000-454 - IBM High-End Tape Technical Solutions V7

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Example Questions

A customer has the requirement to store large amounts of archive data on native tape which will be accessed rarely, as well as a smaller amount of data where fast access is important. Which IBM Enterprise Tape function provides the flexibility to meet both requirements? What indicates that the physical installation of a TS7720 Virtualization Engine is complete and available to the customer? An existing TS7740 customer has chosen to upgrade with additional 200 MB/sec Enablement and 7 TB Tape Cache. Which of the following is the best business objective on the above upgrade? In a TS7700 R2.x system, how many logical paths are provided by the minimum FICON adapter configuration? A customer has installed a new TS7740 with 4 TB cache, 2 performance increments and 4 backend TS1140 drives. VEHSTATS shows that the TS7740 is experiencing pre-migrate throttling during the overnight batch run. What is the correct course of action? In a TS3500 with ALMS enabled, which task can be completed by using the operator panel only, but not by using the Tape Library Specialist Web interface? What SME record types are required to analyze a potential customer tape workload using Batch Magic? A Business Partner has been asked to provide an education session on the latest tape technology available from IBM and its competitors. Which resource is the best to obtain current information and presentation materials about the key competition? What is the key advantage of the IBM TS7720 over the EMO DLm? A service provider has two separate customers on different LPARS using a TS7740 and wants to ensure that neither customer can access the other customer's data from the host. Which of the following features, functions or processes would be recommended to achieve this? A customer is impressed by the cost savings shown in the IBM proposal to consolidate their tape infrastructure replacing Oracle 9840 and 9940 tape drives with TS1140. However they are concerned about replacing their 9840 drives as they have a specific workload which requires fast access to the data. What is the best response to this concern? A customer proposes to install a TS7740 to replace a competitor's mainframe library. The customer already uses a TS3500 with only LTO-2 drives installed, and it is proposed to use this library for the TS7740 attached drives. Which of the following must be installed as part of the TS3500 subsystem to accommodate the TS7740? Which company is a key competitor to IBM in the enterprise tape area? Select two key items that are associated with the TS7700 Hardware Installation planning worksheets. (Select two) A customer has installed two TS7700 Virtualization Engines in a grid configuration for disaster recovery. Cluster U is local to the production hosts, and Cluster 1 is located in the remote DR center with no host processors. They want to maximize the probability that recently written logical volumes are in the cache of Cluster 1 in case of a loss of Cluster U, while maintaining copies in both clusters. Which Copy Consistency Point settings are most appropriate to use? In a TS3500 with ALMS enabled, which task can be completed by using the Tape Library Specialist Web interlace only, and not by using the operator panel? What is a key characteristic of a disaster recovery (DR) solution compared to a high availability (HA) solution? Which of the following best describes the TS1140 EastSync function? A proposed design includes a TS7700 and one 3952 frame with three installed 3592-007 tape controllers. What is needed to provide high availability library management for the native tape drives in the TS3500? To install an IBM 3592-007 with attached drives housed in a TS3500 Tape Library, which of the following is required? A customer wants to double the capacity and throughput capability of the existing TS3510 Tape Library. The available free space in the data center is limited so 324 frames must be included in the proposal. Which fact must the technical specialist take into account in order to meet the customer requirements? What function does the TS7700 Sync Mode Copy enable or perform? What is the maximum number of 3490 control units that can be defined in HOD for a TS7700? According to the IBM TS7700 Performance white paper, why does it show that a T67720 has only a sustained I/O performance and a TS7740 has a sustained AND peak I/O performance? A customer has a TS3500 Tape Library with TS1140 Tape Drives, but does not have the High Availability' feature. If the accessory fails, which activity must be performed to resume operations? After a requirements analysis including the use of the Batch Magic tool, it has been determined that a TS7740 four-way grid is the most appropriate solution, with two clusters in each of two sites. The customer wants to have four copies of the data, (one in each cluster), but also to minimize the data sent over the network between the sites. What is the best way to setup the TS7740 Virtualization Engines to achieve this? On a TS3500 Tape Library, how many cartridge cells are available in a D23 frame with twelve TS1140 drives installed? In a single TS3500 library' with no other TS7700 or open systems drives, what is the minimum number of Model 007 controllers required to install the maximum number of drives supported in the TS3500 library? As viewed from the front of the library, which frame can be configured as a service bay on the right side of the TS3500 High Availability Tape Library? Which activity is a customer responsibility during setup of a TS7700 Virtualization Engine? What is the maximum speed of a single EICON adapter in 3957-VFJ7 running R2.1 microcode? A customer has replaced an old virtual tape subsystem with a new TS7740 and would like to compare the batch run times before and after the change. What tool is available in IBM Tape tools to do this? On a TS3500 Tape Library, what is the minimum number of cartridge cells that can be configured in an L23 frame? What provides a point-in-time view of the customer's tape data environment? An existing single cluster TS7740 customer needs to double the backup throughput from 500 MB/sec to 1000 MB/sec. This customer currently has a 3957-VOl configured with: 1 3956-CC8 controller 5 x 100 MB/sec Enablement 6 x 1 TB Cache Enablement 4 x F ICON Long wave Attachment Which of the following would fulfill the above upgrade requirements? What drive types are supported in the IBM TS3300 Tape Library? Which of the following functions is a competitive advantage of IBM enterprise tape over other vendor tape technologies? Which media formats and cartridge types are supported for writing data with the IBM TS1130 Tape Drive? A customer wants to encrypt data written to tape drives. A competitor offers an encryption solution that encrypts the data before sending to the tape drives for compression. IBM wants to offer IBM TS1140 tape drives using the built-in encryption feature. Which competitive advantage does the IBM solution provide?