000-285 - Developing with IBM WebSphere Studio, V5.0

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Example Questions

Which IBM product implements metering capabilities? When designing for the protection of data stored in the cloud, including the deployment of firewall configurations, which two conditions must be included? (Choose two.) Which cloud service model(s) are supported by the IBM Cloud Computing Management Platform Reference Architecture?1) Software as a Service (SaaS)2) Platform as a Service (PaaS)3) Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)4) Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) A customer wants to implement a private cloud solution and they are anticipating changes in their current virtualization operational model. Which virtualization configuration characteristic is affected by the implementation of cloud infrastructure? What are two functions a service provider must implement to ensure secure data handling within the cloud infrastructure? (Choose two.) Which area of the current IT enterprise availability and redundancy components must be addressed in order to move to a cloud operational model? Which impact should a network infrastructure architect evaluate when planning for virtualization technologies in a cloud solution? What are two key consideration for application migration when planning a move to cloud infrastructure? (Choose two.) A public cloud infrastructure should be architected to accommodate which business risk? A company hosts office applications on a stand alone server in their data center. A recent spike in demand for one of their applications resulted in the denial of access to some potential users. Which characteristic of the cloud service delivery model would meet the fluctuating demands of the company's users? Which monitoring component of cloud computing is available with IBM Cloudburst on Power? What are two key IBM cloud workload definitions? (Choose two.) What is a description of a dynamic storage service offering in the Cloud Service Catalog? Which two reports are available as part of IBM Tivoli Usage and Accounting Manager? (Choose two.) What is another name for the image repository? Which is an IBM product that is used to manage storage capacity for a cloud solution? Which service delivery model attribute of cloud computing must be incorporated in a public cloud implementation? If the cloud management service tools detects storage is constrained for a cloud system, how would the cloud respond? Cloud computing enables the rapid provisioning of cloud-based services. What is a benefit of rapid service provisioning? What is a critical and unique component during the design and planning process for a cloud service? What are two IT infrastructure architecture principles that must be followed when designing a cloud network infrastructure? (Choose two.) What is a critical driver for service outage resolution in a cloud environment? What is WebSphere Application Server Hypervisor Edition? Which cloud characteristic is required to fully utilize pooled resources? Which IBM offering provides single sign-on techniques for securing user access to applications and services deployed in a hybrid cloud environment while simplifying the cloud-based services integration using multiple forms of user credentials? A company is creating a cloud environment consisting of hosts in multiple physical locations. Which network technology allows physically separated hosts to communicate in the same manner as if the company attached them to the same broadcast domain? What are two considerations before moving data to a public cloud? (Choose two.) Which two components are part of Operational Support Services of the IBM Common Cloud Management Platform Reference Architecture? A company is setting up a cloud environment to host several of their applications. These applications vary in importance and the company wants to ensure that the most business critical applications get the most resource. Which solution will help achieve this goal? When setting up a cloud environment, a company decides to utilize storage virtualization that allows them to abstract multiple disk arrays and present them as a single storage resource. What is the name for this storage virtualization technique? Which attribute of a private cloud deployment should be considered for the delivery model of highly regulated workloads? Cloud Infrastructure security design should include which safeguarding principle against physical access? Which characteristic of cloud computing may prohibit a company from utilizing a public cloud offering? An enterprise is utilizing a cloud computing environment. They own the infrastructure and are completely responsible for the management of all cloud services. What is the name of this cloud deployment model? Which IBM solution can manage the health and performance of a data center's resources as a Software as a Service solution? One characteristic of the cloud service delivery model is that instead of paying a fixed price for a service, users pay based on the amount of service that they consume. What is the name of this cloud characteristic? What is the scope of the service management capabilities as part of IBM Cloud Computing Management Platform Reference Architecture? Which storage infrastructure function provides benefit for public cloud computing? Which network and SAN configuration/administration approaches will change when setting up a cloud infrastructure? Which IBM offering enables companies to rapidly connect on-premise applications with applications running in a public cloud? A virtual network solution ensures which capability? Which type of system does a company need in order to construct and deliver cloud services without human intervention? Which capacity provisioning capabilities are required for a cloud operational environment? A company is building a cloud environment to host applications. What kind of inter-component coupling is ideal for a cloud-based application? What is a benefit of implementing application code instrumentation, such as the ARM specification, in cloud computing to improve application management and monitoring functions? Which term is used to describe a hypervisor running multiple operating systems simultaneously? Which characteristic describes application cloud readiness? What is a function of image management? Which two functions are part of the Business Support Services? (Choose two.) Which two characteristics describe the cloud computing IT delivery model? (Choose two.)