000-089 - System x Technical Fundamentals V11

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Example Questions

A customer who is reducing their technical staff has requested an Intel server proposal from various vendors. Which of the following is most relevant to this proposal? A manufacturing customer wants a consolidation solution that provides scale-out capability and the highest processor density per rack unit. Which of the following solutions meets the customer requirements? IBM ToolsCenter Bootable Media Creator is used to create bootable media. Which of the following functions can be performed with this tool? Which IBM Systems Director task will give you the ability to update firmware and device drivers on System x servers? A larger customer with locations world-wide needs to remotely update UEFI Firmware on their systems. Which function of IBM Systems Director will help this customer? A customer needs to get a working Windows 2008 image with drivers for their new servers as soon as possible. Which of the following method would best achieve this? A prospective customer has iSCSI installed. The new project requires a large high performance storage and tape network. The customer does not appear to understand the terminology and options of the fiber channel components of the solution. Further discussion confirms that the customer only has cursory knowledge of Fiber Channel (FC) and is not currently prepared to for the installation. What steps should be taken to make sure the customer is satisfied with the solution? A customer is asking if the new IBM UEFI recognizes their Windows 2003 Enterprise Operating System. Which of the following is the correct answer? A customer asks the System x technical specialist to advise them on updating their firmware during the installation of the new x3650 M4 servers. Which of the following provide that function? Which of the following System x products requires a TDA? A customer recently purchased an HS23 blade to install into their existing BladeCenter H chassis. The customer installed the blade and it was not recognized. Which of the following is the first question for this customer? A customer is planning for a new large x3850 X5 server installation. Which of the following steps should be taken to ensure success? A retail customer has a database server that requires more than 64GB memory and more than four processor sockets. Which of the following System x servers meets these requirements? A BladeCenter customer talks about UCS as a superior solution to their HS22 installation. Which of the following is the competitor and a likely claim? A customer purchased and x3650 M4 server and requires the ability to remotely power on and off the server. Which of the following would the customer use to remotely power the server on and off? A customer is looking to build a new high performance computing environment. The customer wants an integrated solution that offers a variety of choices for nodes, storage, and network. Which of the following IBM solutions should a System x seller recommend that would be the meet all of the customer requirements?Which of the following IBM solutions should a System x seller recommend that would be the meet all of the customer? requirements? A toy manufacturing customer wants to run Microsoft SQL Server. Which category is applicable for such a solution? A customer has requested five rack mounted servers, and a rack. They want redundant power connections. Which of the following is required to meet these requirements? A customer asks for financial justification for the System x solution. Which resource can provide the customer requirements A small business customer is interested in blades and requires shared storage. The customer will start with three or four blades, but will grow and requires 4TB RAID 1+0 storage. They also require FlashCopy and Remote Mirroring and favor blades for future growth. Which solution can meet these requirements? A customer plans to implement a shared storage solution. Cost is very important Which of the following meets these customer requirements An HP customer has is looking at IBM System x3850 eX5 servers, comparing them to the new HP DL580. Which of the following is a typical differentiator favoring the x3850? A System x 3550 customer is planning for RAID 6. Which of the following adapters meet this need? A prospective retail customer is considering a BladeCenter S with onboard storage. The customer requires four Ethernet connections. How many Ethernet module are required? A System x technical professional is discussing the IBM x86 product family with a customer. The customer is very interested in PureFlex. Which resource should the technical specialist use?