000-176 - IBM Worklight V5.0.0.3 Mobile Application Development

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Example Questions

A company with three sites (one local production site, one intermediate site, and one remote site) wants to use Metro/Global Mirror. Which statement is correct about the volumes at the intermediate site? A customer using an IBM System Storage DS8700 is facing performance problems. After the analysis by the technical specialist, the diagnosis indicates that the cache hits may be improved by a cache upgrade. How can the system be monitored in order to check the benefits of the cache upgrade? A customer has an existing IBM System Storage DS8700 2-way model with 8 mega packs of 300 GB disks and 16 fibre ports. How many additional fibre ports and mega packs can be installed in the base frame? On an IBM System Stoage DS8000 which of the following information pairs are mandatory to create a volume? The Business Partner technical specialist is planning the space requirements for a new IBM DS8000. The service clearance requirements refer to the area required to _____. A customer has one IBM System Storage DS8300 in their main data center with one IBM DS6800 at their Disaster Recovery (DR) site. They are using the Remote Mirror and Copy (RMC) feature between the sites. They utilize Tivoli Storage Manager for backups. They would like to replace a Microsoft Windows server at the main site with a server at the DR site with a minimal amount of downtime. Which method will achieve their goals? A customer with a single IBM System Storage DS8100 reports severe performance problems for some of their applications when a particular data warehousing application creates a heavy load. What is the most cost effective way to resolve this issue? A global customer's IT strategy is based upon two DS8000 systems and an N series gateway. They want to protect their business by implementing a disaster recovery solution. The storage specialist has recommended cascaded mirroring. Which of the following is the business benefit of cascaded replication? A customer has bought an IBM System Storage DS8700 and wants to attach ten SuSE Linux Enterprise Server hosts to the DS8700 with multiple paths. What is the Multipathing Driver the customer needs? A healthcare customer has an IBM System i server and an HP-UX server. They have high performance I/O, image-based, and archival applications. The customer has asked the IBM team for guidance on IBM DS8000 disk technologies. Which DS8000 disk technology would provide the best performance without regard to cost to meet the customer requirement? A customer has a primary (A) and a secondary (B) local data center. Now they plan to setup a third data center (C) approximately 700 kilometers away. All centers use DS8000. They need to have mission critical data available and consistent in all three sites. IBM is proposing a Metro Global Mirror solution. Which of the following licensed functions are required in the secondary (B) local data center machine?. Which of the following statements about DS8000 hard drive technology is correct? A UNIX customer has a Symmetrix DMX that has crashed three times in the past six months, causing data loss. The customer is shopping for an enterprise storage solution to provide point-in-time copy functionality without a fixed relationship to its primaries. Which IBM solution best meets this customer's requirements? What is a benefit of storage virtualization technology in the IBM System Storage DS8800? A client has bought an IBM System Storage DS8000 and needs to attach a Sun Solaris Host with 2 HBAs via one fabric to 4 I/O ports on the DS8000. The client needs redundant paths to the volumes on the DS8000. What is the maximum number of volumes that can be used on the Solaris host? A customer wants to collect performance data from a newly installed IBM System Storage DS8700 to determine if the system meets expected benchmarks using their application test data. Which tool best gathers the performance data? Two DS8700 systems have been proposed for a disk-to-disk BC solution. Each system has 200 TB installed, with a data change rate of 18% per day. Two 2 Gbps CWDM links are in place between the remote data centers with an average utilization rate of 55%. The proposed solution includes additional CWDM ports. Which of the following should justify the additional CWDM ports? A customer has two data centers, 500 kilometers apart. The customer requests a proposal for new storage subsystems and a disaster recovery solution that provides consistent data in the event of a disaster at the local site. Which IBM System Storage DS8000 solution should the storage specialist propose to the client? What is one reason the customer should install IBM DS8000 Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology for the Call Home function? A customer has a storage requirement for a mixed IBM Power AIX and System z environment. They require approximately 3 TB of high performance disk for their System z environment. They require approximately 32 TB of low-performance disk for their System p environment. The storage specialist is using Capacity Magic to configure an IBM DS8700. Which configuration is most appropriate for this customer? A customer needs a remote data copy, data migration, and off-site backup solution. The solution cannot impact application performance. The sites are over continental distances. Which characteristic of DS8700 Global Mirror makes it a good fit for this customer? A bank has requested proposals for a storage solution to upgrade their disaster recovery processes for their IBM System z, UNIX, and Microsoft Windows environment. The solution must simulate a multi-site environment and provide the customer the ability to evaluate Metro Mirror, Global Mirror, Global Mirror for z/OS, and FlashCopy. 120 TB physical capacity is required per site. Only Fibre Channel drives can be used. Which solution best meets the specified requirements? A company has a 30 TB multi-vendor storage environment attached to System i and open systems. They are concerned about the time and effort caused by frequent migrations to new storage hardware for open systems data. In addition to consolidating their storage to a single platform, they would like to take advantage of advanced features such as Easy Tier and implement a three-site business continuity strategy. Which product provides the best long-term solution for this company? A storage administrator wants to configure the DS8000 CIM Agent for Tivoli Storage Productivity Center for Disk Version 4.1.1. What is the required tool to configure the CIM Agent? A customer has a wide range of IBM enterprise disk systems and wants to manage copy services functions. Which of the following products should the storage specialist recommend to this customer? What is a key differentiator between a DS8700 and DS8800 for a customer looking for a high capacity solution at the lowest cost? A customer is planning a combined solution of a 2 node SVC and DS8700 with 128x300 GB FC disks. During the TDA the reviewer compares the machine configuration with the customer's expectations. Which of the following customer requirements must be considered? A customer wants to purchase an IBM System Storage DS8000. The proposed location is in a data center on the third floor of an office building. Which document should the storage specialist consult to ensure that the DS8000 can be installed in the proposed location? A customer with a small IT budget has one data center. Their main application is a database running on an IBM System Storage DS8000. The database has a data change rate of 50% per day. Once a week, they must do a point-in-time backup from the database to tape. The time it takes to run the backup now exceeds the backup window allowed. The customer requests a proposal to reduce database downtime caused by running backups, with nearly zero impact to production volumes. In addition to the tape backup, which DS8000 feature should a technical specialist propose? A customer asks for the thermal load (BTU/hr) to determine whether their existing cooling system will support the IBM System Storage DS8000. Where can the sales representative find this information? A mainframe customer would like to receive a proposal for a mainframe storage system with 120 TB raw capacity. The mainframe server load is not too high, and they need hard disk drives with the lowest possible power consumption to keep operating costs low. The customer will not increase the capacity of their mainframe applications in the future but rather invest later into their System p servers. Which of the following solutions best meets these requirements at the lowest cost? A pharmaceutical company has a requirement for 8.5 TB of usable storage for a new data center. The customer has multiple host applications running on Solaris, Windows 2003, HP-U/X, Linux, and IBM System i platforms. Which IBM System Storage DS8000 volume configuration provides the best performance and highest availability for this customer? A Business Partner is proposing the installation an IBM XIV Storage System at a customer location. What is the best time to discuss floor space requirements for the solution? What must be specified to create an extent pool? A customer has purchased three IBM System Storage DS8700 systems and would like to have their administrators trained. Which training alternative provides the necessary training with the least financial impact? An IBM Business Partner suggests an IBM System Storage DS8000 to a customer with a SAN that is now configured with an EMC Symmetrix subsystem disk. The customer wants to determine if new HBAs and software upgrades are needed on the servers if the EMC storage is replaced by the DS8000 What document must be carefully read to help address the customer's concerns? A customer has requested an IBM System Storage DS8700 solution to meet the following requirements: -20% yearly growth -29,000 IOPS -approximately 50/50 mix of read/write operations -small (4 KB) data transfers The storage specialist has created a Disk Magic model in which each port is capable of approximately 2,900 to 3,100 IOPS. What is the minimum number of ports that should be configured on the DS8700 to handle the projected workload for the first year? Tiered disk systems (DS8700 and DS5020), tape backup and Cisco director(s) utilizing VSANs have been proposed as a solution. The storage specialist is asked to explain the technical advantage of using Cisco directors and VSANs. Which of the following is the key point to stress to the customer? A storage specialist needs to create a new host connection using the DSCLI. Which of the following parameters identifies the host? Which two components are created during configuration of space-efficient storage in an extent pool? The storage specialist sized a DS8800 proposal with eight host adapters in the four-port version. 240 drives of the 146GB-15k rpm type will be installed. The proposal needs to meet a very competitive price. The customer will have only minor capacity growth in the future. Which of the following solutions best meets these requirements? A customer's SAN environment has undergone significant growth over the past two years. They have also suffered a high turnover rate with administrative personnel. The customer has asked a storage specialist for help in documenting and understanding their changing SAN environment. The ability to make configuration changes to devices would be a plus. Which tool should the storage specialist suggest? Which is a benefit of using the IBM DS8000 FlashCopy SE (PTC-SE)? A customer has no available floor space for expansion and room for only one disk enclosure pair in their DS8700. Four disk enclosure pairs are required to meet the current I/O needs of a data warehousing application. They are only utilizing 10% of their total capacity. Another application workload needs to be added to the system but requires two disk enclosure pairs. The customer is considering SSD and Easy Tier. Which of the following is the primary function of Easy Tier? A customer has an IBM System Storage DS8100 with 128 DDMs and needs to add additional capacity. What must be verified by the Business Partner during the visit to the computer room? Which IBM host-based device driver allows for path failover, while also providing dynamic load balancing on a Windows 2000-based server? A customer has an IBM System Storage DS8700 and wants to reach the highest possible throughput in the back-end for a storage-pool-striped volume out of an extent pool with 8 ranks. Over how many device adapter pairs should a technical specialist spread the workload? A customer wants to purchase an IBM System Storage DS8700 to support a high-performance database environment. Which technical solution gives the customer the best relationship between I/O performance at the machine's backend vs. capacity installed in the machine? An international company has a heterogeneous IBM storage environment with two IBM DS8700 systems in a Metro Mirror relationship. They also have a virtualized environment with two SVC clusters in a Global Mirror relationship. The storage administrator complains about the monitoring of copy services. Which solution should the IBM storage specialist propose for this pain point? During the TDA, it is determined that Global Mirror will be implemented. The IBM team wants to ensure that they have enough DS8800 fiber links to handle the mirroring workload. Which tool should be used to determine the number of fiber links needed?