000-453 - IBM System Storage DS8000 Technical Solutions V3

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Example Questions

A mainframe customer would like to receive a proposal for a mainframe storage system with 120 TB raw capacity. The mainframe server load is not too high, and they need drives with the lowest possible power consumption to keep operating costs low. The customer will not increase the capacity of their mainframe applications in the future but rather invest later into their Power servers. Which of the following solutions best meets these requirements at the lowest cost? The value-based licensing for the Operating Environment License (OEL) is priced based on what characteristics? A customer has a DS8000 with 100 TB raw capacity’ installed and running in their data center. All storage is for open systems workloads. There is 30 TB of unused capacity’. There are no Advanced Functions installed, but after a presentation from the Business Partner they are interested in using FlashCopy to help reduce their overnight batch window. How can this function be tested in compliance with the DS8000 licensing rules? After initial installation of DSSSOO systems in a customer site a review must be conducted to verify that the disk system performance is in range. How can the cache hit ratio be verified? A potential D6881J0 customer asks the technical specialist if the D38800 systems provide a point in time copy solution where the FlashCopy volume can logically be pre-configured but no disk space is allocated as long as there are no updated tracks written. Which D38800 FlashCopy method supports this customer’s requirement? What is the relationship of Easy Tier and Encryption on DS8000? A System z customer would like confirmation of the actual amount of additional storage capacity they will get if they add a drive set of 300 GB 15,000 rpm drives in a RAID 5 configuration. Which tool would be used to provide this information? Which of the following elements provides data integrity in the DS8000? The DS CLI can be invoked in which three modes? 1_ Single-shot command mode 2_ Interactive command mode 3_ Script command mode 4_ Background command mode The customer requires a point-in-time copy solution on a DS8000. Which of the following statements is true? A DS8800 customer would like to implement synchronous remote mirroring on an DS8800 using their existing dark fibre infrastructure between the two data centers. The related Disk Magic model shows a very high expected replication rate between the two DS8800 systems. Which technical aspect needs most to be considered during implementation? A customer wants to add a new DSS8OFJ into a data center that is already in production. How is it possible to verify that the DS8800 is supported into the customer’s SAN and server infrastructure? What is the standard topology for volume relationships in a DS8000 Global Mirror environment? A customer in the financial sector is buying a new DS8870. They have strict regulations about data protection. Which of the following applies to DS8870 encryption? The maximum cache size of a DS8800 Model 951 is: A customer has an existing D68800 which is installed in their data center. It now must have an extra frame added to support additional capacity growth, but there is no room to fit the expansion frame to the right. Which option should be taken? In a DSSSOO controller which components are created during configuration of space-efficient (PTC-SE) storage in an extent pool? The customer’s data center has an elevator with a maximum load capacity’ of 2200 lb (1000 kg). A Disk Magic study has proved that the performance requirements of the workload are at Enterprise class levels. What should be recommended? Which function of the DS8000 allows a customer to move drives from CKD to fixed block without taking the system offline? What statement is correct regarding DS8870 Remote Pair FlashCopy? The DS8000 supports over 90 server platforms. Where is the most current and up-to-date list of supported platforms found? As with all types of technology. System z software occasionally needs to have maintenance applied to it to fix errors or to support enhanced functionally. In the System z environment, this maintenance is known as: A customer’s IT department has had problems meeting their backup window. They now mandate that a fast backup process be in place before an application is deployed. They have a DS8000 as their disk subsystem and a TS3500 tape library for backups. What is the simplest and most effective option to satis1i this requirement? A D38870 administrator would access the GUI using: A potential DS8OIJO customer would like to understand the size of the non-volatile storage (NVS) as compared to the overall size of the DS8000 processor memory. Which technical feedback to the customer is correct? A new DS8000 z/OS storage customer needs to configure the DSS000 system’s host adapter ports to Brocade SAN directors for host access in a Metro Mirror solution. Which protocols must be configured for this system? What is DS8000 Assist On Site (AOS)? The DS Command Line Interface (CLI) of the DS8800 can be used to perform which two of the following configuration actions? 1_ Assign RAID ranks to extent pools 2_ Install and activate the D68000 storage tier advisor tool 3_ Invoke a server failover/fallback 4_ Create and assign LUNs to hosts/servers The output of what tool is used as input to Disk Magic to most accurately model a Windows host that will be used with an IBM D38000? A customer has a UNIX-based 25 TB Oracle/SAP instance currently running on an HP 12000 Enterprise Storage array. The database is very sensitive to response times and is reported to have a peak I/O requirement of over 25,000 I/O per second. The HP device is nearly three years old, and the customer is considering replacing it. Which of the following is the best way to investigate the IBM DS8000 as a suitable technology replacement for the HP 12000 device? A Business Partner has just received a REP from a customer for new disk subsystems for their data centers which are 500 km apart. DS8000 Global Mirror will be proposed. The customer wants to manage the replication environment using off-the-shelf software rather than custom scripting. The customer already has EMC Symmetrix replicating between their data centers. Which of the following should be proposed to manage the D58000 replication? A pre-sales TDA must be done for the sale of a new DS8870. Which document type should be used for documenting the review details? Shortly after the installation of a DSS000 and before Call Home has been fully set-up, the customer notices an error message relating to a failed DS8000 primary power supply. What action should the customer take? Who is entitled to perform an IBM Secure Data Overwrite of a DSSS7O? Which statement is true of the Easy Tier feature on DS8000? What z/OS solution supported by the D68000 is designed to provide continuous availability in cases of disk subsystem failure? A customer wants to be sure that all the volumes and LUNs associated with a program are copied at a consistent point in time. Which disaster recovery function does the DS8000 support that this customer wishes to focus on? A customer has submitted an REP for which a DS8870 is the preferred solution to support their VMware environment. They require support for VAAI Extended Copy. What should the technical specialist advise this customer? Which statement about I/O Priority Manager on the DS8000 is true? When I/O Priority Manager is enabled, each volume in a D38800 is assigned to a performance group at the time of the volume creation. What action will the DS8800 take to ensure that the most important volumes as defined to I/O Priority Manager receive the highest level of system resources available? A potential DS8870 customer knows that RAID 5 works much faster and is more capacity-efficient than RAID 6, but they fear for double disk failures due to high rebuild times at large disk sizes. How should the technical specialist address this concern? What should be used to most effectively model System z customer workload for implementation on IBM DS8800? What term is used when defining a single IBM DS8000, including the base frame plus additional installed expansion frames? Which tool can a customer use without assistance to determine whether a mixture of different disk types, in conjunction with Easy Tier, could improve performance on a DS8000? When deciding what the requirements are for DS8000 Advanced Functions, what is the best source for detailed information on license requirements? Which of the following statements about the three-site solution Metro z/QS Global Mirror (MzGM) is true? With the DSS000, if a customer raises a Severity’ I call with the Hardware or Software Support Center. IBM will work on the call 24 hours a day, seven days a week provided the customer does what? Which function is unique to the DS8000 within the following IBM disk storage products: DS8000, XIV, Storwize V7000? What is the set of databases where objects can be accessed by sending SNMP get or set requests? A customer is planning to implement a new DS8000. They want to keep management of the DS8000 to a minimum. Which is the preferred method for allocating volumes to assist with this?