000-156 - System x Server Family Technical Support V1

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Example Questions

Which statement is true about Predictive Failure Analysis (PFA) for System x servers? A customer plans to replace a large group of older 1U servers, each dedicated to a unique application. Fewer servers, and quick provisioning of those servers is important to the customer. Which of the following addresses this situation? A customer has fully populated all the storage drive bays on an installed server. The customer plans to add new storage and share storage with three other servers. Which of the following meets these requirements? A client is configuring an x3650 M4. Once the system is in production, they need to be able to remotely view and make changes to the UEFI interface. Which of the following is the correct way to configure this? A customer needs to get a working Windows Server 2012 image with drivers for their new servers as soon as possible. Which of the following methods would best achieve this? A System x technical expert is talking to the CEO of a large enterprise and he has asked, from a business point of view what does virtualization provide? Which of the following best describes that business value to the CEO? If a IBM Flex System compute node utilizes its LOM and periscope connector, the switch installed in its chassis bays 1 and 2 must support which of the following? A Sun Solaris customer with a single 40 core system is planning to migrate to another platform and Linux. The customer uses a large application using all 40 cores and they want at least 40 cores. They already have a BladeCenter H and would prefer blades. All cores are not equal. After consulting with the ATS Server Consolidation Team you know that the E7-4870 2.40GHz 10C is the processor that meets/exceeds the Sun processors. Which of the following blades support the 10C E7-xxxx processors? A customer has a legacy x86 deployment on physical servers. What benefit do server hypervisors such as VMware offer to preserve legacy workloads? A System x customer is considering a Flex System x240 16-core node. The customer needs maximum memory on the node to support their solution. Which of the following is the maximum memory slots available? A BladeCenter customer has issues updating their current IBM and other servers, network, and storage stack. The customer asks the technical specialist if IBM has anything to handle this issue. Which of the following should the customer leverage to lessen this issue? A client is interested in taking advantage of the SSD caching functionality in the IBM M5110 RAID controller to increase their disk read and write performance. They currently have an x3650 M4 with 5 x 300GB SAS drives. The RAID controller they have is an M5110e RAID adapter with 512MB Battery Backed Cache. What do they need to purchase in order to implement the SSD caching capability? A customer wants to update their systems with the latest drivers. Which one of the following tools performs this task? A customer needs to install a rack with seven of the x3650 M4 servers with standard line cords. Each server has redundant power supplies. Which of the following meets this requirement? A retail customer has just installed an IBM option into their server, but the option is not working properly. Which of the following should be checked first to determine if the device is supported in the server? A System x technical professional is discussing the IBM x86 product family with a customer. The customer is very interested in PureData. Which resource should the technical specialist use? Due to mergers and acquisitions, a customer has several storage subsystems of varying brands about to come off of lease. They would like to consolidate to one new storage subsystem. However, they are uncertain of their current performance load. The customer asks the System x technical specialist if there is a way to start virtualizing this collection of storage while sorting out the capacity and utalization issues. Which of the following addresses this need? Throughout the sales process the sales professional has been a valued resource to a client who purchased a Flex Chassis with a FSM and five x240 nodes. The client runs into an issue and reaches out to the sales professional for help. Which of the following actions is appropriate? A x86 customer released an RFP for new system. One requirement is that the configuration must include software for automated Windows OS deployments. Which of the following packages meets the customer's requirement? A BladeCenter customer is a PureFlex prospect. The customer mentions HP FlexFabric Network. The customer is concerned about easily migrating the existing adapter I/O parameters to a new system. Which of the following should be first discussed? Many servers are limited in the number of standard quad rank DIMMs they can support without impacting memory performance. Which of the following memory technology types can overcome this limitation? A customer is purchasing a BladeCenter HS23 server and wishes to implement FCoE. Which of the following options meet their need at the lowest cost? A customer plans to implement a network of x3550 M4 servers. Which of the following would allow installation of firmware updates? On arrival of their new x3650 M4 servers, a client wants to perform a burn in test of their server for 24 hours to make sure none of the components fail. Which of the following IBM tools can the client use to perform these tests? A customer has requested five rack mounted servers, and a rack. They want redundant power connections to the servers. What must the customer install to meet these requirements? A customer purchased and x3650 M4 server and requires the ability to remotely power on and off the server. Which of the following would the customer use to remotely power the server on and off? A System x client is interested in IBM ToolsCenter Bootable Media Creator but is concerned about functions. Which of the following describes the functions of ToolsCenter Bootable Media ? A prospect is interested in an IBM solution. The System x technical specialist discovers the customer needs the most dense server solution. The customer also requires multiple compute, internal shared storage and I/O configuration options. Which of the following solutions should a System x seller recommend that would be the densest solution? A customer has existing mixed x86 and Power blades deployments on IBM BladeCenter hardware. The customer is considering options for the mixed Power and x86 environment. In which of the following areas does a PureFlex provide significant improvement over the customer's existing infrastructure? A retail customer wants to identify the system firmware version information on several IBM System x servers, and apply updates as required from a central location. Which IBM tool provides this capability? A new IBM x3650 M4 customer has experienced support issues with problem resolution from their previous vendor. The biggest problem was with Microsoft Exchange failing intermittently. Which of the following should the technical specialist suggest to assist the customer? A customer plans to connect two x3850 X5 systems together for scalability using QPI cables, but first they must update the UEFI, IMM, FPGA, and DSA preboot firmware levels on both systems to the same level or to the minimum levels recommended. Which of the following tools is the preferred method to display the installed firmware levels and maintain future updates on each system? A client has stand-alone x86 servers running Windows 2003 and Red Hat Linux 5. The client does not use any server virtualization today. The customer plans to virtualize their environment. Which of the following will accomplish this conversion? A System x prospect is very concerned about downtime and ask for the ability to hot swap internal drives. Which of the following blade servers offer hot swap internal hard drives? A customer has an x3850 X5. They currently have four sockets and all 64 memory slots filled. They would like to scale the system and would like to know what their scalability options are. Which of the following are viable options? An existing IBM System x customer is evaluating PureFlex. They want to know their best option to manage this new environment. Which of the following should be recommended? A customer is asking if the new IBM UEFI recognizes their Windows 2003 Enterprise Operating System. Which of the following is the correct answer? A client wants to purchase a PureFlex with two Flex Chassis. Which of the following conversations should you have with your client from a logistical perspective before you settle on this configuration? A System x technical specialist has a prospective customer who is excited about PureFlex and is working on configurations for a large complex opportunity. During the engagement the customer has changed the design several times and has significantly increased the scope. What steps should the technical specialist take to make sure the customer is satisfied with the solution? A System x prospect is looking to build a new general purpose computing environment. The ability to quickly deploy once the solution has arrived at the customer data center is important. Which of the following would be the quickest to implement? A customer purchases a virtual media key on an installed x3650 M4. The customer asks where to install the key. Which document provides this information? A new IBM System x customer is implementing a consolidation strategy from a variety of competitive x86 servers and blades. The technical expert has developed a strong working relationship with the CFO who is acting as CIO. Which of the following is the minimum content of the customer support plan? A customer has an existing Cisco network environment, however, they are not standardized on Cisco. They are interested in the IBM Systems Networking switches, but have a concern about managing both vendors. Which of the following addresses that concern? A customer is looking at the Oracle Times Ten product for an in memory database solution. Which of the following IBM products would be comparable? A customer is planning to install a System x server with 10 Gb Ethernet Top of Rack (TOR) switches. The TOR will be in the same rack as the server. The customer asks for an inexpensive solution. Which of the following recommendations meets this need? An installed Cisco LAN customer is concerned about the IBM networking switches that have been proposed as part of the solution. The customer is most concerned with the IBM switches integrating into the existing network without issues. Which of the following is the best resource to use to remove the customer's doubt about interoperability? A customer that is looking to implement a new x3850 X5 server in their environment, wants it to connect to their existing EMC CLARiiON CX700. Where should the specialist look to verify that this is a supported solution? IBM ToolsCenter Bootable Media Creator is used to create bootable media. Which of the following functions can be performed with this media? Which of the following documents is designed to mitigate risk during a complex BladeCenter installation? Which interconnect technology is used to attach an IBM Max 5 memory drawer to an eX5 server?