000-001 - Fundamentals of Applying Maximo Enterprise Asset Management Solutions V2

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Example Questions

Which product is offered by IBM to organize, track, and manage asset and work management processes for smaller organizations? A global company incorporated two new fields x and y co-ordinates on the Location application. As a requirement they want to copy these co-ordinates on the Work Order Tracking application when a user selects a location on a record. Which response should a solution advisor make to this question? What is a feature of the Integration Framework? A prospect is comparing IBM Maximo Asset Management (IMAM) with a competitive solution to be used for asset and inventory management. The prospect requests a solution advisor to demonstrate the IMAM capabilities around business process management and service level monitoring. Which two applications can the solution advisor use to demonstrate the IMAM capabilities? (Choose two). Which two conditions should exist in order to create a meter-based preventive maintenance and generate a work order from it? (Choose Two.) Which two business benefits do IBM Maximo Asset Management solutions provide? (Choose two.) The Enterprise Asset Management platform offers customers the ability to manage enterprise assets and defines an asset life cycle which consists of five phases. What are the five phases of the asset life cycle? What are two common reporting requirements? (Choose two.) A customer has a requirement to inherit GL account codes and combinations from their existing financial system to IBM Maximo Asset Management V7.1 (IMAM). How can this be accomplished by using IMAM? Which option is used to perform database configuration without having to shut down the application server? A company just hired a new plant maintenance manager, and they are concerned about the number of corrupt asset records in the present system. In future they want to prevent this from happening. When implementing the new solution, what is recommended? Which two internet browsers are supported with IBM Maximo Asset Management V7.1? (Choose two.) A customer is planning to implement IBM Maximo Asset Management V7.1 (IMAM). Which tool is available in IMAM to move configurations and database structure changes from the test to the production environment ? A competitor in the IBM Maximo Asset Management (IMAM) domain claims that their product contains pre-built workflows and common tasks that span and integrate across asset applications. What should a solution advisor do when a customer is considering such a solution? What is a function of the Receiving application? A solution advisor is performing a demonstration of IBM Maximo Asset Management V7.1 (IMAM) features to a client where Maximo 4.1.1. is already implemented. The customer wants to know how custom fields are handled during the upgrade process. Which response should be provided to the customer? The cost of a purchase order ( PO) line item can be distributed among several GL accounts. The Distribute Costs dialog box is accessible from the PO Lines tab. What are two conditions that the PO line item must meet in order to distribute its costs? (Choose two.) A company manages many similar assets by using regularly scheduled inspections and maintenance activities. Occasionally, the schedules for these activities must be adjusted. The maintenance manager insists these changes are time consuming and often result in missed maintenance tasks. What should be recommended to improve the program schedule updates for multiple similar assets? A fertilizer plant is considering IBM Maximo Asset Management (IMAM). Most of the assets in the plant are new, and a key requirement from the contractor is to track the maintenance cost of the assets under warranty separately so that it can be back-charged to the manufacturer. Through which two steps can IMAM be configured to have a message pop up when a work order is created for an asset under warranty? (Choose two.) A company wants to ensure that its maintenance supervisor is notified by e-mail when any work request has reached its target start date. Which IBM Maximo Asset Management application automates this? Most companies have some sort of LDAP for single sign-on, and they also have employee demographic data. Which statement best describes IBM Maximo Asset Management (IMAM) functionalities? A preventive maintenance (PM) for an oil change is both time-based and meter-based. It is scheduled to generate a work order every 3,000 miles or 3 months. The estimated next due date on the Time-based sub-tab is January 30, based on average time elapsed between previous oil changes. The estimated next due date on the Meter-based sub-tab is January 15, based on average mileage. What is the next due date for this PM? Which two information gathering techniques are used in the risk identification process? (Choose two.) Which operation must be done in order to integrate a report into IBM Maximo Asset Management? The fleet department of a company has a requirement to create another status, Waiting for Estimate, as a substitute for Waiting for Approval. How can this be done in IBM Maximo Asset Management V7.1? What are the possible statuses for an asset? The next due date of a preventive maintenance (PM) is the date when it is next scheduled to be performed. Due dates apply to any PMs that have the Use Frequency Criteria check box selected. Which combination affects the generation of a PM work order? An auto manufacturing company has a business process requirement for any changes to the asset description to be tracked. Which IBM Maximo Asset Management feature meets this requirement? What are two ways that rotating asset can be created? (Choose two.) Which format is supported by IBM Maximo Asset Management, when downloading a Query By Example result set? How can a customer run reports automatically on a specified frequency and interval in IBM Maximo Asset Management V7.1 solution? A company performs regularly scheduled maintenance on its production assets. The work activities are cumulative so that every 3 months additional tasks are added to the plan and the entire asset is maintained each year. The process repeats every 12 months. How does one recommend this be accomplished with the IBM Maximo Asset Management Preventive Maintenance application? It is a key requirement at a client that no one except the HR personnel should be allowed to enter, view, and modify the Social Security Number on the Labor application. What can be used to achieve this objective? A customer's plant maintenance manager invites a solution advisor to discuss Enterprise Asset Management in general and how it might help the maintenance group work more effectively and efficiently. What should the solution advisor do in the first meeting with the plant maintenance manager? A customer requires the functionality to manage assets for multiple customers in a single deployed instance, providing the service department with remote access to asset and work management processes. Which two products define the software solution? (Choose two.) A company performs regularly scheduled maintenance on its equipment. The maintenance manager wants to suspend generating these work orders during non-operational periods such as the summer months. What should be recommended to accomplish the manager's requirement? A company has two branches, one in Toronto and the other in Montreal. They have been using Maximo 5.2 for the last 3 years and are considering an upgrade to IBM Maximo Asset Management V7.1 (IMAM). A major concern is raised to the solution advisor that they have created various clones in the existing version. How will these clones be preserved during the upgrade process? A key report produced by IBM Maximo Asset Management is the Work Order Detail report. Which information is provided in this report? A business rule requires that labor can view other labor information only if they have the same work location. Which solution will accomplish this? What is a reason for using the ODBC reporting options? What is the primary objective of IBM Enterprise Asset Management? Which application is installed with IBM Enterprise Asset Management for providing reporting capability? Which two companies are major competitors to IBM Maximo Asset Management solutions? (Choose two.) Which statement best describes the business requirements analysis activity? A purchase order (PO) is an authorized order from a purchasing agent or department to an internal supplier or external vendor. What are two different types of Pos that can be created in IBM Maximo Asset Management? (Choose two.) Why is it important to understand the objectives, risks, and key controls for the customer's current business process to be implemented in IBM Maximo Asset Management? Which IBM Maximo Asset Management industry solution enables management of multiple customers in a single deployed instance? A power company is interested in implementing IBM Maximo Asset Management (IMAM) at power plants at different locations in UK. Some of the tools used during maintenance, such as submersible pumps for dewatering of water intake channels in order to carry out maintenance on the circulating water pumps, are very expensive. A key business requirement is to monitor the usage and costs of these pumps, and at the same time to ensure that these tools are in perfect condition when required. Which two suggestions should be provided to the client on how these tools can be set up in IMAM? (Choose Two.) In which phases are most requirements discovered and defined? A pharmaceutical company wants to know if a solution based on IBM Maximo Asset Management can be delivered to meet general requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. A solution advisor is invited to discuss the topic with the company's maintenance manager and vice president of operations. Which two industry specific solutions can be discussed in the meeting between the solution advisor and customer? (Choose two.)