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Question :-

An audit team has been assigned to review `the customer satisfaction measurement system' that the industrial products division implemented two years ago. This system consists of the division's customer service office conducting an annual mail survey. A survey is sent to 100 purchasing departments randomly selected from all customers who made purchases in the prior 12 months. The survey is three pages long and its 30 questions use a mixture of response modes (e.g., some questions are open-ended, some multiple choice, and others use a response scale). The customer service office mails the survey in September and tabulates the results for questionnaires returned by October 15. Only one mail is sent. If the customer does not return the questionnaire, no follow-up is conducted. When the survey was last conducted, 45 of the questionnaires were not returned. Which of the following is not an advantage of face-to-face interviews over mail surveys?
The response rate is typically higher.
Interviewers can increase a respondent's comprehension of questions.
Survey designers can use a wider variety of types of questions.
They are less expensive since mailing costs are avoided.

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