000-108 - Enterprise Technical Support for POWER7 and AIX

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Example Questions

An administrator needs to allocate a new disk to a virtual client from a VIO Server partition. Which ioscli command show the disks currently available for allocation? A client is running a two node active/passive cluster on AIX 6.1 and needs to migrate AIX versions while minimizing the time the cluster runs without a failover node available. They plan to migrate the passive node, before moving the resources off the active node to migrate it.Which of the following options will minimize the time that the passive node is unavailable? A new release of a business-critical application is to be hosted in a customer's home office location. To reduce concerns regarding availability for the application, the customer will deploy a second application instance into their Disaster Recovery (DR) location. If the home office location becomes unavailable the DR location will take over hosting the application. What is a mandatory requirement to allow take-over should disruption occur? Which component is mandatory in LPAR migration? A companywide time server has been established and the AIX administrator has been asked to configure all HMCs to connect to this time server. Which of the following statements is correct? A customer is adding a second HMC to their two-enclosure Power 780 to provide redundancy. Which of the following is required? A customer is considering consolidating multiple stand-alone systems on to a single Power 795. The systems to be consolidated run AIX 5.3, AIX 6.1 and AIX 7.1. What is the maximum number of cores which may be allocated to LPARs at each level of AIX? A customer is concerned with software licensing costs and maximizing throughput per core on the system. Which of the following system configurations supports these requirements? An administrator is preparing fibre-channel attached LUNs to be presented to an LPAR using virtual SCSI. In a dual VIO Server configuration, which of the following hdisk attributes must be set to a specific value? A customer bought a Power 770 for AIX and IBM i applications. After some time, they also decided to move existing Linux workloads which can take advantage of a large number of multi-threaded processes on a POWER7 processor. Which Linux distribution maximizes the number of threads which can be run simultaneously? An administrator must add support for a new VLAN to a VIO Server that currently services multiple VLANs on a single SEA. No additional network ports are available. How can this be achieved without interrupting the SEA? What command is used to identify dynamically reconfigurable PCI adapters currently available in a machine? An administrator would like to create an account on an HMC that allows the Operations Team to activate and shutdown LPARs but with no other permissions. How could this be achieved? A client has been using Live Partition Mobility to move partitions between existing POWER6 frames. They have recently deployed a number of POWER7 frames managed by new HMCs and would like to take advantage of Remote Live Partition Mobility to move partitions between the frames. After verifying network connectivity between HMCs, what is the next step to enable Remote Live Partition Mobility? An administrator configured Shared Ethernet Adapter with failover and VLAN tagging. After some time network administrators noticed a broadcast storm in the network. They traced the problem and detected that one of the VIO servers is flooding the network. What is the most likely cause of the problem? A system administrator and application administrator are considering moving a production application running in an AIX 6 LPAR from a Power 570 server to a Power 770 server. Due to resource constraints the LPAR would employ Active Memory Expansion on the Power 770. Both administrators are hesitant to employ a new function in a production LPAR without some analysis beforehand. Which tool, when used on the Power 570 LPAR, will provide the data necessary for the administrators to estimate the consequences of moving the application and invoking Active Memory Expansion? Which feature is unique to the Power 770, Power 780, and Power 795, as compared to other models in the POWER7 processor family, and increases the availability of these servers? A system administrator is installing a third-party monitoring agent on a security-hardened VIO server. The installation of the agent completes without errors, initializes, and network routing is correct, but the monitoring server cannot communicate with the agent installed on the VIO server. What action is necessary to fix this situation? An administrator used the 'iostat -b 5' command to display block I/O device utilization statistics and received the following error message: iostat: Block 10 stats collection has been turned off. What is the correct resolution? A customer is upgrading a Power 595 to a Power 795 and wants to know the estimated power usage of the upgraded system. What is the most comprehensive source for this information? A customer with a Power 780 has 2 LPARs supporting database servers, and 4 LPARs supporting web servers. The web servers are very busy during the daytime, and the database servers have heavy night time activity. More memory is needed to make applications process more quickly. How can the customer minimize expenses while increasing memory for the web and database applications? A company which sells books and DVDs runs their business on AIX Enterprise Edition on a Power 795. They have LPARs running back-office applications and other LPARs supporting their Internet based retail operations. They are considering a policy of switching between TurboCore mode and MaxCore mode, depending on workload. Which of the following considerations will have the most impact on the customer's business? A partition is running on a Power 770 using POWER7 mode and SMT4. The LPAR has 8.0 units of entitled capacity assigned, and has 10 virtual processors configured. If the customer uses nmon to monitor processor activity, how many processors will be shown on the summary screen? A customer has a Power 770 with a single shared processor pool and 6 micro-partitions. The customer wants to ensure that a specific partition has priority to access more CPU resources at any time, without user intervention. Which of the following will support this requirement? An administrator suspects that an Ethernet adapter on the VIO server is down. Running "entstat- all ent2" he received the following error message: entstat: 0909-003 Unable to connect to device ent2, errno = 19 What is the most likely cause of this error? A customer would like to replace their POWER5 595 with a new POWER7 server. Which method is appropriate to compare system performance? An administrator tries to perform a Live Partition Mobility (LPM) operation, but it fails. What is the most likely cause for the failure? A customer implemented a PowerHA System Mirror cluster for their database. The cluster is used simultaneously by many clients during work hours. For the non-IP heartbeat network, they decided to use the same LUN as for the data files. Which problem can arise during normal use of the cluster? An administrator updated tunable virtual memory parameters using vmo -p. When the system was rebooted the tuning was lost. Which of the following is the most likely reason? While restoring a mksysb to a VIO client, the installation halts with a message indicating lack of space. The mksysb being used for the restore is 4GB in size. The client LPAR has an assigned 32GB LUN through the VIC Server. What is wrong? A customer has implemented a PowerHA cluster using fully virtualized LPARs. They notice that after a cable failure the cluster didn't move the resource group to another LPAR. What change will prevent such failures in the future? A system administrator has configured a VIO Server to use a Shared Ethernet Adapter (SEA) that is built from a link aggregation of gigabit Ethernet adapters. The administrator has determined that not all ports in the link aggregation are being used. The administrator verifies that aggregation mode for the Etherchannel is 802.3ad, which is the corporate standard, and that the Ethernet ports on the server are connected to the correct ports on the network switch. The administrator then runs the entstat command against the SEA (ent28), and receives the following output.$ entstat -all ent28Real Adapter: ent26ETHERNET STATISTICS (ent26) :Device Type: IEEE 802.3ad Link AggregationHardware Address: 00:14:5e:e9:25:81...Statistics for every adapter in the IEEE 802.3ad Link Aggregation:------------------------------------------------------------------Number of adapters: 2Operating mode: Standard mode (IEEE 802.3ad)IEEE 802.3ad Link Aggregation Statistics:Aggregation status: Negotiating LACPDU Interval: Long Received LACPDUs: 0 Transmitted LACPDUs: 62498 Received marker PDUs: 0 Transmitted marker PDUs: 0 Received marker response PDUs: 0 Transmitted marker response PDUs: 0 Received unknown PDUs: 0 Received illegal PDUs: 0Hash mode: Destination IP addressBased on this output, how can the administrator correct the configuration? After enabling 16 MB memory pages, a customer determined that more memory was needed for nightly batch jobs. The customer decided to use Active Memory Sharing (AMS) to dynamically adjust memory usage between LPARs on the system. What must the customer consider before implementing Active Memory Sharing (AMS)? SMT4 (Simultaneous Multithreading using four threads) is a new feature in Power 795 hardware. Which minimum releases of AIX and IBM i can exploit this feature? Which of the following commands traces a processes system calls, received signals, and machine faults? Which of these HMC commands will display fixes which have been applied to the HMC? An administrator wants to install a new VIO Server (VIOS) partition from a NIM server. When checking the VIOS media the administrator finds two files, mksysb_image and mksysb_image2. Which of the following is the correct sequence of actions to prepare the mksysb resource for NIM installation of the VIOS partition? An LPAR running on a Power 795 uses a PCI cryptographic coprocessor for high speed encryption of data. The administrator plans to: 1) Use DLPAR to remove the card from the OS 2) Hot swap the adapter into a target machine 3) Use Live Partition Mobility to move the LPAR to the target machine Which of these statements is correct? All Power 795 system racks must have door assemblies installeD.Three distinct door styles are available. One of the options - the acoustical door kit - reduces the noise emissions from the system. What attributes are improved by the other 2 door styles? A system administrator would like to add a new LPAR to an existing Power 770 system that currently hosts 4 other LPARs. The system has a total of 52 GB of RAM installed and is licensed for Active Memory Expansion (AME). The current LPARs each have 12 GB of RAM allocated to them, and are tolerant of varied response times. The new LPAR requires 8 GB of RAM, and requires consistent response time. There is no money available to purchase additional RAM. Which of the following options will support adding the new LPAR to the system with minimal impact to the existing partitions? / While restoring a mksysb to a VIO client, the installation halts with a message indicating lack of space. The mksysb being used for the restore is 4GB in size. The client LPAR has an assigned 32GB LUN through the VIO Server. What is wrong? An administrator noticed on an LPAR running AIX that several recoverable errors have been logged, involving hdisk6. The administrator has talked to IBM support and a replacement drive is being sent. When the disk arrives, it will be hot swapped. The administrator needs to find out what logical volumes may have data stored on this particular drive so that any necessary action can be taken. Which list command will give the required information? A VIO Server is installed on the mirrored disks hdisk0 and hdisk1. During an update the VIO Server crashed. After rebooting, the administrator detects that hdisk1 is broken. The administrator decided to restore a previously made backup from the NIM server, and removed the damaged hdisk1.What step is required to restore the VIO Server on only hdisk0 from the NIM Server? An administrator tries to start an LPAR, but it stalls without any diagnostic LED code shown on HMC. The administrator wants to review last LED codes, which were shown. Which of the following HMC commands will show the codes? A system administrator is adding storage to an AIX 6.1 LPAR that is a virtual SCSI client of a VIO Server LPAR. On the VIO Server, the administrator creates the new virtual target device on the existing virtual SCSI host adapter for the client LPAR, but is presented with a warning that the client LPAR must be rebooted in order to see the new virtual device. Which of the following is the most likely the cause for this warning? An administrator is planning to relocate running workloads from a POWER 770 to an unused POWER5 570 in reparation for hardware maintenance. The POWER7 system has the following: Which of the following is the supported method for accomplishing the relocation? An administrator is evaluating consolidating Power servers running relational database management systems (RDBMS). After reviewing the collection of nmon andtopas data for the candidate systems, the administrator is concerned by the total amount of RAM that the consolidation seems to require, based on the RAM allocated to each candidate system. The administrator reviews the memory sections of thetopas data to see if reducing total RAM required is possible. None of the systems indicate any activity to the paging spaces. Which of the following metrics would help the administrator determine the minimum RAM required to host the RDBMS partitions in the consolidated environment? An administrator is managing a two node PowerHA cluster on AIX 7. The administrator needs to add a shared volume group made up of a single disk presented through redundant VIO Servers to each node. Running cfgmgr, one node configures the new disk as hdisk9 while the other node configures the same disk as hdisk10. The company has a naming standard which requires cluster disk to be configured with the same device names on all nodes. A number of scripts have been coded for this standard and will fail as a result of the different hdisk names. Which of the following is the quickest way to fix this? How can a system administrator determine if an existing LPAR is correctly configured for Live Partition Mobility? A system administrator must configure NPIV for 15 AIX clients on a Power 770. Each AIX client must have one path to its SAN disk through both of the VIO Servers. Which of the following describes the correct procedure for configuring each VIO Server?