000-082 - System x Sales Expert V4

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Example Questions

You are meeting with a customer CIO. You have done research on the company and the direction the company is heading which is to reduce cost through automation. The proposal is geared to saving the company money over several years through reduced operational costs. However, the company needs to make a substantial upfront investment. Which of the following questions determine if your proposal meets the company's objectives? A customer has stated that an onsite vendor implementation of the x3850 is required. The statement of work will provide a list of the tasks that will be included as part of the implementation plan. In a typical statement of work, what is the first step that would be listed? A prospect is considering a BladeCenter H chassis with 10Gb switches. The number of Ethernet ports is important to them. What is the maximum number of 10Gb Ethernet ports on an HS23? A healthcare and life sciences client wants to maintain electronic patient records, including medical images, for two years after each patient's death. Which of the following describes this storage requirement? A customer is considering a System x solution that appears on the TDA trigger list. In which phase of the sales and implementation cycle should a TDA be performed? A banking customer has the following requirements for an IBM BladeCenter solutionwith high speed fibre channel -- four 40socket Microsoft SQL servers -- two physical Microsoft Active Directory Servers -- twenty-two physical Citrix servers -- three physical Web servers -- one physical vCenter server -- eight vSphere hosts. Which configuration minimally satisfies these requirements? A customer is comparing a BladeCenter solution with an PureFlex Foundation solution. Which of the following is an advantage of PureFlex Foundation? A prospective client needs to combine Ethernet, FCoE, and iSCSI. They have not been able to practically combine these in the past. Which of the following IBM products meets this need? A customer is considering iDataPlex and several competitive solutions. Which of the following favor iDataPlex? A client is experiencing bottleneck in their IT environment. The customer executive council asks the System x sales professional for advice. Which of the following responses address this issue? Which of the following actions are most important for a successful SDI deployment? A client is looking for a platform for implementing a business intelligence solution. They want to install a large number of identical two socket servers, and have decided to also install virtualized storage. Which IBM offering best fits their requirements? The IT department of an enterprise customer that has grown through mergers and acquisitions is evaluating systems management solutions to manage their existing IBM iSeries Servers, IBM Power Systems, BladeCenter, Windows, Linux, and AIX servers. The goal is to not only monitor the hardware and operating systems, but also provide performance trending. Which of the following IBM solutions will address their needs? A System x sales expert needs to select the best PureFlex Fibre Channel switch and mezzanine card options for connecting a new PureFlex solution to an existing SAN and storage system. Which of the following are the best two resources for this need? A customer is planning to virtualize a large group of servers critical to their business operations. The customer asks the sales professional for information that would validate their plans. What information could be supplied to provide industry trends and directions of the solution? A customer is planning to configure call home for their small group of managed systems. They have five windows systems and five ESXi systems on System x3650 M4. Which of the following is the best IBM tool to configure call home in this environment? Which of the following tools is available for IBM BladeCenter that allows direct power monitoring by IBM Systems Director through the AMM? A customer is looking to consolidate multi-vendor servers and storage platforms to a single vendor environment. Which of the following is a key differentiator of the PureFlex? A customer needs to know the BTUs generated by their current proposal. Which of the following is the fastets way they can get this information? A customer asks which bays they could install Multi-Switch Interconnect Module (MSIM). Which of the following is the source of this information? A manufacturing customer has limited space remaining in their data center and is concerned about rising power costs. The customer applications require very large amounts of memory. They want server redundancy and no downtime. Which of the following architectural features should be discussed with them? Selling the total solution includes adding storage, networking, services and financing options which ensures your customer will remain satisfied with their purchase. Which of the following best describes the customer benefits of selling these options to your clients? An x86 customer is evaluating both IBM Flex Systems and UCS for their new server roll-out. The roll-out will be staged over time, eventually reaching 1,000 servers, and the customer wants to purchase the minimum amount of H/W up-front, and grow their management infrastructure as economically as possible as needed throughout the build-out. With IBM Systems Director, they understand that they can start with a relatively small server, and add CPU, memory, and disk as needed based on their growth. How can they grow UCS manager as their environment expands? A customer tells you they want to move to a converged network. What does that indicate? Which of the following is a collection of IBM sales resources available to assist Business Partners? A System x sales professional needs a presenter for a PureFlex product briefing for a large complex opportunity. Which of the following IBM resources should be used? A customer requires an infrastructure to support disaster recovery of critical applications between two remote datacenters ­ one in Tokyo and one in London. What data synchronization method would be recommended to meet the requirements? A customer has requested that an implementation plan be provided for their new Flex System (BTO). What is the first response to provide this customer? An insurance customer installs two BladeCenter chassis in a rack with glass doors. After a short time, the blowers in both BladeCenters increase to full speed, and then one fails. Apart from replacing the broken blower, which additional action is required for a long term fix? Why are many clients converging LAN and SAN traffic onto Ethernet? A System x administrator is considering new storage subsystems. Which of the following is a benefit of HDD over Solid State? A prospect asks their System x sales professional a PureFlex specification question and the sales professional does not know the answer. Which of the following resource should the sales professional contact? A retail company plans to consolidate 75 existing dual processor Xeon servers, all running a web server application on Windows Server 2008. They are planning to consolidate on a single x3850 X5 running vSphere. Which of the following should be discussed with this customer? A System x Sales Expert is discussing PureFlex with a System x customer. The customer asks about how a PureFlex differs from their currently installed BladeCenter solution. Which of the following best describes PureFlex? A customer indicates that they will be moving their storage from the existing Fiber Channel SAN to iSCSI. Which of the following is the most appropriate recommendation for connectivity? You are meeting with a customer CIO. You have done research on the company and the direction the company is heading which is to reduce cost through automation. The proposal is geared to saving costs for the company over several years through reduced acquisition costs over time. However, the company needs to make a substantial upfront investment. Which of the following questions determine if your proposal meets the company's objectives? A customer wants to update their system with the latest driver. Which of the following tools meet this need? A midsized customer is looking to simplify their x86 and UNIX environment and move in to a private cloud. They currently have two POWER7 720's running various business applications and four x3550 servers hosting exchange and web front ends for the applications on the POWER systems. Which IBM software is selected by default when choosing a PureFlex System Standard to enable cloud services? Solution design has shown that a PureFlex prospect requires more storage capacity than what is included with a base PureFlex System Standard offering. Which of the following would address the additional storage requirement? A medical customer wants to deploy around 8TB integrated storage on a BladeCenter S. Which of the following meets this need at lowest cost?