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Question :-

A female client was employed as a client care technician in a hemodialysis unit. She recently began to experience extreme fatigue, being able to sleep for 16­20 hours at a time. She also noted that her urine was tea colored, which she rationalized was a result of the vitamins she began taking to alleviate fatigue. She was diagnosed with hepatitis B. After a brief hospital stay, she is discharged to her parent's home. Her mother asks the nurse if any precautions are necessary to prevent transmission to the client's family. The nurse explains necessary precautions, which include:
Isolation of the client from the remainder of the family
Separate bathroom facilities if possible; if not, then cleansing daily of the facilities with a chloride solution
No necessary precautions because she is beyond the contagious phase
Laundering clothes separately in cold water with a chloride solution

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