000-280 - IBM Cloud Computing Infrastructure Architect V1

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Example Questions

Which two functions are part of the Business Support Services? (Choose two.) What are two key infrastructure components for data migration when planning a move to cloud? (Choose two.) Which cloud computing feature maintains and improves quality and cost for IT service? Which capability will make it possible to migrate an enterprise application to a private cloud environment? What are two benefits automation provides for cloud computing? (Choose two.) Which IBM solution establishes the connectivity to on-premise applications and databases that reside behind the firewall during the integration of a cloud solution? What is the purpose of the platform layer? A company is building a cloud environment to host applications. What kind of inter-component coupling is ideal for a cloud-based application? What is the benefit of elastic scaling in cloud computing? What is a benefit of implementing application code instrumentation, such as the ARM specification, in cloud computing to improve application management and monitoring functions? Which two reports are available as part of IBM Tivoli Usage and Accounting Manager? (Choose two.) In which cloud deployment model do enterprises retain complete control over the construction and delivery of all cloud services? Cloud computing enables the rapid provisioning of cloud-based services. What is a benefit of rapid service provisioning? Which statement is true regarding cloud computing and utility computing? Which definition describes the Platform as a Service offering? A company decides to make some development and application environments available as cloud services. What should they do to reduce the management overhead of the cloud service catalog? What is the benefit of Service Automation Management in cloud computing? Which IT optimization characteristic is required for cloud computing? One of the steps for cloud adoption is standardizing platforms. Which sentence describes this? Which IBM cloud computing solution comes pre-installed with multiple user profiles, allows for rapid system setup, quickly finds users, and creates a virtual workspace? What are two characteristics of a cloud computing architecture? (Choose two.) Service management includes policies to assure service delivery and the correlation of resources in order to achieve desired compliance patterns. Which service management component includes these capabilities? When setting up a cloud environment, a company decides to utilize storage virtualization that allows them to abstract multiple disk arrays and present them as a single storage resource. What is the name for this storage virtualization technique? Which function optimizes availability by maintaining configurations and managing changes to resources? Which term is used to describe a hypervisor running multiple operating systems simultaneously? The Generic Principle defines and manages the life cycle of cloud services using a shared management platform. Who are the primary users of the Generic Principle? Which billing model has the advantage of a low or no initial cost to acquire hardware and provides computational resources which are rented? A company is setting up a cloud environment to host several of their applications. These applications vary in importance and the company wants to ensure that the most business critical applications get the most resource. Which solution will help achieve this goal? When designing for the protection of data stored in the cloud, including the deployment of firewall configurations, which two conditions must be included? (Choose two.) Which attribute of a private cloud deployment should be considered for the delivery model of highly regulated workloads? A cloud infrastructure should be architected to accommodate which technical risks? The enterprise is using a hybrid cloud to deliver data services to the end user. The enterprise is also is using the cloud to deliver data and services to the end user. When the end user interacts with the enterprise application, the enterprise accesses the cloud to retrieve and/or manipulate the data. The enterprise application returns the results to the end user.What is required for enterprise IT services to simplify the process of switching cloud providers? A user in the marketing department is looking for an inexpensive way to make a customer list easily accessible to multiple users. Which aspect of a public cloud should concern this user the most? If security is the primary concern, which type of cloud infrastructure is best suited for multi-client environments? IBM Tivoli Service Automation Manager extends provisioning capabilities with which cloud computing attribute? What is a key attribute of a private cloud solution? Which network and SAN configuration/administration approaches will change when setting up a cloud infrastructure? Which option is a key business requirement for a hybrid cloud deployment model? Which IBM product implements metering capabilities? Which feature(s) of the IBM Cloud Computing architecture prevents outside intrusions from entering a data center? What is the advantage of virtual networks in a cloud computing environment? One of the core blocks of the IBM Cloud Computing Reference Architecture V2 are the cloud services. What are the four internal architectural components of this block? What are two prerequisite components when setting up an environment for the WebSphere CloudBurst Appliance? (Choose two.) Which network dimension involves the breadth and reach of the network? A virtual network solution ensures which capability? When planning the network infrastructure for a web application, what is a key approach to providing the fastest page load time? Which IBM Service Management offering can provide an integrated approach for managing property throughout the life cycle from procurement to operations to retirement? Which critical business process must be reviewed to automate cloud services? What are two examples of Infrastructure as a Service? (Choose two.) A company is creating a cloud environment consisting of hosts in multiple physical locations. Which network technology allows physically separated hosts to communicate in the same manner as if the company attached them to the same broadcast domain?