MB7-514 - NAV 5.0 C/SIDE Introduction

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Example Questions

Which of the following statements is TRUE for the way the Close Income Statement batch job works with an additional reporting currency? A level 1 reminder containing an additional fee of USD 7.50 is issued to a customer attached to the FOREIGN reminder term but no customer ledger entry containing the fee is created. What is the reason for this? Which of the following statements is TRUE about dimensions? What field must equal zero before you can post a General Journal? When you activate the additional reporting currency and convert the existing G/L entries to additional reporting currency (ACY), what exchange rate or rates are used? In the Apply Customer Entries window, which of the tabs must contain an entry so that you are allowed to post? If you want to see the dimensions assigned to the entries in a specific G/L account, you must use the: One of the consequences of closing a fiscal year is that you: In using Vendor Priority, the Suggest Vendor Payments batch job applies the following rules to determine which invoices to suggest: Choose the 2 that apply. Your client wants all posted customer entries to contain the SALES Department Code. You can achieve this by using which of the following? There are several Balancing fields that are available to track the application at the bottom of the Apply Vendor Entries window. Mark the fields that are balancing fields. Choose the 3 that apply. What is the Debit/Credit field on the Chart of Accounts Card used for? You want to create a column to show the same information for the previous accounting period for comparison with the accounting period specified in the account schedule Date Filter. To achieve this, you: Which of the following statements are correct for budgets? Choose the 2 that apply. General Business Posting Groups are: Choose the 2 that apply. Which of the following statements is TRUE with regard to the interest period for finance charge terms (that is, the period that relates to the interest rate percentage)? In order to reverse Vendor Ledger Entries, the following must be true: Choose the 3 that apply. In a cash receipt journal, you have entered a payment of EUR -25,000.00. You now want to apply this payment to two customer ledger entries of EUR 15,000.00 and USD 9,000.00. Which option must you select in the Appln. between Currencies field in the Sales & Receivables Setup window to be able to apply these entries? You have posted a cash payment of 290 which appears incorrectly on the bank statement as 209. When completing the bank reconciliation, how can you record this difference? A customer has several invoices and credit memos so that the customer's balance is now negative. You have entered a Cash Receipt Journal and applied all the credit memos and invoices. What else must occur so that when you post the journal it will bring the customer balance to 0. Choose the 3 that apply. The Adjust Exchange Rates process will not update which of the following records? Your client wants the program to automatically assign a set of dimensions to every transaction posted for a specific customer. This is achieved by setting up: The Adjust Exchange Rates batch job is used to: What technique does Microsoft Dynamics NAV use to allow multiple users access to the database at the same time? Which of the following statements is TRUE for the Trial Balance report? When using the date compression option in the analysis view card, the Posting Date for the compressed entries will be the: What information is entered in the Totaling field of a row in an Account Schedule if the Totaling Type field has the "Total Accounts" option selected? How are menus assigned to users? You have inserted a check mark in the "Calculate Interest" field for the reminder terms code REMINT. What else do you need to do to make sure the program calculates interest on reminders? In addition to summarizing per Vendor, you can also select what other option in the Suggest Vendor Payment window? What is the purpose of printing the Closing Trial Balance report? To post VAT adjustment entries when payment discounts are granted, you must click the Adjust for Payment Disc. field in the General Ledger Setup window and: The Original Pmt. Disc. Possible field is calculated using the Payment Discount % field on the Purchase Header if the Vendor Ledger Entry is created by posting what? Choose the 2 that apply. For LCY Conversion Rounding to take place, the following accounts need to be set up in the Currency Card: What setup is recommended to process cash sales in the program? Which of the following is TRUE of closed VAT Entries? In regard to applying entries after posting, which of the following statements is TRUE? Choosing the "Limited" option in Dimension Combination Setup allows which of the following? What is the effect of using the Insert Conv. LCY Rndg. Lines function in journals? If you choose the "Variable" Recurring Method on a Recurring Journal, which one of the following describes how Microsoft Dynamics NAV will process the journal? The adjustment exchange rate used by the Adjust Exchange Rates batch job is determined by comparing the: The Adjust Exchange Rates batch job posts the exchange adjustments related to customer and vendor ledger entries to which G/L accounts? In the General Ledger Setup window and the Currencies window, you define the maximum VAT difference allowed for LCY and each foreign currency. Do you need to do more before you can enter VAT manually in a purchase order document? If Automatic Cost Posting is activated in Inventory Setup, what G/L Account from the General Posting Setup must be set up for the feature to work? In order to suggest the lines for the Bank Reconciliation, what must you do? Which of the following are available interest calculation methods for finance charge terms? Choose the 2 that apply. Which RIM Toolkit elements help to structure new data? Choose the 2 that apply. Dimension Priorities for Sales Journal entries are set as "2" for the Item table and "1" for the Customer table. What is the effect? What criteria must be satisfied before you can post the bank reconciliation? If you want to post rounding differences when you apply entries in different currencies, what can you set for each currency in the corresponding field in the Currency window?