MB6-285 - Microsoft Business Solutions - Axapta 3.0 Sales and Marketing

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Example Questions

You wish to get a graphical overview of the financial performance of a group of employees in a sales unit. What do you do? Quotation documents can be transferred to a project if you: In order to track income and expenses on a telemarketing sales promotion: What is the main purpose of the Campaign module? A sales manager wants to analyze the activities spent on different segments of the customer base based on the ABC classification in the Business relations form: Which of the following fields require an entry in order to create a business relation? A sales order created in the Sales order form should have been attached to a campaign. How do you correct this? You wish to view your own and a colleague's activities in the Workbook simultaneously: I have imported a series of leads and identified a series of these as possible customers (prospects). How do I differentiate these from the remaining leads? I am interested in broadcasting my campaign through several different media. How do I describe the different workflows for each media? How can you generate a mailing to all your contact persons? How do you enter the reason why you either won or lost a given quotation? What happens when you synchronize with MS Outlook? To send a document from Axapta's document handling to an Axapta e-mail group you: Quotations can be created for: As the main contact responsible for a given business relationship, how can you assure that you are assigned the appropriate telemarketing call? You perform an outgoing telephone call using the TAPI interface to a business relation. In order to register this call you: A quotation changes status to a sales order when: All mailings sent to a specific business relation can be viewed from: What must be done every time you enter a quotation line on the Enterprise Portal Where can you get an overview of all activities on a single business relation? I create a series of quotations for a single customer and I know that only one quotation will be accepted. How do I make sure that only one of the quotations is used in my statistical tools? You wish to send a quotation to all customers who have not purchased anything for a given period. How do you find these customers? During a Telemarketing survey one of your colleagues fails to finish their assigned calls. What can you do? How do you synchronize modified information on a contact person from MS Outlook to Axapta? When a contact person leaves one of your customers: How can you view total invoiced amount on a customer for a specific time interval? To save a copy of e-mails sent from Axapta you: How can you preview a Word document in the Documents form? How do you synchronize a contact person created in MS Outlook into Axapta CRM? After having created a customer in the Customer form, who will be assigned as a main contact in the Business relations table? Using the TAPI interface you receive a telephone call. How do you register this in the CRM module? You are planning your schedule for next week. How do you view all of your appointments for next week at one time? If you wish to create a sales order through the CRM module, you: A mailing is: You want to create a customer in the Business relations form You have accepted an ongoing trade agreement with a prospect. Where do you setup the agreement? How do you create a group Internet hyperlinks (URLs) to an internal document in the Encyclopedia? To include quotations in Master planning the following information must be entered: To enter attendees to an appointment you: The Drop icon is used to: Your customer wants a quotation and asks you to reserve the items. What must be done? What do you do when you delegate responsibilities for contact persons connected to a campaign? How would you describe the Encyclopedia? How can an estimated delivery date on a quotation be specified? How do you invite a colleague to help you in an activity of type Task? How do you attach a new quotation to a project? You have received a text file containing a range of possible leads which you wish to import into the Business relations form, it also contains several contact persons for each lead: How can you make sure that your employees in your call center follow a consistent questioning technique? What is the first action required to include quotations in master planning?