000-281 - Foundations of IBM Cloud Computing Architecture V2

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Example Questions

Where are Web services published? What differentiates cloud computing from utility computing? What are two characteristics of a cloud computing architecture? (Choose two.) What is the purpose of the platform layer? How is provisioning defined in cloud computing? The IBM Cloud Computing Reference Architecture V2 provides several benefits at the component level. Which statement describes the purpose of Service Automation Management? What are two examples of Infrastructure as a Service? (Choose two.) Organizations need to ensure that the Web services they publish into the cloud are secure, compliant, and meet their business policies. Leveraging secure development best practices is a key requirement described by which IBM Cloud Computing Reference Architecture V2 security element? Which feature(s) of the IBM Cloud Computing architecture prevents outside intrusions from entering a data center? The Generic Principle defines and manages the life cycle of cloud services using a shared management platform. Who are the primary users of the Generic Principle? Which definition describes the Platform as a Service offering? Why is virtualization a key infrastructure element for cloud computing? Which IBM cloud computing for collaboration solution provides an easy to use dashboard which delivers business tools and servi ces to work with anyone, anywhere, and at anytime? Which feature of the IBM Cloud Computing Reference Architecture V2 allows for cloud computing engineers to feel comfortable that their environment includes people management for security? Which part of the Cloud Computing Management Platform is used to manage the infrastructure? What is a characteristic of a cloud computing architecture? A large enterprise is experiencing considerable cost increases in supplying physical hardware to their application development team primarily for testing. They are looking to virtualize most of their test lab requirements but at this time they do not have any virtualization technology, middleware, or hardware capable to support such a service. They would also like a system that includes provisioning request management with multi-level approval capabilities. They also need a solution that can be up and running as quickly as possible. Which IBM cloud solution offering is best suited for this client scenario? Service management includes policies to assure service delivery and the correlation of resources in order to achieve desired compliance patterns. Which service management component includes these capabilities? What is the advantage of virtual networks in a cloud computing environment? What needs consideration when deploying cloud computing environments in a physical facility? At which network layer does the widespread adoption of server virtualization technologies drive a significant expansion? What are the resulting characteristics from the implementation of a governance and audit management program in a cloud computing environment? A drawback of using Spanning Tree Protocol is that in order to avoid loops in a Layer 2 network, a tree topology must be enforced by disabling a subset of the available links. What percentage of links are disabled? What are two benefits automation provides for cloud computing? (Choose two.) A key driver of Software as a Service (SaaS) growth is a SaaS vendor's ability to provide a price that is competitive with on-premises software. Which statement describe the best pricing licensing definition? If security is the primary concern, which type of cloud infrastructure is best suited for multi-client environments? A user in the marketing department is looking for an inexpensive way to make a customer list easily accessible to multiple users. Which aspect of a public cloud should concern this user the most? In order to provide a consistent and secure e-mail service to its users worldwide, a company has implemented a corporate e-mail solution in its own centralized data center on individual servers. The company is considering integrating e-mail services with other collaboration capabilities such as video, chat, and Web conferencing. Which computing service describes this type of architecture? 11 A customer has heard a lot about Amazon and their EC2 offering. Which comparable IBM offering should be discussed with this customer? Which option is a key business requirement for a hybrid cloud deployment model? One of the steps for cloud adoption is standardizing platforms. Which sentence describes this? Why is the data center an important consideration during cloud computing infrastructure design? How can cloud computing environments save energy? What is a characteristic of a hybrid cloud deployment model? What are two ways cloud computing relates to dynamic infrastructure? (Choose two.) Which attribute is most important to a customer who is purchasing newx86 servers for their private cloud infrastructure? Which statement is true regarding IBM Smart Business Development and Test Cloud? What are the Infrastructure as a Service layers? Which concept is key to provide secure connectivity in a cloud computing environment? The three common layers of cloud computing are Application, Platform, and Infrastructure. What are the two optional layers? Which IBM cloud computing solution comes pre-installed with multiple user profiles, allows for rapid system setup, quickly finds users, and creates a virtual workspace? Which statement is an accurate definition of grid computing? Which cloud computing feature helps optimize availability by maintaining configurations and managing changes to resources? Which attribute is typically associated with a public cloud? What is the main difference between clustering and the cloud? Which term defines the automated process of creating, preparing, and configuring computing resources? Which cloud computing feature maintains and improves quality and cost for IT service? One of the core blocks of the IBM Cloud Computing Reference Architecture V2 are the cloud services. What are the four internal architectural components of this block? The Economies-of-scale Principle is used to identify and leverage commonalities in cloud service design. What is the goal behind this principle? Software as a Service applications are often updated more frequently than traditional software. Where are the applications hosted?