000-452 - IBM Storwize V7000 Technical Solutions V2

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Example Questions

A customer has a large VMware estate on a single site and is planning to add a second location. The site is only 20 km away, and they are interested in being able to use vMotion to move guest operating systems between hosts across the two sites. What solution would support this requirement? A customer wants a NAS environment for both NFS and CIFS. The customer is concerned with the amount of rack space they will need for their environment. It is estimated that 100 disks will be needed. To efficiently use rack space which of the following will provide the best combination? What is an RPQ? The sales specialist has been asked to provide a briefing for a customer and has been told that the CTO will attend. When developing the agenda for this meeting, what area should receive the most focus? Which resource would give a technical specialist a competitive side-by-side comparison of different vendors' products? Which of the following statements is true about the Storage Tier Advisor Tool (STAT) utility when used with the IBM Storwize V7000? A customer wants to purchase storage for a new messaging project to be implemented within the next nine months. Which of the following would be the best question to ask FIRST? Describe the key competitive advantage of IBM integrated Real-time Compression (RtC) over EMC and HP compression technology. A customer is in need of a new tape solution. They need a system that will provide a capacity of at least 100 TB with the ability to complete backups within 4 hours. Daily backups consist of video images that cannot be compressed. What should the sales specialist recommend as the most cost effective solution? When using the migration wizard, wich of the following can be migrated? Which of the following would provide the annual power costs for an EMC VNX Series system? What ensures application consistency of replicated volume targets? Which of the following workload types is best suited for a file system solution? On the Storwize V7000, which IBM utility analyzes the expected compression savings for an existing volume containing data considered for compression? One host at a remote site needs to connect to the Storwize V7000 in the customer's main data center. The customer has an existing IP network, and minimal bandwidth is required. What protocol should be used for this connection? Which of the following statements is true about the DCS3700? As part of a consolidation plan, an insurance customer wants to automate their backup needs. The environment includes: 2 Power servers running AIX 4 System x servers running Windows 2008 1 System z server running z/OS They have analyzed their bandwidth and capacity requirements, and will require 4 tape drives and approximately 100 TB cartridge capacity. Which of the following would best meet their requirements? On the Storwize V7000 Unified what feature can automatically move files to separate tiered pools of storage without disrupting access to hosts? A customer is considering a Storwize V7000 and requires continuous data protection for their Linux environment. Which software solution should be recommended in conjunction with the Storwize V7000? A customer is having major issues backing up a Microsoft SQL Server database whose data is resident on a DCS3700. They are interested in point-in-time copies and integration with Tivoli Storage Manager. What two products should the technical specialist recommend as a solution? (Select two) A customer wants to use the Real-time Compression feature in a SAN Volume Controller and Storwize V7000 environment. Which tool helps determine the capacity savings using this feature? Thin provisioning in the Storwize systems is designed to start thin and stay thin. How is this in the Storwize systems? The customer wants to buy a Storwize V7000 but needs support for a operating system which is currently not supported. What is the formal process to request support? A customer wants to monitor and manage their IBM storage systems' configuration and performance. Which of the following products would meet their needs? Where would the technical specialist find the clearance specification for a TS3500 Tape Library? A customer has an installed DS3524 and requests advice on how to add capacity to an existing logical drive. The technical specialist advises that hard drives need to be added to the array group first to provide the capacity to do the update. What operations are performed within the DS3524 operating system to achieve the upgrade? A customer currently has 200 departmental servers with 1500 concurrent users providing home directories, and file and print services. Currently each server has internal storage. They are considering virtualizing the servers across several campus locations, and would like to provide consolidated storage to their users. What features of the Storwize V7000 family meets the customer's requirement? A customer has asked for the amount of usable storage per storage pool for file based access in a Storwize V7000 Unified configuration. What type of usable storage information does the Capacity' Magic tool supply for a Storwize V7000 Unified? On a Storwize V7000 how is the quorum disk used? A customer comments that they would like to implement a storage management solution that can monitor their entire storage environment via SMI-S. They have a combination of EMC, NetApp and IBM storage. Which solution best meets their needs? On the Storwize V7000, one of the benefits of virtualizing storage across several MDisks instead of creating one large RAID set is: A customer has a requirement to begin archiving data for a lifecycle management initiative. The customer needs to use software for archiving and retrieving the data, and a magnetic tape library for long term retention where data must be protected from being overwritten. Initially there will be 7 TB of storage needed with a projected growth of 2 TB a year over the next two years. The technical specialist must develop a solution that will fit the above needs. What software and hardware solution would meet the customer's requirements? Which of the following best describes LTO-5 specifications for cartridge capacity and throughput with compression? Customer requirements specify a configuration with 15,000 rpm drives that must be balanced for performance in the respective storage pools. How will the Storwize V7000 architecture satisfy this requirements? A customer requires a storage solution that will manage both block and file storage, with a performance requirement of 5,000 file ops. The customer expects that 80% of the storage will be block storage, and 20% will be file storage with an ILM strategy in the file system. What storage solution should be proposed? What is needed to upgrade a TS7620 ProtecTIER Deduplication Appliance Express from 5.4 TB to 11 TB physical capacity? A customer just implemented a Storwize V7000 within their environment and is interested in being able to review historical performance statistics. What IBM supported option or tool would most appropriately address their requirement and be the most cost effective solution? Which disk system is included in IBM PureFlex? Which statement best describes Information Lifecycle Management? Which technology or feature on the Storwize V7UFJO is designed to provide automatic data movement involving SSDs? What cluster system layer is configured when the IBM Storwize V7000 will be used with one or more SAN Volume Controllers as a Remote Copy partner? Which tool allows the technical specialist to see the components needed to perform an upgrade on a Storwize V7000 and get a list price of the costs? The customer is having a problem adding LUNs from a SAN-attached DS5020. The LUNs are showing up multiple times. The hosts are running Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise. How can this situation be resolved? A customer has two locations, each with a storage system connected to a Fibre Channel SAN. They want to replicate between the storage systems across their WAN, and the storage systems can replicate only over Fibre Channel. Which of the following protocols would be used? Tivoli Storage FlashCopy Manager provides support to create and manage volume-level flash copies on a Microsoft Windows environment. What components are used to protect business critical data? A customer has a Storwize V7000 and they have the need to migrate local volumes between storage pools. Which function can be used for migrating local volumes between storage pools? IBM System Storage DS3500 supports which of the following protocols? A prospect is considering a single chassis PureFlex. Which of the following business pressures could be reduced with the installation of PureFlex? Which IBM tool will advise the Storwize V7000 administrator when to migrate a volume from one pool to another? A customer wants to implement Metro Mirror replication between two sites 500 km apart. Which two responses would a technical specialist give the customer as being feasible? (Select two)