000-540 - IBM PureData System for Analytics v7.0

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Example Questions

What will prevent a GROOM TABLE command from running on a table named TableA? In order to set a runaway query event to trigger when a query runs longer than two minutes, which two items must be configured? (Choose two.) When working with sequences, which statement will always be true? All database users are members of what predefined database group, which governs the basic access permissions that are granted to the system? nzbackup/nzrestore with the -user option has been replaced with which option to allow multi-level security (MLS) information, such as categories, cohorts, and levels to be backed up/restored? What is the maximum number of columns you can choose as organizing keys for clustered base table? Which statement is true for database users and groups? A SELECT statement spends all its time returning 1 billion rows. What can be done to make this faster? With LDAP enabled, which of the following is verified against an LDAP server? nzload is invoked with the "allowReplay" option enabled. While the PureData System for Analytics Appliance changes state from online to pausing then to online, which statement is true about the nzload process on the Appliance? When setting up a crontab entry, what must be done on a PureData System for Analytics server? Given a plan ID, how would you obtain the query execution plan? (Choose two.) Where are the database log files located? You have access to two databases, DEV and PROD. Currently you are connected to the DEV database. Which operation is permitted? How does the PureData System for Analytics utilize the distribution key to store records on disk? If user A has a minimum resource allocation of 20% and a maximum of 80%, user A can receive what percentage of available resources? Which piece of information is NOT gathered as part of the statistical information when generate statistics is run on a table? The PureData System for Analytics implements which level of transaction isolation? When are zonemaps initially created for a table? Which is NOT a function of the Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) residing on the Netezza Database Accelerator card? Which statement is true regarding the compress engine? Which statement is true about data flowing in/out of the PureData System for Analytics Appliance? What two conditions must be met to achieve a collocated join between two tables? (Choose two.) Which statement is NOT true? Which statement is NOT true regarding the nzload utility? What will occur when two tables are joined together and the data is NOT collocated? When enabled, query history always collects information about login failures, session creation, session termination, and query history process startup. Which area does query history NOT collect data? Which will result in support for zonemaps on the LastName column? The query history data collected DOES NOT provide insight to which of the type of performance and behavior questions? Given the following query: Select count(*) from TableA; How can you view the query plan without executing the query? What is the fastest join utilized by PureData System for Analytics? In a UNIX 64bit environment, a 64bit application requires which software to execute SQL statements via ODBC? (Choose two.) The simplest query execution plan file must have the following minimum nodes? Which statement is true about the groom feature? What are two considerations for usage of materialized views? (Choose two) Which is NOT a function that can be performed by nzbackup? Why is table skew important to manage? Which High-Availability (HA) mechanism is used by the PureData System for Analytics Appliance? On which component(s) does the UDX run? Which is NOT a way to check if the database is online? Which procedural logic is NOT supported by NZPLSQL? Which User Defined Function (UDF) statement is true? Which statement is true about a simple load using external tables? What is the limitation on join types with floating-point data types? What is required to troubleshoot a query? When creating a table, you can specify a column constraint for each individual column of either "NULL" or "NOT NULL". When column values are later evaluated within a query statement, which of these is true? Which nzload operation statement is correct? What PureData System for Analytics component is responsible for controlling table storage? OLE-DB based applications on UNIX requires which PureData System for Analytics software? A stored procedure returning one value is created, which two methods can be used to execute the procedure? (Choose two.)