000-106 - Power Systems with POWER7 Common Technical Sales Skills - v1

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Example Questions

What is the primary purpose of the Technical and Delivery Assessment (TDA)? A customer is planning to buy a two enclosure Power 770, and will implement 4 LPARs with the following requirements:Each LPAR must have a private, dedicated connection to the network.The adapter for this network connection must be hot-swappable.The customer wants to minimize the number of I/O slots used.Which of the following fulfills the customer requirements? A customer with limited rack space wants to purchase a 4-core POWER7 server with a total of four 8Gb Fibre Channel adapters and four 2-port Ethernet adapters. Which server is the least expensive solution that meets the customer's requirements? A customer is installing an HMC-managed Power 720 with two partitions, one for Production the other for Testing. They plan to use the Testing partition only occasionally and want to minimize hardware. Which of the following meets these requirements? A Power 720 customer using IVM wants to implement dual VIO servers, but is unable to create the second server. What is the most likely reason for this? A customer would like to create a shared processor partition with 16 virtual processors. What is the minimum number of processing units required in the partition profile? A data center includes a Power 750 server running AIX and Linux, and PS700 Blades running AIX. What can the customer use to update AIX and Linux, create and deploy LPARs, and set energy caps for both servers from a single console? A company plans to deploy a two-enclosure, 23-core Power 780 system with AIX, IBM i and Linux in the following configuration: 3 AIX partitions with dedicated network and disk adapters 1 native IBM i partition acting as a host 1 hosted IBM i partition 2 hosted Linux partitions Which configuration will provide boot disk capability to all partitions? On a POWER7 processor based server what is the minimum number of cores used by the Hypervisor to run four threads? A customer plans to consolidate two 8-core POWER6 systems with a total of 8 PCI-X adapters, 6 PCIe adapters, and a PCI-X I/O drawer into a 16-core Power 750. Which action allows the most efficient use of existing equipment? A customer requires their application to have high availability within a data center, and also the ability to recover at a data center located 600km away in the event of an outage. Which system software solution component supports the customer requirement? What is the correct stage in the sales process for a Pre-Sales Technical & Delivery Assessment (TDA)? An end user is deploying Blade servers to replace obsolete rack mounted servers. In addition to AIX Web server and database workloads, they also have Windows workloads. Which Blade is designed for Windows workloads? Which function requires the customer to purchase PowerVM Standard Edition instead of PowerVM Express? What are key benefits of IBM Systems Director Standard Edition? Which of the following configuration is valid for expansion drawers on a Power 750 with 2 processor boards installed? How does the POWER7 processor architecture differ from a POWER6 processor? A customer is planning on having a single Virtual I/O Server (VIOS) configuration in a Power 750. They have selected a 4-port 1Gb Integrated Virtual Ethernet (IVE). There will be no other network cards installed in the system. One IVE logical port will be used in the VIO Server and will be used as the physical port in a Shared Ethernet Adapter (SEA).What is the maximum number of IVE logical ports available to use in other LPARs? A customer has 4 application and 2 database servers that will be installed in partitions on a Power 750. They are concerned that the database software vendor will charge based on every processor core in the server.Which action will reduce the potential vendor software costs? A Power 720 is being planned with 2 VIO server partitions and 3 client partitions. Each VIO server partition will provide a Shared Ethernet Adapter (SEA). A database which will require 2 dedicated network connections will run in one of the client partitions. Which solution will minimize the number of adapters required? When considering migrating a POWER6 server with PCI-X and PCIe adapters to a Power 720, which statement is true? A customer has a Power 750 with the following: One processor card with 8 cores enabled, and 64GB RAM installed One GX+ adapter with one I/O drawer attached One 4-port 1Gbps IVE adapter PowerVM Standard Edition They need to add a GX++ adapter and cable it to an I/O drawer. Which of the following must also be ordered? A customer has a Power 770 running an SAP ERP workload on AIX 7. It has a single partition with 12 cores and 48GB of memory and the CPU is underutilized at 46% with 1000 users. Memory utilization is at 80%. The number of users will increase to 1700, increasing memory utilization by 37%.Which of the following supports this requirement? A customer has a POWER6 520 system with 6 partitions. They plan to upgrade their system and need to determine the current hardware configuration of the partitions before making any upgrade decisions.What is needed to read the exported system plan and design the new system? A system is being designed with many LPARs which will be clients of dual VIO Servers. The VIO Servers must be redundant so that, in the event of scheduled maintenance, the clients do not need to be shut down. Which of these strategies could be used to ensure that the client LPARs continue to be able to use the network in the event of a VIO Server being shut down? Which system provides the highest performance per core, and the least cost for applications licensed per core? Which of the following includes Active Memory Sharing (AMS)? How can a customer use existing traditional 3.5 inch SAS disks in a new 6-core Power 720 at minimum cost? An HMC managed Power 720 with two partitions is being planned. One partition is production, the other is a test/development partition. Customer management requires the following: Redundant LAN hardware for the production partition Dual LAN interfaces Automatic failover between the redundant physical LAN ports. Which of the following meets the customer requirement? What is a feature of Integrated Virtualization Manager (IVM)? When a customer attempts to manage virtual machines, virtual images and system pools with the VMControl Express Edition, all operations fail except for managing virtual machines. What is recommended to resolve this situation? What System Planning Tool function will provide a graphical image of the chassis and the partition information? Which operating system can directly host managed storage for IBM i, AIX, Linux, VMware and Windows on a Power Systems server? The Power 720 is offered with how many cores? A customer is implementing a POWER Blade solution which requires the VIO Server to be mirrored on internal disk drives. Which Blade supports the requirement? Which of the following is a compelling reason to deploy IBM Systems Director Active Energy Manager (AEM) in a data center with high energy utilization? What is an advantage of using an HMC rather than IVM for system management? A 12-core Power 740 has 2 LPARs. One LPAR has its disk in the CEC and the other has an HBA attachment to external disk. DVD-RAM access is required for both partitions. What is the lowest- cost option to achieve this requirement? What are the three levels of review utilized in Technical and Delivery Assessments? A customer has an LPAR with 4 dedicated cores on a POWER7 server with SMT4 enabled. How many logical processors are presented to an application running on this LPAR? A customer has an HMC-managed Power Systems server with 6 partitions. Four production partitions are subject to varying workloads throughout the day, and two are used for development and testing. The production applications have different licensing limitations on the number of physical cores that may be used. The development partitions can use no more than 1 core. The customer would like to dynamically optimize processor utilization within the licensing limits, with minimal operator intervention. Which of the following meets the customer requirement? A retail customer has an 8-core Power 740 server with 2 partitions. Production has 4 dedicated cores and the test partition has 2 dedicated cores. Both partitions run during the day without problems. At night, batch processing is exceeding the run window. Which solution addresses this problem without requiring additional hardware? What is a key ability of IBM Systems Director Enterprise Edition as compared to Standard Edition? A customer has just purchased several Power 740 systems for their data center. They plan to monitor and manage energy consumption using Active Energy Manager. What additional element is necessary to implement the customer's plan? Which of the following functions can be performed using the Integrated Virtualization Manager? A system administrator has been instructed to attach storage in their client LPARs, in a Power 770, with fibre channel adapters using N_port ID virtualization (NPIV).Which of the following partitions has the minimum requirements to utilize virtual fibre channel? Which of the following items in a single enclosure Power 770 improves Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability? A customer would like to configure an uncapped LPAR so that it can use 2 to 8 cores depending on the workload characteristics. With SMT4 enabled, what is the least amount of processing resources which can be configured for the LPAR? When performing an expert level pre-install Technical & Delivery Assessment (TDA), which team member has the responsibility for assigning, tracking and updating the completion of action items during the TDA process? A customer wants to monitor energy consumption for all of their IBM systems. What part of the IBM Systems Director family supports this function?