directory path as /db2data/db2dump2? You have an High Availability and Disaster Recovery (HADR) environment set up and you want to read from the standby database. What must you do? Which statement is true regarding the workload management dispatcher? What is the correct procedure for recovering a dropped table when DROPPED TABLE RECOVERY has been enabled and the database must remain online? Which command can be used to restore a corrupted database using only the recovery history file?