000-283 - Foundations of IBM Cloud Computing Architecture V3

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Example Questions

Which statement is true about clustering in a cloud computing environment? Server consolidation and virtualization initiatives demand more bandwidth per physical system and wide area network environments. Bottlenecks are becoming more pervasive making it increasingly more difficult to spot and remove them in a timely and seamless way. Clearly this has a significant impact on the performance and even the availability of the enterprise network. What must be configured to prevent this? The pay-as-you-go billing model is most likely to be used with which cloud service model? How can cloud computing improve service delivery? Which statement is true about non-functional requirements? Which statement is true about IBM¡¯s Cloud Computing Reference Architecture V3? What are two reasons that cloud computing is a good runtime environment for Systems of Engagement (SQE)? (Choose two.) How does server virtualization reduce cloud computing infrastructure investments? How can the user experience be improved in a cloud computing environment? What is the purpose of the IBM Cloud Computing Reference Architecture V3 cloud enabled data center adoption pattern? How does provisioning take place in a hybrid cloud environment? Where is the private cloud deployed? What is a benefit of standardization for cloud consumers or users? Which cloud service model is most likely to use resource-based billing? Which initial plan gets run when a new service deployment instance is created from a service definition? If the middleware is included with an OS image in a cloud computing environment, what must be changed every time the OS or middleware version has to be changed? What is more important for computing, storage, and network hardware when used in a cloud computing management infrastructure where elasticity is of great importance? What is a characteristic of Software as a Service? In which scenario is Platform as a Service most suitable? What are the two ways in which multi4enancy can be enabled by the network in cloud computing? (Choose two.) Which characteristics describe a cloud data center as opposed to a traditional data center? A hybrid cloud consists of which cloud types? What is a benefit of using IBM's Cloud Computing Reference Architecture V3? What are the two integration points that IBM SmartCloud Aggregator for Service Providers offers for a cloud service provider solution? (Choose two.) Which statement describes economies of scale as it relates to IBM's Cloud Computing Reference Architecture V3 design principle? The capacity management process belongs to which ITIL handbook? In which delivery model does the cloud consumer have little or no control over the implementation of services? Which hypervisor does IBM Virtual Server Protection support? What is a routine compilation of the procedures and operations which the administrator or operator of the system carries out? Which security capabilities are part of the Cloud Governance/Management macro-pattern of the Cloud Enabled Data Center adoption pattern? What defines scalability related to cloud computing? Which cloud computing feature is different when compared to traditional data center infrastructures? What are two cloud computing provisioning characteristics? (Choose two.) What is the best example standardization achieved with a catalog of cloud services? When comparing cloud data centers to traditional data centers, which statement is most true? Which statement is true about service catalogs? Which option best demonstrates a use case for block storage? Given the context of the IBM Cloud Computing Reference Architecture V3, what architectural consideration is true regarding workload migration into a private cloud? Which statement is true about cloud computing architecture? What has reduced administrative tasks in computer provisioning by 90% for some processes for adopters of cloud computing? What is the benefit of using a service catalog in a cloud implementation? What are two support system domains that relate to Platform Services Adoption Pattern? (Choose two.) What are two essential characteristics of a cloud computing model? (Choose two.) What type of cloud model is provisioned for exclusive use by a specific selection of consumers from organizations that have shared concerns (e.g., mission, security requirements, policy, and compliance considerations)? Which security capability is needed to prevent issues related to administrative users sharing login credentials to access sensitive applications and data? Which capability is related to the discovery, selection, and subscription of external third-party services? What are two valid use cases for data resiliency for an Infrastructure as a Service cloud infrastructure? (Choose two.) Which capability must be in place in order for a failed VM to automatically be replaced and users avoid disruptions in service? Which two components of IBM Service Management are relevant to cloud service delivery? (Choose two.) In which delivery model does the cloud provider generally have full control over all aspects of the physical resources including administrative control over the virtualization platforms?