000-221 - AIX 7 Administration

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Example Questions

After successfully mirroring rootvg using the mirrorvg command, why must the bosboot command be run against the introduced disk? What TWO situations require a Systems Director Management Console (SDMC) instead of a Hardware Management Console (HMC)? (Select 2) A user wants to run a batch job repetitively, but requires that each invocation starts five hours after the previous run finishes. What strategy will accomplish this? What file needs to be modified to disable both telnet and local logins for the root UserlD? How can an administrator disable Role Based Access Control (RBAC) in a WPAR? Given the following crontab entry, when will the job run? 30 5 * 9 * /usr/local/bin/maintenance What are key considerations when planning for Live Application Mobility? A new security policy dictates that unnecessary default user accounts be removed. Which default user IDs are most eligible for removal? The system administrator ran the following command to backup his image repository, but nothing was backed up to the file. Why? find /media -print | backup -I-f-p /dev/rmt0 Which command will show all the logical volumes, filesystem mount points, and the volume group in which they reside? Why would the 'bffcreate -d /dev/cd0 -t/tmp/images all' command be run? On AIX 7, which command will list a summary of the issues detected by Electronic Service Agent? A host has a single virtual Ethernet adapter (ent0) configured with only a default PVID, and the administrator is trying to determine why it cannot be used to reach any other system on the network. He suspects that it may be caused by a problem in the VLAN configuration. How would the administrator determine the VLAN for which the adapter was configured? An administrator wants to create a filesystem with a specific logical volume name, disk location, and disk placement. Which pair of commands will allow these attributes to be set during filesystem creation? In addition to an available DVD drive and 5GB disk space, what are the minimum server and LPAR requirements to install AIX 7.1 from DVD media? Which command is used to change the reserve policy of a disk? An administrator needs to download and install a later version of the IBM Systems Director Common Agent. Which command would extract the contents of the installation package (SysDir6_3_2_Common_Agent_AIX.tar.gz) to a local directory? An administrator plans to duplicate the active rootvg on a given system to a spare disk that will be migrated to newer hardware. Which flag on 'alt_disk_copy' must be used to reset user-defined device configurations to defaults? The cfgmgr command appears to be taking an excessive time to complete. The administrator was able to quit the command and return to the command prompt. The administrator does not have access to the managing HMC and unable to check for any LED codes. How else can the cause of the observed delay be determined? Which action will temporarily disable remote login access using telnet and ssh for all non-root accounts? A user has found the keyboard backspace key will not delete text. How can the user set the keyboard backspace key to delete? Which command will display the time and date of the last boot? What additional NIM functionality is gained by installing the optional dsm.core fileset? Which of the following is an AIX 7 Cluster Aware feature? Which action must be completed on the HMC when a partition is in a Recovery state? Which startup script will mount all filesystems in /etc/filesystems for which the mount parameter is set to 'true'? Which system management tool could be used to deploy corrective service to multiple HMCs? The administrator cannot ping the hostname of any system on the local network, including LPARs in the same managed system that have virtual Ethernet adapters configured on the same subnet and VLAN. What is the most likely cause of this problem? A system is being taken from AIX 6 to AIX 7. Systems application and user data must be preserved. Which upgrade method will support this requirement? New change control procedures dictate that system maintenance windows be shown to each user after logging into the system using ssh or telnet. Updating which file or files will accomplish this task? An administrator has used setsecattr to associate authorizations with an AIX command. The appropriate stanza has been added to the privileged commands database (/etc/security/privcmds). What must be done before the new authorization can be used? Which configuration will provide an LPAR maximum network resilience and performance with two Ethernet adapters? A physical LPAR has a failed Fibre Channel adapter, which was providing redundant SAN access. What is a prerequisite for using the Replace/Remove task of the PCI Hot Plug Manager? Solid State Drives (SSDs) have been added to a POWER7 system, and the administrator would like to migrate filesystems with high I/O activity to the SSDs. What TWO options or commands will assist the administrator with identifying filesystem activity? (Select 2) A P0WER5 520 system is being cloned onto a Power 780. The source system is on internal disks, and the vg01 volume group is mirrored. After installing AIX, which sequence of actions will recreate the vg01 volume group and restore data on the new system? Performance monitoring is needed for a managed system containing multiple AIX7 LPARs. Which action enables historical data capture for the managed system? How can a system administrator verify the progress of an AIX 7.1 client installation from the NIM master? What is required to support VLANs in an AIX partition? After performing a NIM rte install, the administrator noticed that not all filesets are at the correct Technology Level (TL). What action will help the administrator determine why the inconsistent fileset levels were installed? An LPAR has 32 CPUs, and is reporting hundreds of page-ins and page-outs per second. At what level of paging should the administrator become concerned? When could an IVM instance be preferable to an HMC for Power Systems management? Which standard filesystem is temporarily used by the mksysb backup process? An administrator notices that the ntp group subsystem is not starting up at boot time. What will cause this issue? What infrastructure is necessary to support update installation to an existing IVM instance? What action does the following command perform for a new AIX hdisk, hdisk1 ? chdev -I hdisk1 -a pv=yes Users on a server are receiving errors stating that they cannot fork any additional processes. The administrator checks server paging space and finds that it is only 5% used. What is the next most likely cause of the forking issue and what action should be taken to resolve it? Solid State Drives (SSDs) have been added to a POWER7 system, and the administrator would like to migrate filesystems with high I/O activity to the SSDs. What TWO options or commands will assist the administrator with identifying filesystem activity? (Select 2) What is a mandatory requirement to allow an AIX 7-based NIM Master to install clients over IPv6? Which command will help determine if the primary Ethernet adapter in an EtherChannel has failed and the backup adapter is being used? An AIX LPAR has been saved using the mksysb command to a file called LPAR1_mksysb located in the /backup directory. Which command displays the contents of the mksysb backup?