000-226 - Power Systems with POWER7 and IBM i Technical Sales Skills -v2

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Example Questions

Which of the following is a restriction when virtualizing tape or DVD with VIO Server to client partitions? In which situation is the FC #EB34 IBM i 6.1.1 Native I/O feature required? A customer wants to build reports against data, stored in their Power Systems running IBM i and Query/400, using a browser-based user interface. Which of the following products would support this requirement at the least cost? Which of the following is a benefit of redundant cache on a SAS disk adapter? When virtualizing physical tape with IBM i Virtual Partition Manager (VPM) to client partitions, which statement is correct? A POWER7+system managed by IBM i is hosting an IBM i client that requires 24 virtual disks. What is the minimum host configuration to support the client storage? Which of the following was added in IBM i 7.1 to reduce disk protection recovery time? Which of the following IBM i TCP/IP functions provide automatic interlace switching if a hardware network interlace fails, so that the failure is transparent to client workstations? A customer is acquiring a POWER7+ system with 6 IBM i LPARs. A requirement exists to perform simultaneous backups of 3 of the partitions. Production schedules will cause the time of the backups to vary significantly on a daily basis. Which configuration would support the requirements of the customer with least operator interaction? An IBM i customer would like to use external storage but has no desire to implement VIO Server. Which of these IBM Systems Storage products is a valid choice to support this customer's requirements? A P0WER7 customer wants IBM i to host the storage for client IBM i partitions but is concerned about a single hosting partition being a single point of failure. Which of the following would address the customer's concern? A customer is considering a Power 770 with two IBM i 7.1 partitions. The server will be natively attached to the same DS8000 System Storage already in use by other IBM i sewers in their enterprise. A System Storage sizing indicates that each LPAP will require 128 LUNs. Multipath connectivity is required for redundancy. The customer does not want to invest in additional skills or to use NPIV, Which of the following is necessary to support the customer requirements? A customer is migrating from POWERS 520 to a POWER7ˇÂ 720. The migration includes the transfer of IBM i Licensed Program Products, and both systems need to run in parallel production for 30 days. Which action supports this requirement? A customer running IBM i VSR4MO on a POWERS 520 is considering purchasing a POWER7+720. What steps should be performed as part of the upgrade/migration process? Which of the following capabilities make adding additional disk to IBM i easy? A customer wants to use a virtual tape library instead of a TS3500 in BRMS. What needs to be considered? Which process can be automated using the "schedule operations" function of the HMC? A P0WER6 customer plans to move to 6-core POWER7+ technology using an MES upgrade. What unique capability does this provide? When moving from a POWER5 server with IBM i V5R4 to a Power 720, which of the following can be transferred? A customer is running VSR4 on a POWER4 model 810 and wants to move data and applications to a POWER7+ with IBMi 7.1. What needs to be done to minimize downtime? A customer with a POWERS 520 and a FC #0595 expansion unit wants to upgrade to a POWER7+720. The customer has TS2900 SCSI-attached tape drive and 20 70GB disk units. Which elements of the original system can be used in the new system? A customer would like a consolidated method to control system consoles, virtual storage, and partition resource settings for a POWER7+ system with 7 IBM i partitions and two VIO Server partitions. Which option supports this requirement? Which of the following describes Single Level Storage? A customer with a POWER6 520 running V5R4M5 is considering migrating to a POWER7+ 720. Which upgrade or migration method will work? A customer needs to permanent, archive multiple terabytes of data on a daily basis. The data cannot be overwritten and needs more than a software-based enforcement method. Which product supports this need most economically? A customer has an IBM i host partition with 3 IBM i client partitions. All client partitions only perform their full system backups using a shared LTO-5 tape drive. Which of the following is a valid consideration in this environment? A Power 770 customer is considering the purchase of a Power 770 Capacity Back Up (CBU) system as part of a disaster recovery solution. What is a benefit provided by CBU? In what situation would VIO Server be preferable to IBM i as a hosting partition? A P0WER6 customer with IBM i is migrating to a new POWER7 server and wants to transfer their existing IBM i processor entitlements. What is required for the donor and receiving machines to qualify for the transfer? A customer with a POWER5 570 is replacing the system with a POWER7+ 750. In addition to a compatible IBM i version with the necessary Technology Refresh version, which other prerequisite must be accommodated? What part of PowerHA for i can ensure that objects such as device descriptions and user profiles in *SYSBAS are consistent on all machines participating in the cluster? Which of the following is a value proposition for Power Systems and IBM i as published in a recent International Technology Group study? A customer plans to purchase a low cost solution that includes a 4-core POWER7 server running IBM i 7.1 with 400GB of data. The server will be located in a warehouse and the customer is concerned about dust affecting the reliability of the backup device and the media used for system backups. Which of the following will reduce the customer's concern? A customer wants to provide users with the option to send IBM i reports as PDF files to their email. Due to security requirements, the PDF files must be encrypted prior to being sent, and remain encrypted on the user's PC. Which of the following products supports these requirements? A customer is running several partitions on a Power 740 with a Storwize V7000. The server and the V7000 are in a remote data center. The customer wants to add 3 partitions running the same operating system. What is the most efficient and cost effective manner to install these new partitions? A customer wants to replace their single-partition POWER5 system with a POWER7 system that will run 2 IBM i partitions. What is needed in order to transfer the IBM Licensed Program Products? A customer is moving from a POWER5 520 machine (P20) with 2 processors and Enterprise Edition to a 6-core Power 720 server (P10). Which of the following is needed to maintain equal function on the new system? Which console type provides the ability to accept commands in a command line interface (CLI) to perform resource movements? A customer that has a 4-core Power 720 with one dedicated IBM i partition wants additional storage to improve usable space and performance. Eight disks are already installed in the front cage. Which option will support the customer requirements? A customer needs external storage attached to their Power Systems server. They are limited in regard to the amount of floor space and energy/cooling that can be provided for the external storage device. Which IBM Systems Storage product will work best with this customer's limitation? A customer with a POWERS 520 running IBM i is debating consolidating to a POWER7+770 that is currently only running AIX, or replacing the POWERS with a POWER7+720. The budget is limited, and the customer SWMA contract is expired. Which option is the most economical? A customer would like to share a tape library among multiple partitions to run backups on a nightly basis, but doesn't have the budget for a fibre switch or dedicated fibre adapters. They need to be able to have their single fibre adapter available to each partition on a scheduled basis. What product or feature can help accommodate this requirement? A customer with a 2-core POWER6 520 running IBM i 6.1.1 wants to move to a 4-core POWER7+ 720. Which of the following is a consideration? A customer needs to keep energy consumption as low as possible and is considering a POWER7+ server. In order to monitor and manage energy usage, which product is needed? A customer wants to automate e-mailing the BRMS Recovery Reports to multiple e-mail addresses after the daily backup has run. Which of the following licensed program products is able to do this? IBM i is being used as a hosting partition on a Power 720. What object type contains the virtualized disk for any client partitions? A customer wants to replace a POWER5 server with a POWER7+ system. The customer would like to re-use the SCSI attached TS3100 tape library. What needs to be done to make this possible? An IBM i customer is already using IBM Backup, Recovery and Media Services for i (BRMS)and now wants to use BRMS to encrypt their backups. What additional BRMS feature is needed? When could an IVM instance be preferable to an HMC for systems management? Which of the following configurations will require an HMC?