000-421 - IBM Certified Solution Developer - InfoSphere DataStage v8.5

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Example Questions

Which two statements are true about the usage of scratch disk? (Choose two.) A customer requires that a single output file generated by a parallel job be created in sort order. Which two job designs would achieve this goal? (Choose two.) You are running a DataStage job using a 2-node configuration file. How can a fixed-width single sequential file be read in parallel? (Choose two.) You are processing groups of rows in a Transformer. The first row in each group contains "1" in the Flag column and "0" in the remaining rows of the group. At the end of each group you want to sum and output the QTY column values. Which three techniques will enable you to retrieve the sum of the last group? (Choose three.) What role must a user have to delete shared metadata assets from the repository? The number of File Set data files created depends upon what three items? (Choose three.) Using a DB2 for z/OS source database, a 200 million row source table with 30 million distinct values must be aggregated to calculate the average value of two column attributes. What would provide optimal performance while satisfying the business requirements? What is the correct method to process a file containing multiple record types using a Complex Flat File stage? Configuring the weighting column of an Aggregator stage affects which three options. (Choose three.) There is a requirement to transfer a large file using an FTP Enterprise stage. How can you minimize processing time when a transfer failure occurs? You write a job control routine to control a sequence of jobs running as a single unit of work. What are three valid job status types you can trap for? (Choose three.) You have run ten instances of the same job the previous evening. You want to examine the job logs for all instances but can only find five of them. How can you avoid this in the future for this job? Which environment variable determines where the temporary scores are stored? You are assigned to correct a job from another developer. The job contains 20 stages sourcing data from two Data Sets and many sequential files. The annotation in the job indicates who wrote the job and when, not the objective of the job. All link and stage names use the default names. One of the output columns has an incorrect value which should have been obtained using a lookup. What could the original developer have done to make this task easier for maintenance purposes? Which of the following is not an ODBC connector property? Which three statements are true about stage variables in a Transformer Stage? (Choose three.) When you run a parallel job, any error messages and warnings are written to the job log and can be viewed from the Director client. What two levels of message handlers are there? (Choose two.) A star schema data warehouse consists of four dimension tables and one fact table. How many Slowly Changing Dimensions (SCD) stages will you need in your jobs to update the star schema tables? You are experiencing performance issues for a given job. You are assigned the task of understanding what is happening at run time for that job. What are the first two steps you should take to understand the job performance issues? (Choose two.) Which two steps are required to change from a normal lookup to a sparse lookup in an ODBC Enterprise stage? (Choose two.) Which two statements are true regarding access to a MQ queue? (Choose two.) A job reads from a sequential file using a SequentialFile stage with option "number of readers" set to 2. This data goes to a Transformer stage and then is written to a dataset using the DataSet stage. The default configuration file has three nodes. The environment variable $APT_DISABLE_COMBINATION is set to "True" and partitioning is set to "Auto". How many processes will be created? You set environment variable $APT_ORACLE_LOAD_OPTIONS=PTIONS(DIRECT=TRUE, PARALLEL=TRUE)?for loading index organized tables.You set environment variable $APT_ORACLE_LOAD_OPTIONS=?PTIONS(DIRECT=TRUE, PARALLEL=TRUE)?for loading index organized tables. Which statement is accurate regarding the resulting effect of this environment variable setting? You are required to use a Make Vector stage in your job. What three requirements must be met in order to use this stage? (Choose three.) The derivation for a stage variable is: Upcase(input_column1) : ' ' : Upcase(input_column2). Suppose that input_column1 contains a NULL value. Which behavior is expected? How must the input data set be organized for input into the join stage? (Choose two.) Which two tasks can the Slowly Changing Dimensions (SCD) stage perform? (Choose two.) A DataStage job uses an Inner Join to combine data from two source parallel datasets that were written to disk in sort order based on the join key columns. Which two methods could be used to dramatically improve performance of this job? (Choose two.) Which Oracle Enterprise stage read property can be set using -dboptions to tune job performance? Records in a source file must be copied to multiple output streams for further processing. Which two conditions would require the use of a Transformer stage instead of a Copy stage? (Choose two.) How is DataStage Table Metadata shared among DataStage projects? In which two situations is it appropriate to use a Sparse Lookup? (Choose two.) What stage allows for more than one reject link? Your job design calls for using a target ODBC Connector stage. The target database is found on a remote server. The target table you are writing into contains a single column primary key. What are the three "Write mode" properties that allow the possibility of multiple SQL actions? (Choose three.) Input rows to a Transformer contain a product name field and a field with a list of colors the product can be ordered with. The colors are separated by the pipe character (|). Here is an example of an input row: "Shirt"| ....| "Red, Blue, Black"|... For each input row, you want to output multiple output rows, one for each color in the list. For the above example input row, three rows are to be output, one per color: "Shirt" ... "Red", "Shirt" ... "Blue", "Shirt" ... "Black". Which three operations will you need to accomplish this? (Choose three.) You are asked to identify the jobs and shared containers that use the ADDRESS column. The Size has changed from 50 to 120 characters in the source system so the jobs must be updated with the new size. What feature of the Designer will locate where a column is used in a DataStage project? How are Shared Table definitions created from the DataStage Client? What are two fundamental functions of the Information Server Source Code Integration based on the Eclipse Team framework? (Choose two.) Rows of data going into a Transformer stage are sorted and hash partitioned by the Input.Product column. Using stage variables, how can you determine when a new row is the first of a new group of Product rows? Which three of the following options does the dsjob command have? (Choose three.) You are responsible for deploying objects into your customers production environment. To ensure the stability of the production system the customer does not permit compilers on production machines. They have also protected the project and only development machines have the required compiler. What two options will allow jobs with a parallel transformer to execute in the customers production machines? (Choose two.) In which two situations would you use the Web Services Client stage? (Choose two.) Which two statements are correct when referring to an Aggregator Stage? (Choose two.) Which three methods can be used to import metadata from a Web Services Description Language (WSDL) document? (Choose three.) The purchase history record contains CustID, ProductID, ProductType and TotalAmount. You need to retain the record of greatest TotalAmount per CustID and ProductType using RemoveDuplicate stage. Which two statements accomplish this requirement? (Choose two.) A client needs to process a flat file where a set of values in the import data columns should be treated as Null. What is the best way to handle multiple Null values using a Sequential File stage? You are setting up project defaults. Which three items can be set in DataStage Administrator? (Choose three.) What are two advantages of using Runtime Column Propagation (RCP)? (Choose two.) You would like to pass values into parameters that will be used in a variety of downstream activity stages within a job sequence. What are three valid ways to do this? (Choose three.) You have a parallel shared container that is used by other parallel jobs within your project. Part of the logic in this shared container has been changed. Which two statements are true regarding this change to the parallel shared container? (Choose two.)