000-151 - IBM System x Sales Expert V3

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Example Questions

A new IBM x 3650 M3 customer has experienced support issues with problem resolution from their previous vendor. The biggest problem was with Microsoft applications failing intermittently. Which of the following IBM products covers this issue? A large customer location worl-wide needs to remotely update UEFI Firmware on their systems. Which function of IBM System Director will help this customer? Customer requests a HX5 blade but his application may demand more than its 16 memory DIMMS. Software licensing is a big concern. Which of the following additions meets this requirement? A banking customer is confused about RAID protection. Which of the following are characteristic of RAID-6? A customer recently purchased a new x3550 M3 server and one of the hard drives has failed. The customer has a standard warranty. They called you asking for a replacement. Which action should the customer take? A customer recently purchased an HS22 Blade to install into their existing BCH chassis. The customer installed the blade and it was not recognized. Which of the following is the first question for this customer? Which of the following is used in an IBM Blade Center to provide cooling? A customer needs to install a rack with six of the x3650 M3 servers with the standar line cords. Each server has redundant power supplies. Which of the following meets this requeriment? A customer currently has a large group of older 1U servers. Each dedicated to aunique application. Quick provisioning of the servers is important to the customer. Which of the following approaches addresses this situation? A customer who is reducing their technical staff has requested an Intel server proposal from various vendors. Which of the following is most relevant to this proposal? Which of the following Blade servers offer hot swap internal hard drives? A customer is installing a new x3850 X5 server and has purchased a warranty upgrade on the server to 24 x 7 four hour response. The customer requested IBM help with setting up the RAID adapter. The customer was told IBM would not help them. Which of the following should be verified first? A client is configuring an x3650 M3. Once the system is in production, they need to able to remotely view and make changes to the UEFI interface. Which of the following is the correct way to configure this? A customer is involved in an IBM critical situation (CritSit). The customer recently installed iDATAPlex. The business partner has been assessed a significant penalty by IBM. Which of the following is the reason for this action by IBM? A customer is experiencing problems with a rack mount server. The problem might be a failing memory module. Which of the following can be used to find the failing module without going to the physical server? Which statements is true about Predictive Failure Analysis (PFA) for System x servers? A customer server has the maximum local storage installed. The customer plans to share this new storage with other servers. Which of the following provides that server additional storage? A toy manufacturing customer wants to run Microsoft SQL Server. Which category is applicable for such a solution? A manufacturing costumer wants a consolidation solution that provides scale-out capability and the highest processor density per rack unit. Which of the following solution meets costumers' requirement? A server has been having a memory problem. What feature can be used to determine the failing memory module? Which IBM System Director task will give you the abaility to update firmware and device drivers on System x servers? A customer plans to implement a network of x3690 X5 servers. The customer has very limited funds. Which of the following tools would allow installation of firmware updates? A media customer has an IBM Blade Center E with ten HS22 Blade server installed. Currently only one Ethernet port is available for each server. What is required to enable the second port on each server? Customer purchased and x3650 M3 server and requires the ability to remotely power on a off the server . What if any additional hardware would the costumer need to purchased to remotely power the server on and off? An installed manufacturing costumer has a mission-critical application that requires a rack mount server that will protect them against downtime in the event memory DIMM failure occurs. They also need load balancing, fault tolerant NICS and redundant power supplies and fans. Which of the following servers meets these requirements. A small business costumer is interesting and requires some shared storage. They expect only 3 ­ 4 blades, but wise the storage they require 4 TB RAID 1+0. They also require Flash copy and remote mirroring. Which of the following will be an issue? After putting together a configuration that meets costumer's requirements, a TDA is suggested. The costumer is not familiar with the TDA process and asks why this should be done. This of the following is the benefit of TDA? A costumer wants a Blade to run a very memory intensive application. They require 48 gb with later expansion to 160 GB using 4 gb DIMMs. Which of the following products supports this requirement? You have successfully sold and installed your customer´s System x solution. Sometimes, the overall succeed of a sale depends on how well you have trained your customer to support their new hardware. Please consider the following tools. Which one would be the best for proactively determining a server outage, and contacting the system administrator about the outage? An IBM techincian specialist has a propective customer who is excited about eX5 and is working on configuration for a very large complex opportunity. During the engagement the customer has changed the design several times and has significantly increased the scope. The customers recently selected a Business Partner who has been involved in the last few design changes. What steps should the IBM technician specialist take to make sure the customer is satisfied with the solution?