000-183 - IBM WebSphere Mesage Broker V7.0, Solution Development

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Example Questions

When a message is received by an Input node in a message flow, the message assembly is created. Which tree or trees are populated when an error free message is received by a FileInput node? To set a unique version for each subflow, the developers decided to use the Passthough node. What do they need to do? A solution developer is planning on building a complete unit test environment, including the development and runtime components. On what platform(s) can the developer install and configure a complete unit test environment? A developer is given the requirement to parse multipart messages that contain a variety of formats. What technique does the developer need to use? A business application needs to interface with WebSphere Message Broker. The application provides a file containing several different record types. How can the developer build the message model so that the broker understands the different record formats? A medical company needs to design an interface which retrieves Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) pictures from a web service and then transfers them via email to individuals who are subscribed to their service. Which domain should the solution developer choose when composing the email? An interface requiring a strict adherence to the incoming XML data message model needs to be developed. The XPath expression also needs to be used to manipulate the data within the flow. What domain should the solution developer choose to develop this flow? A UNIX system administrator reported to the developer that their application is causing execution group restart in the testing environment. Which directory should the developer check for the broker abend files? An existing SAP Adapter project needs to be updated with new object definitions. How can this be accomplished? A wholesale supplier needs to quickly route large messages based only on part number. Knowing the part number is contained within the first eight characters of the message, which message domain should the solution developer choose to assure the greatest message throughput? A solution developer has made several changes to a message flow and the corresponding ESQL file. After a while, the developer is unsure about the latest changes. By opening the file's context pop-up menu, how can the developer switch back to an earlier version of the ESQL file? Which of the following is an IBM offering for implementing an Enterprise Service Bus? A developer is creating a new web service that requires a new WSDL to be generated from an existing MRM message definition. In addition to selecting the WSDL location, a message set folder in the workspace or an external directory and choosing the structure/format of the WSDL, what other items are presented to the developer by the Generate WSDL wizard? A message flow has to be changed and retested using the same data as in previous tests. How can this be achieved? A set of message flows contain Throw nodes to generate user exceptions when a message has failed to process. As part of the error handler message flow any exceptions generated need to be recorded to an audit file. What is a possible way for the solution developer to accomplish this task? As new users are added, there is a need to track message flow usage. The goal is to generate statistical data every ten minutes for analysis, to ensure that the message flows are evenly distributing work for optimum performance. Assuming that the XML statistics have already been subscribed to, what can the solution developer do to accomplish this task? A developer is creating a script to automate the updating of properties in a BAR file for deployment in different environments. What command is used to modify properties in an existing BAR file? A message flow reads a file, record by record. Based on the content of each record, it will be propagated to one or more output queues. The File Input node has the Transaction property set to yes and all output nodes are configured to be Automatic node has the transaction property set to yes and all output nodes are configured to be automatic In the event that flow execution is interrupted by a hardware failure, which one of the following is true? A developer needs to call a request/response web service from a message flow. Knowing response messages may not arrive in the same order as the requests, what set of processing nodes will automatically set the required WS-Addressing standard that assures message correlation? A customer needs to send an add, update, or delete function as input to the WebSphere Message Broker. The broker will then use the value to retrieve an XSLT stored in the WebSphere Service Registry and Repository (WSRR), which it will use to convert the output message into its expected format. Which node should the solution developer choose to implement this solution? A developer is preparing to use the Debug Tool for the first time to debug a message flow. How can the developer set the debug port value? The debug port can be set from: A developer is in the Debug View of the Debug Perspective. What are some of the icon actions available in the Debug View? A solution developer needs to build a message flow and message set to interface with an existing WebSphere Process Server process. What MUST the developer do to create the message model and message flow? Which one of the following advantages does the Enterprise Service Bus deliver over traditional point-to-point solutions? A developer is building a message flow where the message will take one of multiple paths, based on the message type. The developer is using the RouteToLabel node and multiple Label nodes, to assign names to the multiple destination paths. Where in the Message Assembly will these destinations be located? A developer has used the following code snippet in a Compute node. SET OutputRoot.XMLNSC.DetailedMsg.Body.Player1= '123'; SET OutputRoot.XMLNSC.DetailedMsg.Body.Player2= NULLIF(OutputRoot.XMLNSC.DetailedMsg.Body.Player1,'123'); After the execution of the code snippet, what is the value of OutputRoot.XMLNSC.DetailedMsg.Body.Player2? A financial company has developed a secure web service with WS-Security Authentication and Message Part Protection. Which WebSphere Message Broker node can the developer use to invoke this service? A developer is testing a message flow in preparation to move the flow into the integration test environment. During unit test, breakpoints were set both between nodes and within the code of some nodes. The developer needs to remove all of these breakpoints before moving the code. What is the best method for removing all breakpoints in a message flow while in the Debug Perspective? A developer needs to generate a message set in project MsgSetProj using the command line utility. The developer passes the input as xsd file and the messages shall be created from the imported structures. Existing message definition files of the same name shall be replaced. If MsgSetProj does not exist it shall be created. How can the developer create the message model using the command line facilities? After importing a WSDL that includes a SOAP/JMS binding in the toolkit, the validity of the WSDL is checked. The validation step returns an error saying that the SOAP/JMS is not WS-I compliant. Given that the WSDL object needs to be implemented, what step can the solution developer take to allow the validation to succeed? A Java compute node in a message flow is writing audit information to the standard output console. In UNIX, where will the developer find the STDOUT and STDERR files? Broker WEB_BRKR is processing web orders via the message flow ORDER_ENTRY_FLOW running in execution group WEB_PROCESSING. There is a need to monitor this flow for business events. What Topic must be subscribed to, in order to receive Monitor Events? A company has inquired about which aspects of WS-Security SOAP messaging are supported by WebSphere Message Broker. Which one of the company's requirements will the solution developer NOT be able to support using WebSphere Message Broker? A Message Broker development team is using the $Revision:$ CVS tag to implement versioning for message sets. However, the CVS revision number does not get updated for the message sets. What is the reason? As part of a system wide change to a business web based order entry system, several CICS backend systems have been removed and are noAs part of a system wide change to a business? web based order entry system, several CICS backend systems have been removed and are no longer required to be updated. What can be done to the order entry system to improve message response times? An SAP system needs to call out via an RFC to a function implemented as one or more message flows in WebSphere Message Broker. Synchronous and asynchronous scenarios are considered. Which SAP adapter nodes can be combined with the SAPInput node to implement the flow logic in WebSphere Message Broker? A developer has created an Aggregation configurable service called AGG_SERVICE which has a timeout value of sixty seconds. The developer needs to increase the timeout value to three minutes. Which command will allow the developer to accomplish this task. A solution developer must design a flow that receives an employee ID as input, turns it into an adapter business object, and sends it to a WebSphere Adapter to query an employee's HR record in an EIS system. Which domain MUST be used to send the output message to the EIS Adapter? In order to debug the message flow, a developer needs to understand the processing of each statement executed inside a Compute node. Which one of the following trace methods will give the developer the desired information? When configuring Event Monitoring, how is the queue which receives the events declared? The solution developer is testing and debugging a message flow using the Debug Tool. As the developer moves to each breakpoint in the message flow, the developer notices a loop counter is not initialized correctly. What steps should the developer take to resolve the problem and progress testing in the MOST efficient way? A developer is tasked with designing a message flow, utilizing an XSLTransform node. Which location is searched first by the broker, to determine the name of the style sheet to use? A company has just purchased WebSphere Message Broker V7.0 as its ESB. The company has decided to convert several of its WebSphere MQ developers into new WebSphere Message Broker developers and have tasked them with creation of message flows to address several business requirements such as processing of batch files to WebSphere MQ transactional messages. What is the quickest way for the new WebSphere Message Broker developers to create these message flows? The solution developer is in the process of debugging a message flow. The flow is deployed and the Debug Tool is invoked. The solution developer has determined the message flow is running in the Debug View and can view the Message tree in the Variables View. The Flow Editor View is reporting an error ource not found?an error ?ource not found? What steps MUST the solution developer take to resolve this issue and continue on debugging the message flow? A solution developer has completed the software installation for a Broker unit test environment on a Windows workstation. The default configuration wizard will be implemented to build a Broker runtime. What Broker resources will be created once the default configuration wizard has successfully finished? A company has decided to use WebSphere Message Broker to integrate several legacy systems which generate batch files into the company WebSphere MQ backbone. What is the quickest way the developers can accomplish this task? A developer is investigating a message flow that receives large batches of messages. The developer determines performance could possibly be increased if the number of MQ commits could be reduced by using the Commit Count and Commit Interval properties on the BAR file. Which of the following statements is true? The Message Broker developer team is asked to set a default version of 1.0 for all new message flows. What is the MOST efficient way of configuring the version property? A customer needs to dynamically choose which web service URL to call from a WSDL in the WebSphere Service Registry and Repository (WSRR), based on a company acronym in the input message received by Message Broker. Which node should the solution developer choose when implementing this type of retrieval operation? A solution developer must modify an existing web service message flow to use WS-Security with Authentication. What broker configuration is required to implement identity authentication?