000-107 - Power Systems with POWER7 and AIX Technical Sales Skills - v1

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Example Questions

The systems administrator of a large manufacturer has POWER5 and POWER6 servers, each with LPARs running AIX 6.1. They are running several workloads including SAP, DNS, Oracle, DB2 and WebSphere Application Server, and plan to consolidate onto one POWER7 server. How can the system administrator determine how much benefit Active Memory Expansion (AME) could provide for the consolidated system? A customer has two Power System servers, each in a different data center, which the customer would like to use ato provide a highly available enviroment. The data centers are across the street from each other and share TCP/IP and SAN enviroments. The customer recently purchased PowerHA SystemMirror to manage availablilty. Both system are capable of running their mission-critical applications, but they have different types of storage. one system has its data stored on a DS8800, while the other used an XIV. PowerHAcannot be implemented because repliaction of data between systems was not taken into consideration. how can the customer solve this prblem? An electrician needs to know what type of receptacle is required. What is the most uptodate resource to identify the plug type for the feature code ordered? A customer needs to connect a Power 750 server to the SAN and Ethernet enviroments using Fibre Channel over Ethernet(FCoE) adapters. What is required to support this envirment? A customer is considering a highly available infrastructure for its SAP application. They have one 48-core Power 770 server running multiple AIX 6.1 partitions for database and application server functions. All the partitions must recover with the same processing capacity. In addition to storage and networking at a secondary location, what must be added to provide for automatic recovery after a total failure at the primary site? What operating system is required to support Active Memory Expansion? A proposed server architecture includes SAN LUNs being presented to client LPARs using shared HBAs to reduce infrastructure cost. The customer requires minimal management efforts for the dual VIO Servers. Which technology is recommended for this proposal? An IT director is eager to adopt POWER7 servers because of their relative performance ratings and energy efficiency, but is concerned about migrating applications which require AIX 5.3. Which of the following will address his concern? How many total processor threads are possible when a customer migrates a workload requiring AIX 5.3 from an 8-core Power 550 to an 8-core Power 750? A customer wants to run a Domino email application, a Business Intelligence database, and a batch processing application on Linux. The workloads have different behaviors and do not have peaks at the same time. What is a benefit of running these applications on a Power Systems server instead of running on separate x86 servers? A customer wants to ru serveral appliacation servers. They will deploy WebSphere Application Server(WAS) on AIX 6.1 and Tomcat running on AIX 5.3. Which solution allows improved system utilization while minimizing management efforts? Which AIX edition is intended for price sensitive situations involving smaller workloads? A customer has a large database server running online transactions where I/O performance has been the limiting factor for running business-critical processes. Which statement correctly describes the use of Solid State Disks (SSDs) in this environment? What is one of the key benefits of Active Memory Sharing (AMS) to client LPARs? A potential customer plans to deploy a new application on a RISC-based server. They are considering UNIX offerings from IBM and Sun. Which of the following statements are advantages of AIX over Solaris? A customer would like to buy a new Power 750 and attach 2 PCIe I/O drawers. What is the minimum configuration which will support this? An IT director needs to deploy 3 partitions, each using dedicated internal boot disk. Which system will support the customer requirement using the least amount of rack space? A customer is deploying highly critical Web applications with dynamic workload characteristics on multiple Power Systems servers. Which features of PowerVM can help the customer to deploy the applications? A customer has a Power Systems 750 with PowerVM Standard Edition and Active Memory Expansion (AME). They have these LPARs defined: In which LPARs is AME supported? Which solution provides a cost effective to tape backup? A customer wants to know how to find the latest updates for their particular system. Which of the following should be recommended? A customer is planning to deploy several Web servers in a dedicated partition running AIX 6.1. What would be a benefit of using Workload Partitions (WPARs) in this environment? A customer is implementing multiple partitions on a Power 780 system. They will use mksysb to back up AIX and want to minimize the number of tape cartridges used for the backup. Which solution addresses the customer concerns? A customer has a new Power 720 with PowerVM Standard Edition. They plan to migrate their singlepartition POWER5 550 to the new Power 720. How can the customer migrate from the POWER5 550 to the Power 720 with minimal effort and down time? Ac ustomer wants to ru serveral appliacation servers. They will deploy WebSphere Application Server(WAS) on AIX 6.1 and Tomcat running on AIX 5.3. Which solution allows improved system utilization while minimizing management efforts? A customer needs to share large files across three Power Systems servers to create and validate complex automotive designs. What IBM solution should be recommended? Which AIX Edition includesall components nessary for Live Application mobility? A petroleum company is replacing their reservoir modeling High Performance Computing solution with a newer, faster solution. The software runs on AIX 6.1. The current environment is based on the same software running on a cluster of Power 550 systems. They are planning to move to the Power 755 systems, adding 50% in performance when compared to the existing solution. Which performance metric should be used to estimate the number of machines and cores required? A customer wants to run DB2 on a Power 780 with uncapped partitions. They have licensed DB2 for 32 of the 64 active cores, and will use it in multiple partitions. How can the customer ensure that the number of licenses purchased for DB2 is not exceeded? A customer is moving from an HPUX environment to an AIX environment. They will be producing a master image of the environment and will need to install it into hundreds of LPARs and WPARs. Which AIX tool will be of most use in this case? System Software for the Power 770 is licensed at what tier? What is the most up-to-date resource a Power Systems seller can use to verify if an adapter is supported on a POWER7 server? A small IT department is deploying Power 720 servers exploiting virtualization technologies. Each Power 720 will have two partitions, one with 6 cores and one with 2 cores, and both partitions having 32GB of memory each. Live Partition Mobility is being considered at some point in the future. What is the minimum AIX Edition required to support the customer? An IT manager, new to Power Systems, wants guidance on AIX support strategy for planning purposes. Which of the following statements about the AIX Roadmap address the customer request? An IT manager needs to deploy multiple applications simultaneously. Which virtualization technology will reduce the number of operating system maintenance tasks? A financial company is auditing to ensure their systems are safe from external attack. They have just purchased new Power 750 servers. Which features of AIX 6.1 will help in the auditing process? A Power 770 customer needs to add additional I/O adapters. There is no room for the cards, so an I/O drawer must be added. What resource will help identify supported I/O drawers and the maximum number of drawers permitted per loop? The system administrator at a university has many standalone machines and wants to consolidate them, minimizing the amount of time to upgrade all of the operating systems. Which of the following solutions supports the requirement? A financial company si auditing to sure their systems are safe from external attack. They have just purchased new Power 750 server. Which features of AIX 6.1 will help in the auditing process? A Power 750 customer will be deploying several Web servers. What benefit would be provided by Workload Partitions (WPARs) in this environment? What is a benefit of Live Partition mobility(LPM)? Which of the following is a correct statement about rPerf? What advantages do WPARs have over LPARs? A customer plans to consolidate two existing POWER6 processor-based servers to a Power 770. In what way will Live Partition Mobility benefit them? A customer has two Power 770 systems with 4 enclosures each. Thirty two cores and 1TB of memory are activated on each system. Each system has 3 database partitions and each partition has 10 cores and 300GB of memory. Which solution will provide automated recovery of unplanned outages at least cost? A customer has systems with AIX 6.1 and 5.3 distributed across two data centers located 8km apart. They want to implement high availability with automated application restart and synchronous data replication between the IBM Systems Storage DS8700 systems which are installed in each datacenter. Which solution addresses the customer requirements? System software for the Power 780 server is licensed at which tier? Which of the following is enabled by using NPIV technology for fibre channel adapters? A customer has a requirement to eliminate single points of failure for an application. They have allocated one Ethernet adapter to each VIO server on the system. Which features of PowerVM and AIX will support the customer requirement? How is Active Memory Expansion (AME) licensed