HP0-D08 - Implementing HP Converged Infrastructure Solutions

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Example Questions

What is required to configure a virtual server template in Insight Orchestration Designer? What is used to detemine the suitability of a target host for a logical server? Which protocol is used by HP Systems Insight Manager to control remote execution of commands and scripts? How is HP Insight Control server migration functionality licensed? When changing a WWN using Virtual Connect, when does the change take effect? What is the default location for the HP Insight Software Advisor distribution? With a new installation of Insight Dynamics for ProLiant (version 6.0), which database is part of the installation for environments that do not have an existing database? How many c-class enclosures are manageable by one Virtual Connect domain when running HP Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager 2.0 or later? When implementing power management in the data center, what are the types of graphs available to view from the Rack page Power/Thermal tab? When using Insight Control 6.0 server migration functionality, how can Windows and Linux 64-bit migrations be performed? Which clusters are treated like virtual machine hosts when using Insight Dynamics capacity planning? You are reviewing a design in order to verity that it is supported. The customer's main objective is to be able to provision physical servers using Insight Orchestration. What must be included in the bill of materials? What are best practice recommendations when finding sever blades with HP Insight Control server deployment software and deploying operating systems to target server blades? When using the What-if Actior to perform an Autormated System Consolidation to VMs, what Smart Solver Solution Constraint can be enforced to provide a more accurate solution? When using the power calibration function of Insight Dynamics, which step is only used when implementing the quick calibrate method? During an installation of a Windows Central Management Server (CMS), you want to check if the server meets the prerequisites. Which resource can you use to check the prerequisites during and after the installation? Which types of migrations are supportec by Insight Control server migration functionality?(Select three.) Which CLI command should be used first to prepare the CMS for a partial backup of the HP Insight software files, directories and databases? When using Insight Control performance management, what is the default number of samples needed to determine the status of a server? How many blades are included with the BladeSystem Matrix Start Kit? What is required to implement integrated power management through HP-SIM v6?(Select two.) Which function does the Smart Solver perform? Which tool should you use both during and after installation to ensure that Windows Central Managerment Server is installed correctly? You need to compare Scenano reports. Where do you accomplish this from the Virtualization Manager. Capacity Advisor window? When using HP SIM to change the Power cap Value for a server, when does this change take effect? What do five stars mean in the five-star rating context of Smart Solver technology? Which statement is true about enabling N_Port ID Virtualization (NPIV) in a Brocade 8Gb-capable Fibre Channel switch? Your customer has a mixed environment consisting of Microsoft Windows running on HP ProLiant servers and HP-UX 11i on Integrity servers. The customer wants to implement power management and capacity planning for the entire environment from a single Central Management Server (CMS). Which solution do you recommend to this customer? Before intiating a full backup of the CMS, which task must be completed to avoid corruption? When reviewing the performance of a sever with an Online Analysis, where can you see a listing of all components of the server? A customer wants to use performance management, server migration and capecity planning features in a single enclosure environment. Which licenses are required? (Select two) After installing Insight Control, the Insight Software Advisor displays a error of "Specificed SQL server not found." What needs to be done to resolve this issue? What should you keep in mind when running Capacity Advisor reports? What are feature of Insight Remote Support Standard (Insight RSS)?(Select two.) When attempting to configure the Virtual Connect using the default Windows 2008 R2 browser, you are seeing an error message that the browser is unsupported. What is the recommended method to connect to the Virtual Connect Manager in this case? A template was designed with a storage cost of $10.00 per GB, and a default storage size of 10 GB. If the actual solution (OS plus application) only requires 8.59 GB, how much will the customer be charged for disk space each time they have this service deployed? When using the What-if Action to perform an Automated System Consolidation to VMs, what Smart Solver Solution Constraint can be enforced to provide a more accurate solution? Which prerequisite must be met on the source physical machine to perform a P2V migration on a Windows server? A customer environment has two HP BladeSystem c7000 Enclosure, each fully loaded with ProLiant BL495c server blades, two Virtual Connect Ethernet Modules, and two Virtual Connect Fibre Channel Modules. How many Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager (VCEM) licenses need to be applied in order to use VCEM functionality across the whole environment? What is the globally assigned default utilization limit of memory in a Capacity Advisor scenario? What does a single star rating from Smart Solver mean in the context of HP Insight Dynamics capacity planning? Which functionality of Insight Control server deployment is unique for server blade environments? What are features of Insight Remote Support Standard (Insight RSS)? (Select two.) What needs to be additionally configured for Insight Dynamics for ProLiant, if the server has been already minimally configured for Insight Control? Which CLI command should be used first to prepare the CMS for a full system backup? Which virtual machine type supports template upgrades through the HP SIM interface? Which software is available to provided advanced integration and management of 3rd party virtual machine environments?(Select two.) A customer is intending to implement Insight Control power management functionality. On which operating system should HP SIM and the appropriate software be installed in order to get this functionality? What values can be changed while editing a Forecast Model?(Select two.) What must be supported by the data center Fibre Channel switch that HP 8Gb Virtual Connect Fibre Channel Module connects to?