000-420 - IBM InfoSphere MDM Server v9.0

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Example Questions

Which two features of Data Sets make them suitable for job restart points? (Choose two.) How does the Complex Flat File stage (CFF) support the use of "OCCURS DEPENDING ON" clause? You have run ten instances of the same job the previous evening. You want to examine the job logs for all instances but can only find five of them. How can you avoid this in the future for this job? How are Shared Table definitions created from the DataStage Client? How is DataStage Table Metadata shared among DataStage projects? When you run a parallel job, any error messages and warnings are written to the job log and can be viewed from the Director client. What two levels of message handlers are there? (Choose two.) What are two fundamental functions of the Information Server Source Code Integration based on the Eclipse Team framework? (Choose two.) Which of the following is not an ODBC connector property? You are experiencing performance issues for a given job. You are assigned the task of understanding what is happening at run time for that job. What are the first two steps you should take to understand the job performance issues? (Choose two.) Which two partitioning methods require keys? (Choose two.) Which of the following describes what happens when Runtime Column Propagation is enabled? Which two steps are required to change from a normal lookup to a sparse lookup in an ODBC Enterprise stage? (Choose two.) 36 IBM 000-421: A job design consists of an input sequential file, a Modify stage, followed by a Filter stage and an output SequentialFile stage. The job is run on an SMP machine with a configuration file defined with three nodes. No environment variables were set for the job. How many osh processes will this job create? You are asked to identify the jobs and shared containers that use the ADDRESS column. The Size has changed from 50 to 120 characters in the source system so the jobs must be updated with the new size. What feature of the Designer will locate where a column is used in a DataStage project? What three element Names are required to create Shared metadata? (Choose three.) You are asked by management to document all jobs written to make future maintenance easier. Which two statements are true about annotations? (Choose two.) Using a DB2 for z/OS source database, a 200 million row source table with 30 million distinct values must be aggregated to calculate the average value of two column attributes. What would provide optimal performance while satisfying the business requirements? Which two properties can be set to read a fixed width sequential file in parallel? (Choose two.) How is Runtime Column Propagation (RCP) enabled for use in DataStage Jobs? What Information Server tool provides integration with source code control repositories? Which two statements are correct when using the Oracle Enterprise stage? (Choose two.) In a file defining a partial schema, which three properties define the record? (Choose three.) Which three statements are true about File Sets? (Choose three.) Input rows to a Transformer contain a product name field and a field with a list of colors the product can be ordered with. The colors are separated by the pipe character (|). Here is an example of an input row: "Shirt"| ....| "Red, Blue, Black"|... For each input row, you want to output multiple output rows, one for each color in the list. For the above example input row, three rows are to be output, one per color: "Shirt" ... "Red", "Shirt" ... "Blue", "Shirt" ... "Black". Which three operations will you need to accomplish this? (Choose three.) In a Transformer Stage you have a nullable input column that is mapped to a non-nullable output column. What two techniques can be used to handle NULL values? (Choose two.) What are two advantages of using Runtime Column Propagation (RCP)? (Choose two.) Which three of the following options does the dsjob command have? (Choose three.) A client needs to process a flat file where a set of values in the import data columns should be treated as Null. What is the best way to handle multiple Null values using a Sequential File stage? What two repositories does the Source Code Control Integration for DataStage and QualityStage serve? (Choose two.) If you do not alter any of the Format settings, the Sequential File stage will produce a file with what three types of format? (Choose three.) What are two ways to specify a stylesheet in an XML input stage? (Choose two.) A job needs to split a single Data Set into three Data Sets based on conditions that are supplied at runtime. Which stage would allow you to parameterize the conditions for splitting the input data set? Where are project level message handlers defined? Which two data repositories can you use for user authentication within the Information Server Suite? (Choose two.) Which two statements are correct when referring to an Aggregator Stage? (Choose two.) You have been asked to assess the impact of replacing the DB2 Enterprise Stage with the DB2 Connector. You must identify all of the jobs and shared containers that use the DB2 Enterprise Stage. What two Advanced Find criteria would you set to identify the jobs and containers? (Choose two.) A client has multiple servers connected with a high bandwidth switch and has installed DataStage on one of them. There are five files (with the same record layout) that must be retrieved from three other servers using FTP. Which approach will retrieve and process all five files in the minimal amount of time? Which two statements are true regarding access to a MQ queue? (Choose two.) Which three of the following are valid schema formats? (Choose three.) Which Information Server client application must be used to manage project-level roles for DataStage? 14 IBM 000-421: In a Transformer expression for a stage variable, there is a nullable input column. What happens when a row is processed that contains NULL in that input column? Which two tasks can the Slowly Changing Dimensions (SCD) stage perform? (Choose two.) How must the input data set be organized for input into the join stage? (Choose two.) You need to find the differences between the jobs in the Test project and theit older version in the Production project. You discover that the Production project is on another domain. What feature would find the differences in a job that is in a project on a different domain? You found there were common functional requirements in the data mapping specification. The required functions are same but the record formats are different. Which action will allow you to effectively implement common logic? You are describing to your customer how to work with packages. There are two steps that must be carried out in order to move the package to a target project. Which two steps must be carried out to move the DataStage objects to the Production system? (Choose two.) You have a dataset hash-partitioned and sorted on CustID. You need to create a Sequential File sorted on CustID from this dataset. Which technique is the most appropriate? 40 IBM 000-421: You have a DataStage job on SMP environment. It contains an input sequential file, a Modify stage, followed by a Transformer stage, and an output Sequential File stage. The job is run with three nodes. The engine uses all default settings. How many processes will this job create? Which statement is true about buffering? Which three methods can be used to import metadata from a Web Services Description Language (WSDL) document? (Choose three.)