000-080 - System x Sales Fundamentals V7

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Example Questions

A customer is considering an x3950 X5 or an HP DL580 in a virtual environment Which of the following can differentiate an x3950 X5 in this situation? A new customer is considering base warranty only for cost reasons. Which of the following is a compelling reason to offer extended service? A customer needs maximum performance with fault-tolerance from their disk subsystem Which minimum RAID level meets this requirement? A customer wants to compare IBM servers with HP and Dell. They want to be able to do quick comparisons as well as view a detailed report. Which of the following tools is best to achieve this? A customer has four remote offices. Each location requires a single tower server with two processor sockets and a minimum of four hot-swappable drive bays and RAID 5 standard. Which System x server meets these requirements at lowest cost? Different customer roles are interested in different aspects of a System x business solution. Which one of the following virtualization benefits are typically of greatest interest for system administrators? The IMM2 provides management features to the System x servers. A retail client is purchasing servers for multiple store locations and would like to remotely manage the servers, even when they are powered off. Which of the following should be proposed? A customer is purchasing System x servers to replace existing servers. They have existing custom applications, databases and files on their servers. Which of the following should be reviewed with the customer? Which AMD-based System x model supports eight 3.5" SAS drives in a 2U form factor? Which, of the following features, was first introduced with the eX5 technology? A customer wants six HS22, six HS23 and one HX5 servers and use 10Gb Ethernet in a BladeCenter solution. Which of the following BladeCenter chassis meets this requirement? A System x customer is discussing storage devices with their IBM sales team. The customer remarks that SSD type storage appears to be very compact, and extremely fast compared with other types of storage. The customer asks why other types of storage are still used. Which of the following is an appropriate response? Which of the following IBM pre-sale resource has technical information and general configuration details for System x, BladeCenter, System x storage products and options? A customer wants to purchase a bunch of x3550 M4 and x3850 X5 servers. They want to be able to plan their datacenter appropriately and need to know the total power draw and BTU information. Which of the following is the best source of this information? A customer wants to make sure that there are not going to be compatibility issues between a third party HBA and their eX5 server. Which of the following IBM resources determine compatibility? An important customer calls in with a last-minute need for the BTU/HR or the heat output per server, per hour for a rack of x3650 M4 servers. Which IBM tool will the sales specialist use to get an answer quickly? A customer wants to run multiple virtual machines and conserve rack space and power. The servers must be able to run in typical office locations. Which one of the following solutions meets these requirements? A sales specialist is at an initial meeting with a client. Which of the following Q.s may help discover if the client is concerned about low server utilization? A System x sales professional is planning an introductory discussion with the customer's executive management team. Which of the following is the most appropriate subject? A customer currently buys HP ProLiant servers and EMC storage. The customer has encountered various problems getting certain servers to work with their storage. Which of the following tools can the Sales Specialist present to best position IBM? Active Energy Manager (AEM) is provided to our clients for free, but can be upgraded for a cost. Which one of the following is the advantage to our clients for upgrading? Which storage solution(s) provides the option for remote mirroring? A customer has a BladeCenter H chassis with 2900W power supplies and a couple of HS22 servers. The customer plans to purchase additional blades, but is concerned that they are not able to buy the latest blades due to the age of the chassis. What can the sales professional do to handle this customer concern? A System x customer is discussing storage with their IBM sales team. The customer is interested in the EXP2500. They ask the sales team what type of storage the EXP2500 employs. Which of the folllowing is the correct answer? Which peripherals are shared on the IBM BladeCenter?