000-120 - Academic Associate: IBM i 7 Administration

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Example Questions

Which statement describes the function of the GPFS Policy Engine? A customer has been running PowerHA 6.1, and is interested in upgrading to PowerHA 7.1 Standard Edition. What change to the product affects how the solution is implemented? A client is considering implementing PowersC into their current AIX 7.1 environment, Providing a secure virtualization layer through a Trusted Firewall is the main priority. Which Edition of PowerSO supports the requirement? What PowerSC feature provides a mechanism to prevent an attacker, who has gained unauthorized access to an LPARI from deleting evidence records of the source of intrusion? AIX and PowerHA licenses can be transferred from one machine to another when both source and destination machines have which characteristic? Which of the following permits scheduled collection of memory and processor utilization data for a managed system? How do storage keys in AIX contribute to system reliability and availability? Comparing AlXand Linux, in which of the following situations should Linux on Power be suggested? Which AIX Security option provides three layers of access control: Discretionary Access Control (DAC), Mandatory Access Control (MAC) and Mandatory Integrity Control (MIC)? A customer has 14 POWER4 servers and 1 POWER5 server. The customer would like to consolidate their existing workload onto a POWER7 platform. Which tool can be used to recommend a consolidated server solution? What are the primary factors to be considered when evaluating the bandwidth requirements of an application? A customer wants to provide automatic fail over capability, with minimal or no data loss, from an application running on a Power Systems server to another server located within 10 kilometers. Both servers are attached to local storage and the two sites are interconnected only with high speed communication links. What approach should be adopted to support the requirement? To improve an OLAP application response times a customer requires a SAN-attached SSD storage solution with microsecond latency and highest density per rack. Which of the following supports these requirements? What tool must be used to collect performance data for problem reporting to IBM when an AIX performance problem is suspected? A prospective customer is interested in running critical Linux workloads. Why should the customer choose Linux on Power versus Linux on a competitive x86 solution? A customer has a Power 560 and wants to move to a POWER7+ 770. Which of the following is supported? A prospective client is interested in running SAP on Linux. Which of the following would make Linux on Power a better solution than Linux on x86? A customer wants to consolidate workloads which require AIX 5.3 onto a POWER7+ 770. The customer is comparing rPerfs to determine the size of the system. Which of the following needs to be considered when determining the system size using rPerfs? A client is configuring an LPAR that will participate in a shared processor pool: - The shared processor pool contains 8 cores - The LPAR entitled processing capacity is 3 processing units - The workload is highly threaded, and uses SMT4 What is the maximum number of virtual processors that will ensure optimal performance? A customer is considering upgrading the SEA in the VIO Server (VIOS) from a 1Gb adapter to a 10Gb adapter. Which of the following is unaffected by the upgrade? A customer is performing a daily backup of a large amount of data to a shared SAN tape library. 30 Reducing the overall backup time is a major concern. Which is the first action that should be recommended towards reducing the overall backup time? AIX, Linux, and IBM i utilize a type of Capacity on Demand licensing consideration which provides a unit of measure used to differentiate licensing of IBM software on distributed processor technologies. What is the term which defines that unit of measure? A customer plans to purchase 2 new Power 720 servers. The customer is interested in implementing shared processor pools and shared storage pools. Which is the minimum PowerVM Edition that will support this customer's needs? What memory optimization feature or technique will be beneficial to a customer whose AIX applications experience peaks in memory usage at different times during the day? A customer owns two EMC Symmetrix storage units. They are adding 4 new Power 770 servers to their environment. The customer also wants to virtualize their existing storage and add 5TB of Solid State Drives to increase performance for existing AIX and Linux LPARs. Which single product will address all aspects of the customer's requirements? Which operating system feature distinguishes AIX from Solaris and HP-UX? A customer plans to consolidate workloads, but wants the flexibility to move from virtual to physical I/O in the future if their LPAR workload changes. What feature provides this capability? A Power Systems customer wants to remove software based replication from their environment and replicate data between DS8000 systems at two sites 350km apart. What is necessary to support this requirement? A customer wants to implement LAN-free backups to improve backup and recovery times in their virtualized environment, Which of the following is a requirement? A customer plans to purchase a new Power 770 server. The customer needs to support WPARs, application mobility, and manage compliance policies. Which of the following is the most cost effective way to support the customer requirements? A customer would like to consolidate several AIX 6.1 LPARs from POWER5 servers to a POWER7¡Â 770 server with PowerVM. On the source LPARs the root volume group is on internal disks. What method should be considered to implement a cost efficient LPAR consolidation? A client is considering implementing Role Based Access Control. What benefit does this bring to the AIX environment? Which of the following describes how Active Memory Sharing works? A large financial institution needs to reduce the time to setup a new system in their secure virtualized environment. They need a streamlined process of hardening and monitoring their AIX system for security compliance. What Edition of PowerSC is required to provide for just the Security and Compliance Automation? A customer is deciding between NPIV and vSCSI for storage virtualization. What must be considered when using vSCSI, but not when using NPIV? What AIX command permits a user to quickly identity which processes are consuming the most processor resources? AIX Profile Manager is a tool used for managing which of the following? A customer has a POWER6 570 with 64GB of memory running dual VIO Servers on internal disks. The Host Ethernet Adapter is set to promiscuous mode and assigned to the VIO Servers. The customer is migrating to a Power 740 and wants a similar VIO Sewer configuration. Which Power 740 feature should be configured to support the VIO Sewer environment? IBM releases updates for the AIX operating system annually. These updates include support for new hardware, software services, and software features. What is the correct term for these IBM AIX updates? Which IBM tool is recommended to assist with the design and deployment of partitions? An LPAR has three virtual processors allocated. What is the maximum quantity of physical processors that could be consumed by this LPAR? AIX licensing for a Power Systems server is based on which of the following factors? A customer is interested in High Performance Computing, and considering a Power 775 server. Which of the following is a primary consideration in the decision making process? Which of the following customer environments would benefit most from the implementation of Active Memory Expansion? A client plans to implement a High Availability solution for their existing Power Systems environment. The client was drawn to PowerHA 7.1 due to its integration with Cluster Aware AIX (CAA). Which of the following is a requirement for setting up CAA? A customer plans to move an application from their mainframe to a UNIX environment. What primary advantage does AIX have over the competition in preventing inadvertent memory overlays in both the kernel and the application space? A customer would like to implement a two-node PowerHA cluster using two Power 740 servers. A major requirement is for shared storage to support up to 400,000 IOPS. What storage should be considered? How is AIX licensing and upgrade entitlement packaged? A customer plans to purchase 4 new Power 770 servers and will create up to 50 AIX LPARs. In order to be able to implement AMS and LPM. Which PowerVM Edition will the customer need? What AIX command helps evaluate if a partition would benefit from Active Memory Expansion?