000-124 - Power Systems with POWER7 and IBM i Sales Skills -v2

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Example Questions

An IBM i customer has a requirement for a new LPAR. The customer needs 1OTB of usable disk,but has minimal requirement for performance. The customer will have to purchase new storage and adapters for their existing Power 740. What is the most cost effective option? A customer is running IBM i 7.1 on a Power 720 and needs to track sign-on activity. Which of the following should be recommended? A prospective customer states that few ISV5 invest in IBM i. How should this objection be addressed? What no-charge function of IBM i allows a customer with directly attached internal disks to replicate data to a system located in another part of the city? Which of the following is a restriction when virtualizing tape or DVD with VIO Server to client partitions? IBM i is being used as a hosting partition on a Power 720. What object type contains the virtualized disk for any client partitions? Why do many customers have a minimal number of technical staff devoted to database management and administration for their IBM i environments? A customer uses BRMS to TS3310 tape libraries for their IBM i partition backups. They would like to eliminate the handling of physical tape media while still having the option to keep copies of the backup data off-site. Customer administrative staff has limited programming resources and requires a solution which utilizes as much of their overall existing backup software configurations as possible. All systems normally run with 70-80% of their available DASD consumed. ! 8 IBM 000-226 Exam Which of the following solutions will support the customer requirement? In which situation is the FC #EB34 IBM i 6.1.1 Native I/O feature required? A customer with a POWER7+ 770 running IBM i has just merged with another company which utilizes older Intel technology to support an application environment that consists of PHP applications, Red Hat Linux and SAP. The POWER7+ 770 has 8 cores available with just 4 months before the busy season begins. The customer needs to integrate the new acquisition before the busy season begins, and at lowest cost. Data center floor space is limited. Which of the following best supports the customer requirements? Which statement correctly describes IBM i storage management? An IT Director needs a relational database but cannot hire a Database Administrator (DBA) to maintain it. How does IBM i address this challenge? A customer running IBM i VSR4MO on a POWERS 520 is considering purchasing a POWER7+720. What steps should be performed as part of the upgrade/migration process? Which of the following configurations will require an HMC? A customer has a production 16-core POWER7+ 770 with 8 cores currently active. They are considering purchasing a POWER7ˇÂ 770 Capacity Back Up (CBU) with the same processing capacity. What must be included in the new POWER7+ 770 CBU configuration? Which customer requirement is supported by WebSphere Application Server- Express? A Power 740 customer running IBM i recently installed a new query-based analytics tool. Since adding the tool, overall system performance has suffered due to dramatically increased disk I/O. The customer has very limited room in their data center for additional disk drives and they have asked for a recommendation to address their needs. What is the appropriate action for a sales representative to take? Which statement about DB2 for IBM i would be attractive to a 010 responsible for data protection? An 010 plans to purchase a new Power System. In a previous purchase of non IBM servers, critical components were missing from the proposal. As a result, additional items had to be purchased. Which IBM tool will help ensure that the proposed system contains the necessary components? A Power 720 customer running IBM i recently failed an internal security¡¯ audit. The customer asked for a solution that will enable them to better track who accesses, or attempts to access, certain confidential files. Which of the following recommendations is most appropriate? Which of the following describes an IBM i solution that is designed to prevent long-running or excessive query jobs from impacting the overall performance of a system? A company has three sales regions, each with its own POWER6 server. The company plans to consolidate onto one POWER7 server and keep the regional workloads separate.How does IBM i solve this issue without added hardware or software expenses? What upgrade options does a PQWER6 570 with some inactive cores have? A prospective customer with a very limited budget has stated that they are focused only on price. Before they evaluate application software, they have asked how a Power 720 with IBM i can cost twice as much as a similarly sized x86 server with Linux. Which of the following responses addresses the customer concern? A customer has 3 IBM 7.1 partitions running on a POWER7 740. One partition has a dedicated 4Gb Fibre Channel adapter to connect to the tape library, the other two partitions have a shared 4Gb Fibre Channel adapter to connect to the same tape library. All partitions are connected to a VIO Server to use external storage. The overhead of needing to switch the shared 4 Gb Fibre Channel adapter is a burden and the customer wants a solution for this. Which of the following is needed? A company replaced an HP-UX Oracle system with a new Power 740 running IBM I. The company DBA, who managed data placement on the HP-UX system, recently resigned. Which of the following should be reviewed with the customer? A POWER6 customer with an LTO-3 tape drive needs to encrypt their tape backups. They want to avoid the purchase of a different tape device. Which of the following solutions supports the requirement for encryption without needing to acquire a different tape technology? What feature of PowerVM Enterprise Edition first became available to IBM i customers at 7.1? A CEO is evaluating the purchase of a Power 740 server to replace several x86 servers. Before approving the purchase, the CEO would like to know how the new server will reduce operating expenses. Which statement addresses the CEO concern? A Power 770 customer wants to purchase second Power 770 that would only be used in a disaster recovery (DR) situation. They have stated that the cost of purchasing the same number of IBM i licenses for an inactive DR system is too expensive. Which solution supports the DR requirement and addresses the concern about IBM licensing costs? A customer has multiple single-image systems running various versions of IBM i as noted below, and wants to consolidate their workloads to partitioned systems. - V5R3 - V5R4 - IBM i 6.1 - IBM i 7.1 Existing application limitations and business requirements prevent them from moving off older releases of the IBM i. Based only on the versions of IBM i and assuming no operating system upgrades are possible, what is the minimum quantity and most recent generation of Power Systems servers required to consolidate these workloads? A customer currently has two IBM i production environments and wants to test a new software application. They are asking how a new test environment might be provided and be isolated from the production environments. Which IBM Systems Software product supports this requirement? What information should be provided to a customer who wants to move from a 4-core POWER5 550 to a 4-core POWER7 system and keep the same serial number? A customer has a Power 740 with 128GB of memory installed. There are 6 LPARs with dedicated memory implemented. Performance analysis shows that the usage of the memory in the different LPARs changes frequently and is rarely optimal. How can memory optimization be achieved? A customer would like a consolidated method to control system consoles, virtual storage, and partition resource settings for a POWER7+ system with 7 IBM i partitions and two VIO Server partitions. Which option supports this requirement? What is the purpose of CPW? Regarding IBM i licensing options for the Power 720 server which of the following statements is true? An IT Director plans the purchase of a new Power Systems server with IBM i. Due to a previous bad experience with a competitive product that was improperly sized, the IT Director is concerned that processor, memory and storage I/O of the solution accurately reflect the company’s needs. Which IBM tool would the sales representative use and discuss with the IT Director to help ensure correct sizing? A customer is concerned that there have been no new releases to IBM i since 7.1 was announced in 2010. They are afraid that IBM is no longer investing in IBM i as a strategic operating system. Which statement answers the customer concern? A customer has an IBM i host partition with 3 IBM i client partitions. All client partitions only perform their full system backups using a shared LTO-5 tape drive. Which of the following is a valid consideration in this environment? A customer has a large quantity of LTO-2 media. The customer would like to be able to read that media, while at the same time acquiring a tape library which supports hardware encryption. Which LTO format and attachment method supports these requirements? If a user needs to move LPARs between machines using Live Partition Mobility, which physical and or virtual resources are required? Which of the following was added in IBM i 7.1 to reduce disk protection recovery time? A customer would like to share a tape library among multiple partitions to run backups on a nightly basis, but doesn't have the budget for a fibre switch or dedicated fibre adapters. They need to be able to have their single fibre adapter available to each partition on a scheduled basis. What product or feature can help accommodate this requirement? Under which condition is proposing a Solution Edition valid? A customer is considering a Power 770 with two IBM i 7.1 partitions. The server will be natively attached to the same DS8000 System Storage already in use by other IBM i sewers in their enterprise. A System Storage sizing indicates that each LPAP will require 128 LUNs. Multipath connectivity is required for redundancy. The customer does not want to invest in additional skills or to use NPIV, Which of the following is necessary to support the customer requirements? A P0WER6 customer plans to move to 6-core POWER7+ technology using an MES upgrade. What unique capability does this provide? A customer has a Power 720 with 2 IBM i partitions. The production partition has 30 concurrent users during office hours with 2 users that work outside office hours. The development partition has 3 part time users which work during office hours. What is the minimum number of IBM i user licenses that the client needs? An IBM i customer needs 3 additional test environments to run IBM i, AIX and Linux. They currently have only one IBM i environment. Which of the following is the minimum needed to add the 3 new environments? A customer has a Power Systems server with IBM i installed and must reduce the run time of a read-intensive batch job. Why does the use of Solid State Drives (SSDs) support this request?