HP2-B109 - Selling HP Printing and Personal Systems Hardware

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Example Questions

Your customer is planning a workstation project that will engage team members dispersed across a wide geographical area. Which software solution will enable them to collaborate easily, with access to the full power of the remote workstation? Your customer needs to process 3D graphics and 4k video manipulation in real time. Which HP workstation should you recommend? Which statements describe the business value of HP Web Jetadmin? (Select two ) Which feature built into HP Flow MFPs enables one-touch workflows? What solution would you recommend to a customer that wants to implement ePrinting but is concerned about the risk of documents left in printer output trays? Which mouse would a high-end graphics designer most likely prefer? Which HP capability allows users to safely send encrypted files to colleagues? Which key feature of the HP ElitePad 900 distinguishes it as a true business tablet and reduces the need to port or develop applications? Your customer would like to purchase personal computing products with a fixed configuration, but over an extended period of time. Which product family should you recommend? What is a benefit of business value selling? Your customer will be installing 30 Z620 workstations in a large room. Their current installation is so noisy that the users are complaining they cannot work effectively. How would you describe the approximate noise level these 30 workstations will make if they are all operating their SATA drives? Which statement describes a security benefit of the HP Embedded Web Server? Your customer is experiencing problems with users forgetting their passwords Which HP ProtectTools solution can alleviate this issue? Which software platforms represent key ISV partners used in typical workstation applications? Which outcome can be achieved through proactive management of PCs and personal tablets? What is the advantage to the customer of HP pigmented inks with enhanced durability? Your customer is experiencing large numbers of calls to the Help Desk. You know that Web Jetadmin will reduce the number of these calls. To build your business case which figure would you use to estimate the cost to the customer for each call? What can Wi-Fi capable devices do through HP ePrinting technology Wireless Direct? In an HP study it was shown that IT support staff can reduce the hours spent working on print drivers by as much as 50% and achieve what decrease in manpower to integrate printers? How would you summarize the potential savings that Thin Client solutions can provide to your customers? Which HP Officejet Pro Series technology achieves print speeds of up to 70 pages per minute? How much pressure is the display enclosure on the HP ZBook mobile workstation designed to withstand? Your customer will be installing 100 Z1 workstations in a large room. Their current installation is so noisy that the users are complaining they cannot work effectively. How would you describe the approximate noise level these 100 workstations will make? Which HP workstation allows access to add a hard drive or upgrade memory by simply snapping the workstation open? For which reason is the lack of portability a significant advantage for desktop PCs? Approximate how many test steps do HP Business Notebooks undergo? Which statement describes the new features of the HP EliteBook 800 series? Which feature can enable smartphone users to quickly and easily set up a connection to a printer? What is the target market for the OfficeJet Pro X. in terms of number of users per device? The HP All-in-One desktop solution is appropriate for which customer application? Which mobile product should you recommend for the task worker type of user? Which HP capability allows IT administration staff to prevent the use of unwanted USB keys? Which HP business notebook would you recommend for an executive who needs constant connectivity and enterprise features? Which statement best illustrates a business value? What is the primary target customer market for the HP Officejet Pro and Officejet Pro X? Which solution do 70% of businesses agree can improve productivity by three times or more? Which characteristic of the HP EliteDesk Mini makes it suitable for video surveillance? Which statement demonstrates the reliability of the HP Officejet Pro X? Which feature of the HP Flow MFPs results in fast and accurate digitization and retrieval of documents of different sizes, thicknesses and types? Which organization awarded HP Web Jetadmin its highest rating for the significant benefits it delivers to customers? How many parts require replacement after 150.000 pages for the HP LaserJet 500 series MFP and Color MFP? Your digital media and entertainment customer needs a workstation display for application development. Which characteristic is the most important for their display? What could a customer use to limit color printing to specific groups of users or specific applications? Which statement best describes the key features of the Officejet Pro series? Which feature built into HP Flow MFPs enables the creation of editable documents from scanned paper documents? Your customer wants to assign information about scanned documents that includes the size of the picture, the color depth and when the document was created. What is the generic name of this type of data? Which statement best describes the HP strategy in the printing and personal systems market? Which feature of HP MFPs should you highlight to a customer who is concerned about document scan misfeeds? Your customer is scanning large numbers of documents. They are finding that the built-in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) in their Flow MFP 575 is not able to keep up with the processing demands to create editable, searchable documents Which solution should you recommend? Which HP capability replaces the BIOS boot block if a virus corrupts the notebook?